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Cuckold Cumbang

"A fictional story of one woman’s appetite for debauchery and her husbands seemingly limitless ability to accept the relentless degradation"
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Published 2 years ago
YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING USELESS LITTLE DICK" she screeched. "Is THIS what you wanted?" Her face was contorted into a mask of sexual impulse, as slobbery pre cum and spit was flung out of her mouth by the force of her taunting in his direction. He at this point watched helplessly from the floor as she was being fucked royally by a real man. Laying on his back, secured spreadeagled with spreader bars attached to his wrists and ankles, as his wife's pussy was being contorted and fucked above him, he could but watch the big fat 8"cock was sliding in and out of her juicy pussy, he knew by the size and how it was being used to please her that is was surely working parts of her pussy that his cock could never reach, and he could see she loved every veiny inch of it. Her well-used cunt was gripping the veined rippled shaft, pulled out and pushed in as his wife was seemingly being fucked good, well that’s if the vice like grip she had on her husbands balls was anything to go by, as she used them to keep her balance and gain more leverage as she swung back and forward on her new big veiny bulging shaft. He and the others had spent considerable time licking and teasing her clit which was swollen in anticipation of the mass dicking she was about to receive, they took turns until she was a sopping wet mess with a couple of orally stimulated orgasms dripping out of her at this point onto her poor cucks chest, and compared to what was to come it must have felt nice for the poor helpless cuckold. The group laughed at him as they pried open her hole to show the group induced moisture dripping out. His eyes said "oh god" she positioned herself to squat above his face while still taking dicks in her mouth at random and with considerable ease, as the group of assorted big dicked strangers playfully spanked and worked her pussy, the droplets of juice splattering his chest and face and the rug his mother had given as a present last Christmas, he knew his wife hated the rug and his mothers imposition of their living space. She looked down looking like a nymphomaniac possessed as they lined up while she loudly and sloppily sucked them each in turn with no encouragement needed to his wife, who was now just a cock frenzied slut. Her muffled noises reached around the room as easily as the strings of spit dripped down onto her cuckolds despairing face. The bulge in her throat was prominent as she took the long and meaty shaft beyond her mouth while wanking like a pro and not missing a beat with a dick in each hand. She told the group how she'd "never wanted to let 'him' into her throat, so as far as he knows" she said she "was giving her first deepthroat to men he didn't even know." As she went back this time and with her hands still full she easily positioned her mouth easily taking two cocks at once, her husband watched as they literally fucked her face, her lips becoming sloppy with mouth juice. Their balls taking turns to slap her chin wetly in tandem. She was positioned above him for maximum cruelty, and he could feel her pussy juice, dripping, burning with a shameful resonance onto his stomach as his wife was loving her role as oral slut as her gag juice was forced out of her in a squelching heave onto her cuckold and the surrounding rug. One guy pulled out as the other proclaimed he was gonna cum as he did just that with her mouth all to himself for some joyful thrusts as he unloaded an early "faux pas" load into her mouth, with a bit being forced out onto his cock and a little rolling slowly down her chin. He kept fucking her mouth, the semen dribbling down her chin to further land on her husbands forehead seeping into his scalp as it rolled down tho the back of his head. But not to worry, because when the stranger was soft and she was satisfied she had enjoyed this cock to her full satisfaction she looked down and paused for a moment, calmly smiled and then spat the nasty cum load onto his face as it landed with momentum it slide down the bridge of his nose, and then down his cheeks and a couple of streams making their way into his left ear to amplify his discomfort. She was sucking and gobbling a fresh one when she paused, "you'll have to pay to have that rug to be cleaned or explain to your mother what happened when she comes for dinner on Sunday, I've invited her, and I hope she can still get the scent of sex in the room as she spat, a glob of cummy soak into his right nostril which moved slightly in and out as he was breathing through his nose as he was wearing a ball gag strapped into his mouth rendering him silent in his humiliation. But now he had watched her pussy being filled by a variety of cocks, each casting a different shadow on his marriage, they all like long and juicy dangerously pleasing to his wife and experienced as they pummelled and pleased his wife to orgasms at what seemed every few minutes, his arms and