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Wife had a full time Bull

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"We are an age gap couple by 26yrs, I introduced her to other men when she was only 18 and have not looked back, now that I can no longer perform, I have taken the cuckold hubby role of setting things up and keeping her safe thru all the adventures she has."

On one of our residencies in Dublin, my wife arrived one week earlier than I did, and we had already planned for her to meet a gent from here. He requested if he was to pick her up from the airport, all Ashley should wear is a very short dress with nothing under it. She did, she recalled the few times she would awake on the overnight trip from Orlando, Florida her dress would be up high enough that her shaved pussy was in plain site for the younger guy sitting next to her, she knows at least once he pulled it up, but she faked sleeping to see where it would go, but he barely touched her once and stopped.

At the airport Mikel was there and he kissed her and grabbed her ass, he could tell she had nothing on under it, luggage to his car, her dress rode up and he said to leave it that way, she did. He moved his hand to her thigh and rubbed her all the way to our hotel. He assisted all the bags to the room. In the elevator he lifted her dress, hands on her full ass and kissed her deep, making sure others saw.

Once in the room he had her remove the dress, get on her knee's and pulled out his cock and sucked him hard, till he had her lay on the bed, legs over his shoulders and fucked her hard and deep till he cum inside her.

This was the start of a very demanding Bull, expecting her at least once a day where he wanted and dressed how he liked to meet him to receive his pounding and cum. This went on the entire 3 weeks, when I arrived the following week, I thanked him and would sit alone when they were together. Only twice he allowed me to watch from a chair across the room on the times he would do her multiple times over hours.

The night before we left, Ashley stayed with him and she was filled with cum when returned to me for our flight, it was revealed to me on the pane as I could smell the sex and see how wet she was from all the cum, that he had been allowing his flat mates to fuck her too the last couple days. My wife was sitting next to me with three men's cum in her from several times thru the night before.

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