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1st time with a girl

"a crush to remember"

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I have always been confused about my sexuality, i love men the strength ,power and masculinity is a real turn on , i love everything about a penis i could spend hours sucking a guy off and get genuine pleasure out of it not that I've ever come accross a guy that could last that long. But since I was a teenager I've always had a fascination with women. There body's smooth , the shape of their breasts and the moans they make when feeling pleasure its all incredibly sexy to me. So after being in straight relationships my whole life (im 25) I decided I wanted to see what it would be like with a women I had planned to go on tinder and find someone who would wanna hook up but somthing so much better happened. I've been working at the same place for the last year, my co worker chloe is my work bestie we get on really well and she is hot, she has blonde hair a perfect body small perky breasts and an is naturally beautiful, she is also straight so I never thought anything would happen between us as much as I wanted it too. We decided to go for drinks one weekend to check out a new bar in town, when we met at the bar I couldn't help but check out her perfect body in her little black dress she caught me looking and smiled, I wondered if she knew how much I'd love to rip that dress right off her and taste her amazing pussy but the night continued and we have fun we both got abit drunk and got a cab back to mine. When we got in she told me saw me checking her out earlier and she liked me looking at her like that, i was surprised but thought I'd see where this is going , i told her I thought she was sexy and I'd like to hear her moan tonight , she started to unzip her dress and before long was stood in front of me completely naked, she looked incredible my pussy started to drip i was so wet and then she said "you can make me moan after I make you cum first " I pulled down my tights and she went down on me flicking my clit with her tongue, licking and sucking It felt incredible she then used her fingers while still dancing around my clit with her amazing tongue fuck yes I screamed I came squirting all over her then I push her down onto the bed it was my turn and I'd been waiting to taste her pussy for a long time, i started to kiss and lick my way up to her inner thighs , her body shook in anticipation, then i buried my face into her sweet pussy she was so wet I started to lick all her out sucking gently on her clit and using my finger to fuck her she was moaning so loud I was sure the neighbours could hear but that just turned me on more, i was carassing her breasts with my hands playing with her nipples between my fingers , after a little while she came almost screaming with pleasure , she stayed the night and we fucked most of it only stopping to hydrate, x
Written by Anonymous

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