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First-Time Swingers - Part 1 - We Meet

"Car trouble turns into an unexpected opportunity"

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Author's Notes

"This is my first attempt at a Story for a website - let me know what you think xxx Part 1 is an intro - if you want me to continue the story, it'll get more exciting with every instalment ;-)"

Faye and I are in the car, heading for a naughty weekend away. We're both single, with a frienship based on respect and trust; but for the past year we have been sexual partners, getting kinkier and more daring as time passes. Our respective kids are all sorted for the weekend, and we have a rare opportunity to get away for an uninterrupted 48 hours so that we can exhaust ourselves and try ever-more adventurous sex. To get the ball rolling, under my long coat I am dressed in a pink babydoll outfit, and Faye has vibrating anal beads in her ass, which I am controlling.

We're chatting as I drive, looking forward to trying new things over the weekend, occasionally reaching across to stroke and caress each other - we can smell our sex in the air. Then ... disaster! Red lights come on all over the dash, and the engine just ... stops. I roll the car onto the hard shoulder, and look at Faye.

"We're fucked, I've no clue what the hell could be wrong with it", I complain.

"Well, we need to do something" Faya answers, "we can't stay here".

"I know" I reply, "but we're a bit bloody compromised. My AA membership is out, we're too far from home to get a mate to come help us, and worst of all - I can't change on the side of the road, to get out of my sexy lingerie!"

"OK" Faye says, as ever the more practical of the two of us.  “We’re not too far from the hotel, can we get a lift there, and then we can arrange for the car to be collected, and we can relax?”

“Yep, I guess that’ll work.  If we grab our backpacks and hitch, god I haven’t done that in a long time, hopefully someone will pick us up and drop us to the hotel.  You can’t see my outfit under the clothes, and I promise not to turn on your beads while we’re in someone else’s car!”

We get our gear, and stick our thumbs out.  A few cars pass, then one pulls in.  A gorgeous redhead, probably mid-30s, sticks her head out the passenger window and calls to us, asking what’s up.  We explain our predicament, and she says her and her husband are on their way to the same hotel, and they’d be happy to give us a lift.  We thank them profusely, and jump in the back seat.  They introduce themselves as Paul and Tina, and I can see my Faye eyeing Paul up immediately – he’s mid-30s as well, and as fine a hunk of manhood you’re likely to see.

Paul drives, and we chat about our plans for the weekend – like us, they are getting away from family and responsibilities for a break, which they describe as a romantic weekend.  They seem curious about Faye and I, and we explain that we’re not a couple per se, but that we are very good friends – Faye emphasises “very good” as she speaks.  I see Paul and Tina exchanging glances, and they say they are hoping to have a fun weekend, that they’re looking for a bit of excitement and adventure, and they say they’d love to be able to hang out with us over the weekend.

My mind is racing, as I take Faye’s hand and squeeze it, shooting her a questioning look when she glances at me.  What are this delicious young couple suggesting?  Faye & I have fantasised about swinging, but haven’t had the courage (or indeed the knowledge) to try to make our fantasies a reality.  We’re both very cautious, fiercely protective of our families and careers, and we don’t know how we could go about trying to meet other couples, without exposing ourselves to all different kinds of risk.  Could this couple be suggesting what I think they’re suggesting?

Tina looks back at Faye.  “What’s that ‘perfume’ you have, I love the scent, it’s very sexy?” she asks, lingering on the words perfume and sexy.  Faye hesitates, not sure how to answer, as she and I know that what Tina is smelling is not perfume, it’s both our arousal – Faye was dripping wet before the car broke down, from the vibrations of the anal beads that were still in her ass as we sat in this couple’s car.  “It’s OK” murmurs Tina.  “Were you two having a bit of fun on your drive, before your car broke down?”.

Faye and I both nod, unsure of how much we should admit to.  “I love that” Tina exclaims.  "I had Paul playing with me as he drove, just to get me in the mood for the weekend.  He had to stop when we pulled in to pick up you guys”.

She pauses, seeming to gauge our reaction.  Faye and I glance at each other again, and both of us unconsciously lick our lips.  Tina seems to take this as a good sign, as she watches us, a look of anticipation on her gorgeous face.  I glance in the rear-view mirror, and see that Paul is watching us intently as well, with what I can only describe as a look of hunger on his face.  Tina seems to make a decision, and she asks “In fact, I was really enjoying Paul’s touch as we drove, so I’m kinda super turned on right now.  Would you guys be shocked if I asked him to finish me off?”

The question hangs in the air, as Faye and I look at each other.  If the truth be told, we are shocked, very much so, but in a good way.  We can’t believe our luck – that this stunning young redhead would let her husband play with her while we watch – it’s one of the many swinging fantasies Faye & I have described to each other during sex.


Written by Anonymous

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