Written by Patrick

11 Aug 2017

Caroline and I have been married 3 years, she is 26 and I'm 28. She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits and a trimmed bush. For a while now we've been fantasising during sex, and the thing that gets her really hot is when I use a dildo on her and she imagines she's been pleasured by two men. I never thought she was serious but enjoyed the effect it had on her. Recently we were on a weekend away and went into a strip club, we were just drinking and observing. We were sat next to a couple of middle aged business men, Tony and Phil, both late fifties, going grey, married but really nice men. We were talking about the dancers and generally sexy innuendo, Caroline blurted out she'd love to have two men take her together and Tony joked that they would love to help out. When they went to the bar Caroline asked if she could ask them back, I was shocked and unsure but said if you are really sure the OK. She asked them if they were up for it and they asked me if she was joking, I said no and I'm fine if everyone is ok with it. What happened in the hotel was unreal. Once there Tony started to kiss Caz, my nickname for her, he was feeling her tits. Phil was behind her kissing her neck and had a hand between her legs. I was sat on the spare bed, my emotions racing. Phil unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor, then pulled down her panties. As he got naked Tony removed the rest of her clothes, he laid her on the bed and Phil got on beside her and offered his cock to her mouth. Tony stripped and went between her legs, pushing them apart to get his mouth at her pussy. I noticed he had a rather large cock , soft but swinging under him. Very quickly he had brought her to orgasm, he held her hips as he ate her pussy as she came. It was like I wasn't even there as the three of them went at it, Phil was fucking her mouth and feeling her tits. Then Tony moved up over her, his cock now fully hard, he was wanking it, the foreskin being pulled back to reveal a big helmet. He rubbed it on her slit them forced it into her, pushing it all the way home in her wet pussy. She leg go of Phils cock , looked towards me and roared "oh fuck, ohh fuck, it's huge ", Tony just started to fuck her steadily. Phil just watched as they went at it, then he asked "what's she like mate?", "fucking lovely, really tight pussy, I haven't fucked one this young or this tight for a long time ". He then put Caz on all fours and mounted her again, he was holding her hips and really giving her a great ride, she said " I'm coming again, oh fuck yeah don't stop, you're big cock is making me come ". Phil was in front of her trying to fuck her mouth but the fucking she was getting in her pussy was making it difficult. Suddenly Tony said " I'm ready to let go babe, where do you want it?", Caz was clutching the sheets and moaned " just give it to me, inside, fill me up with your juice, fuck me ". Tony was sweating and really pounding her pussy, then a few hard thrusts and I knew he was filling my wife's pussy with his come. As soon as he pulled out, Phil got behind her and easily slipped in, cum was running out of her pussy and dripping on the bed, she was out of breath. Tony sat beside me on the bed, here I was with my cock out wanking it and an older married man is sat beside me with his softening cock covered in my young wife's juices. He is exhausted and said " fuck me man, she's a great ride, fucking really tight pussy". Now we're watching as Phil is enjoying her, he puts her on her back and mounts her. "Cracking ride, you're not wrong she has a tight little cunt on her and a lovely set of tits", then he starts to suck her nipples in turn. Caz is now just letting him have his way, " can I fuck your arse to finish love?", he asks her but she said " no I don't like it ". With that he gave a few groans and emptied his balls inside her pussy. Caz was exhausted on the bed, they dressed, said thanks and left us to it. I was in a state of high arousal and a feeling of being not there at all, and with instinct I just climbed between her legs and slid in to her well fucked pussy, it was so slippery from the two lots of cum, almost immediately my cock pumped her full again. That was some night, we both know that after that we will do it again and again, she loves to see men want her and I like watching how they fuck together.