legs now feeling the damp really soak into the rug as he was truly helpless and could do nothing but watch and listen to her taunts, and to the squelching sounds of her pussy being filled much to her delight. And to the moans they made, and the grunts of exaltation. "Yes! Real MEN WITH REAL DICKS FUCKING ME GOOD" she shouted. She barely made a noise when had what must have been in her mind boring jaded sex we shared maybe every couple of weeks at best, and yet here she was yelling while her mouth was stuffed with another strangers dick, at the same time she seemed to be stroking the guy who came first hard again, and this would be a theme through out the following hours. Another bull heaving in and out of her like a freight train, and the other carriages were lining up nicely her pounded pussy being the tracks, this Bulls rhythm eventually swayed and he grabbed her hips to position her how he wanted and jolted deep inside with a frantic thrusts as she shrieked before he slowed down her as he pressed himself again deep into her canal. Then he pulled out, showing the cuckold her gaping hole, leaking out cum only inches above his face "Is this what you hoped for today fucker, this is what useless bitches are good for" she sneered, laughing at him, and with a little squeeze, to add to her venom more cum poured out and plopped on her husbands helpless unprotected head. As she demanded her next round of spotroasting the jizz medley felt scalding hot on her bitches face but that could have been due to the sheer humiliation as he almost forgot about the painful grip she had on his balls which were now also covered in oral juice. With her other hand she gripped fat cock, and milked the remaining cum from his cock, letting it drip onto him. He had to lay there as the next man filled her as he watched him and the others repeat the same thing as the cum slid down his face to eventually form a puddle beneath him, at this point it seemed the rug wasn't even soaking it up as the spoogey pool gathered behind and around his head and under his neck and shoulders gathered a cream rinse sliding down his tortured face. He knew he was a gooey mess as after she had expelled nine hot loads directly onto directly face. Each time she called him names and laughed wickedly, as she seem to amplify the sucking and popping sounds as she passed more cocks through her mouth to keep them hard so the 10man meaty bull train could keep fucking her, "my cum drenched gimp" she exclaimed as he lay there her in orgasmic juices. His nose was deadened to the smell, and it felt like a sauna in that living room as each man took turns on her gaping pussy and mout again and again. And as the night progressed her cuckold smelled strongly of the musky scent of a group creampie effort. To ensure his complete humiliation, she took the last load in her ass. She bragged about how she "never let her bitch assfuck her not that he would know how" but she was practically begging for this one. She shouted loudly, at first about the burning pain as what felt like the a good girthy cock manoeuvring itself in slowly and with the delicate precision with matches that of a watchmaker, and she realised when he eventually got it all the way in she was taking almost 10" of cock in her ass, but his technique was flawless and the rocked back and forward as they slowly built up speed and with her approval he continued to hump her, the shouts became loud moans of pleasures. She "loved his long fat headed cock in her ass" she said. Then it was "fill my ass with cum… come on, give me a load I can crap onto my husband". Whose eyes were wide with fear and anguish, the stranger grunting like a bull as he emptied another load continuing to fuck her ass as disgusting fudgepie was squeezed out landing in a gloopy milky mess on his chest dispersing in his matted chest hair. When the guy pulled out, her ass remained obscenely open, as if it too was mocking the cum sodden cuckold as the group 10guys and his wife watched as their efforts oozed out of her red holes. She milked the last dirty cock, the remaining thick jizz falling onto his left eyelid. The group sat around sipping on the beer provided from her husbands stash of beers as the collected themselves they watched as she squatted above his face and spread her lips to show her gooey well used holes. She masturbated herself to another orgasm, whilst telling him how good it felt to have so many big fat cocks in her pussy. More cum, the stickiest yet, oozed out and onto his face, he could taste the salty prize running past his gimp ball at this stage and onto his tongue as his eyes watered and his red balls winced at the nail marks she left whilst enjoying her first gangbang. "You bloody bastard," she said again, for the zillionth time. This time, her tone was loving. "Is this what you wanted?" she asked. Strings of cum broke and danced back toward his lips and tongue as she gently and lovingly removed the gimp ball occupying his mouth and that had rendered him mute, "Yes," he sheepishly replied, and with that a final string of cum erupting from his cock to add to the goo covering he was bathing in

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