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Your wife is kneeling at my lap between my spread legs with my cock in her hand as she licks up and down the shaft and putting the head of my cock in her mouth as she sucks my cock. Her mouth continues down the shaft as far as she can take it all the while her tongue snaking and licking around it as she takes it in and out of her mouth. Up and down her head bobs on my cock as around and around my shaft her tongue goes. She sucks on the head of my cock like a lollipop and swirls the tip of her tongue around the hole. Every time she concentrates on my cocks bulbous head she strokes the saliva covered wet shaft with her hand. And when she is sucking my whole cock into her mouth her hand caresses my balls covering them in her saliva from my cock and every now and again she even snakes her finger under me to tickle and play with my tight asshole. All the while her other hands in buried deep within her pussy as she deftly switches between finger fucking herself and playing with her clit. At times it is hard to know which is louder...the wet sucking sounds she is making on my cock or the wet sloshing sounds as her fingers roll around every bit of her pussy flesh. Eventually I can feel my orgasm rising. My balls tighten as they get ready to explode..."I'm gonna come" I tell her. Never taking her mouth from my cock or stalling her licking tongue she looks up at me and with a nod and a wink lets me know she's going to take my load in her mouth. This sends me over the edge and I feel my cum flowing up my cock and flooding into her mouth. She clamps her lips around my cock making sure not to lose a drop as I pump numerous spurts of my creamy spunk into her mouth. Once I have drained my cock into her mouth she takes her mouth from my cock and with her lips clamped closed she gets up and walks over to you. The whole time you have been sitting there silently stroking your cock observing her with me. With some degree of expertise she manages to in one movement straddle your lap and lower her sopping wet pussy onto your waiting cock taking the full length inside her to the base. As she begins to pump her pussy up and down your cock she brings her lips to yours. Your eyes widen as you realise what she intends to do but in this prone position as she fucks your cock in your lap you are powerless to resist. Her tongue slips out between her lips to your lips and between them to force them open. You offer up no resistance as your mouth opens, her lips plant themselves to yours and her mouth opens in unison and she slides her tongue forward along with a stream of my cum. as her tongue and my cum swirls around your mouth your tongue slides into hers swirling my cum between your two mouths coating all over the inside of your mouths with cum. Bit by bit you both begin to swallow as your tongues clean up the inside of your mouths as you swallow more until all the cum is gone and you are both just passionately kissing each other. All the while she has never missed a beat and continues to ride your cock up and down into her pussy. Now you can feel your orgasm building in your ball and it's your turn to tell her "I'm about to cum" and now it's you who gets the nod and wink from her as she lifts herself off your cock and immediately kneels between your legs and takes your cock into her mouth. She starts to expertly suck and lick your cock up and down until now it's your turn to cum as your load flows up your shaft and into her waiting mouth. Once again she clamps her lips around the shaft and takes every drop into her mouth. And once you're done she silently, with closed lips, stands up, gives you a wink and a smile and turns back to me. Since she left me and while all this has been going on I have been looking at everything you guys have been doing. It didn't take long for me to get hard again and I have been stroking my cock at the hot scenes occurring right in front of me. So that is how she finds me when she turns to me. Hard cock in hand and with a lusty look in my eyes. Because I have had the benefit of witnessing what she has just done with you I can guess what she has planned for me now. Once again without a sound she straddles my lap and with ease lowers her sopping wet pussy onto my cock. She starts to bounce and grind up and down on my cock as she brings her lips to mine. Resistance is futile and as soon as our lips touch i open them as she does the same and her tongue along with your cum slides into my mouth. I slide my tongue into her mouth too and just as you had done, our tongues wash our mouths with your cum. Gradually we swallow your cum until we are kissing empty mouths. All the while she is bouncing up and down on my cock. One hand is on my shoulder to keep herself steady and the other is between her legs rubbing her clit fervently as the ferocity of her bounces increases and the slap of our flesh as she slams her pussy down on my cock each time gets louder and louder. As does her moans as her own orgasm now