Written by karenoneill

25 Apr 2014

for many years now we have like and toyed with the idea of meeting other people for sex. in recent years with the dogging thing coming out and some great amature websites we decided to try something. we really liked the idea but to be honest when it came to doing something we always pulled back a bit, not sure what would happen to us and how we would feel. i am not sure how i would feel seeing him with someone else it would turn me on sure at the time but what about afterwords. then he sudgested we try a kind of dogging thing that i might meet a guy in the cinema and kinda get a feel for the whole meeting people thing. we got talking to couple from tallaght and after few weeks i agreed to meet this guy in the cinema. this gave us the security that i could get up and walk out anytime if i did not like it. it was great idea. it was very exciting and i told my husband if he at any point did not like the idea of it to text me and i would get up walk out we made this clear to the other couple who agreed that was ok . my husband dropped me off in the car park and waited for me there. the days leading up to the week where so exciting and our sex life with each other really became good. dressing up for the night was fab i wore stockings short dress. On the way to the meeting we could not stop our hearts racing, i had not been with a guy or even kissed a guy in many years except my husband. we made sure both our phone where fully charged. i made sure to remember exactly where the car was parked. i left the car heart racing got my ticket went in the cinema ha i could not find my date it was dark and loud i sent text where are u . he text back his position and i legs shaking made my way to seat where i could see the outline of a man he was holding phone to his ear as planned the cinema was not too busy but people where round us. i would not look at him at first i sent a text is that u beside me lol. he text back yes. i could see him using his phone was so mental. i placed my coat on my lap he put his hand on my upper leg to see how i felt i recon. I placed my hand on his hand and guided it up oh my god this was so exciting. i lay back parted my legs closed my eyes and oh my god it was so good. he had good technick i must say . he stopped for a momment i crossed my legs on his hand to signal don't stop later he told me in message that was to see if i still wanted to continue. i was soaking down there. he took my hand his penis was out of his fly it was not bad very hard and wet i was squeezing and rubbing it. my hand was full of his sperm and i licked my fingers several times. he came in my hand i rubbed it in to my pussy which i had agreed to do . then i came shoartly afteri was so excited i could feel my body spasm wow. it was all very disgreet i was aware of the people around me in front but we where up the top with only people in front , there where people on our row but further down the seats. the whole thing lasted no more than half hour but what a half hour. i patted him on the knee and left. i went out to my husband got in the car grabbed his head pushed my tongue deep in to his mouth snogging him can you taste him i said he said yes he was breathing fast with excitment. i removed my purple thong whice was soaking in my juice and my dates come and pushed it in his mouth. we raced home had great sex all night. i had mixed feeling about the whole thing everyting seemed ok but was afraid it would effect our relationship but too date no we are i would say even better. So now we want to maybe try it again or not. see what happens. please tell us how u feel about this , have you met anyone how do u both feel about it.