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Covid Dreams


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Since the first covid lockdown I had been finding it hard to sleep . I have tried everything from warm milk to green tea to sleeping tablets . The only thing that works is very large amounts of alcohol .the only problem with that is I can then fall into a deep sleep and dream of things that could happen in the future and the restrictions that are still holding the country in its grasp . I'm not even sure why this is happening if I was truly honest , I'm not really worried about catching covid and can work from home and not be around people , or it might just be sexual frustration , I personally think it's the latter . For some strange reason lately I have been dreaming about erotic encounters with other girls and women when I do actually fall asleep in a drunken state , but I'm sure I'm not the only female who this happens to. Let me tell you about my latest dream that I had last night. I was at a bar with an ex-teacher. She was taller than me, blonde, very attractive, her body was more curvy than most of the girls around us in the bar Everyone was having a good time. We went to back room and saw a lady working behind Another bar . She was tall had long red hair, and was very slim as she served us from behind the counter. Next thing I know, there is a large wooden door . The teacher and I are sharing a kiss, long and hard, tongues entwining, hands roaming each others bodies. She tells me she wants to have sex with me and the lady behind the counter, but there is just us two at the time. We go through into a room , and close the wooden door behind us. I am lying on my back, my legs spread for the teacher. She climbs onto me in no time, licking and kissing me everywhere. I feel her hand and fingers constantly rubbing my aching pussy. I lean my head back and moan in contentment as she makes me cum just by her touch. Then I sense another person joining us. It is the red-head, she is so beautiful. Her long red hair covers my legs as she moves her head to my clit and starts to kiss it softly, before sucking me, eating me out. My ex teacher however is kissing my full round breasts, taking a nipple into her mouth sucking on them like a hungry baby. The red-head has found my g-spot with her tongue, and makes me cum and cum all the time, my body moving around underneath both of these gorgeous women. Then we are in a different position. The red-head is now on her back as I was, and I am eating her pussy . I am kneeling on the floor, my hands flat on the ground supporting me. Behind me is the teacher, her arms wrapped tenderly around my thighs, and is stroking my wet pussy from behind through from under my ass. We are all crying out in sexual ecstasy. At that point I wake up in my bed and it is morning. I find my own hand between my legs, fingering my pussy which is on fire, I pinch the soft flesh in between my fingers, massasging it as I lie in bed, my head against the pillows, the morning light just shining trough a gap in the curtains , the dream still fresh in my memory . Hope I have enough alcohol for tonight as I'm really hoping I can get back to my dreams xx
Written by Flufflystar

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