approaches. She looks at me with fire in her eyes and through gritted teeth tells me "I'm cumming....cum with me...cum inside me" I nod in agreement and as she slams her pussy down on my cock I raise my hips up to meet each downward thrust. She has both hands on my shoulders now steadying herself as the speed of thrusts, the sound of slapping wet flesh gets louder and her moans rise. "I'm cummmming" she exclaims through a loud growling moan as I pump my hips upwards into her pussy one last time and hold it there mid air as i pump a second load of my cum into her pussy now as she shudders with the pulses of her orgasm as my cum coats the inner walls of her vagina. As the shudders subside I lower my hips back down bringing her with me. Once down she lifts herself off my now limp cock and swings her leg over me so she is sitting beside me and facing you. She spreads her legs wide giving you a full view of her spread open pussy and as you look at the opening of her pussy you can see rivulets of my cum seeping out. She looks at you and says " Well, what are you waiting for? Get over here and clean the cum from my pussy and his cock." You crawl over to her on your hands and knees until you are between her spread legs. You stick your tongue out and begin to lick the my dripping cum from her pussy. You lick all around her pussy lips and once all the cum has been cleaned you spread her lips open wide and attach her opening with her tongue sticking it in as far as it will go licking all around her vagina walls collecting all my cum from them. She squeezes her muscles to push as much cum of my cum inside her to you waiting mouth and you receive it and swallow it all down with relish."Thats a good pussy is nice and clean now....time for you to clean his cock too" You switch from between her legs to between mine and start to lick my cock up and down. You take my cock in your hand and suck the whole cock into your mouth using your tongue to lick off all my cum and your wifes pussy juices. My cock begins to harden again as you suck my cock up and down its ever increasing length. You are so engrossed in sucking my cock you don't even notice your wife getting up from the couch. You just keep sucking and licking and kissing my hard cock. As your head bobs up and down on my cock your wife returns wearing her strap on with her huge 8 inch dildo attached to it. A whole inch longer than the seven inches you currently have in your mouth. She has a tube of lube in her hand and she is rubbing a good portion of it into the dildo. She kneels down behind you as her hand reaches between your ass cheeks and she rubs the lube all around your tight little asshole. She slides a finger inside you as you let out a gasp of surprise followed by a moan of pleasure onto my cock. She slides a second finger inside you and begins to slide them in and out of your ass, stretching your asshole open as you suck my cock. She removes her fingers and immediately replaces them with her strapped on dildo. The head of her fake cock sits at the opening to your asshole and she begins to slowly thrust her hips forward as her cock pushes against your tight ring. Your asshole begins to part as it accepts her rubber cock inside you. You continue to moan on my cock as your ass accepts more and more of the eight inches of her dildo inside you until the entire length is deep inside your ass. Once inside she begins to thrust backwards and forwards as she fucks your ass while you suck my cock. Your hand slips between your legs to play with your own cock. In and out of your ass her cock slides as up and down your mouth goes on my cock and back and forth your hand goes on your cock. Her thrusts pick up speed as her fake cock slams in and out of your ass. She is fucking you so hard you can't concentrate on sucking my cock any more so I slip to the floor beneath you and push your hand away from your cock and replace it with my mouth. As you grip the edge of the couch tightly moaning loudly your wife fucks your ass hard and I suck your cock all the way into my mouth. Pretty soon you cannot take it anymore and loudly exclaim "I'M CUMMING!!!" as you shoot your load into my mouth and your wife reduces the speed of her thrust to a series of slow penetrating pumps in and out of you. I take your load into my mouth and hold it there as your wife slips her cock out of your ass. I get out from underneath you and pull both of you to me so all our faces are close to one another. I bring my lips to your wife's and begin to kiss her using my tongue to part her lips so I can dump half of your cum from my mouth to hers. I then bring my lips to yours and do the same, depositing the rest of your cum into your waiting mouth. Then  we bring our three sets of lips together and kiss each other deeply, our tongues going from one mouth to the other swapping your cum between our mouths until all your cum has been cleaned from our mouths and we have all swallowed our share of it.
Written by mde101

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