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Cuckolded by Jill again part 2

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I lay there with my throbbing cock, oozing precum. I tried to make myself cum by flexing it, but I couldn’t. Jill wasn’t answering the phone either. She sent me a text about 30 minutes later, “hope you enjoyed the show, here’s a pic of what you heard, I’ll be up in a few minutes to take care of you xx”. It was a picture of Mark’s cock in her pussy. Around 10 minutes later Jill returned. She climbed on the bed, and licked my cock, then straddled me sitting on my chest. “looks like you enjoyed your phone sex anyway”, she laughed. Jill unbuckled the belt on her coat and removed it. Her thong was gone, she was naked under the coat except for her stockings. “I was just catching up with Mark, having a drink in the bar, and he mentioned how lucky you were to have such a fashionable girlfriend”. She moved down and straddled my hips, rubbing her pussy along my shaft. It felt so good to relieve some of the strain on it, but still frustrating to be so close to her used pussy. “he’s recently single, and his ex never wore stockings, so I had to show him mine.”, as she adjusted the lacy tops of her stockings. “aren’t you a lucky boy?”, rubbing her wet pussy up and down on my cock, massaging precum out of it onto my chest. “yes”, I grunted. I wasn’t going to argue now, desperately waiting for her to sit on my cock, and fuck it. I was nearing orgasm, when Jill moved up to sit on my face. She continued rolling her hips on my mouth, the same way she had been on my cock. There was a knock at the door. “it’s open”, Jill shouted.
Written by countrygent

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