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early swinging part 1

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It all started very innocently really, Tom and kate lived in the same town, we had been friends for years and we regurlarly went out for drinks or to a show or such like. My name is Kevin and my wife is Deirdre, small town Ireland, I suppose like a lot of people who post on here, our experience of swinging and sex with other couples was more of an aspiration than a fact. So anyway, a few weeks back we had been out to see Tommy Tiernan and had a few drinks afterwards, Kate was driving and we came home to our house and they came in for a cup of tea, well we didnt have tea, except for Kate, so we had a couple of mre drinks as we sat in the kitchen, there was a deck of cards on the kitchen table and Tom suggested we play a game of strip poker, honestly, so we agreed it would be a bit of fun, Kate was not a great card player and soon she was down to her knickers, i was sitting across from her looking at her tits and getting a fierce horn on me, it was really a great buzz, just sitting there watching people take their clothes off, it was kind of ok cos we were all sitting down. soon we were all naked and then Tom stood up to get another drink, he was enormous, his cock was much longer and thicker than mine, his was about 8 inches long and really thick, i was slapping mine under the table to make it a bit more swollen before i stood up as well, Deirdre looked at Tom cock and I could tell she was dumbfounded, how could anyone have such a huge cock, she asked him " does it get much bigger when it is hard" he laughed and said " i suppose so", just looking at the sc3ene unfolding in front of me was making me hard and i started to masturbate, the three of them looked at me , then Kate suggested we go in to the sitting room, we did and sat around the room , before long we were all masturbating, Tom slowly jacking his now huge penis, the big purple head slipping in and out of its foreskin, Deirdre couldnt take her eyes off him as she fucked herself with her vibrator, her cunt juice visible to everyone, Kate was more discreet but moaned like a whore as she came, then I came, a huge blow of spunk all over my belly, Dee stood up and grinded herself off the couch as Tom started to come, he left a huge wodge of spong all over the wooden floor, , afterwards we were all a little sheepish, but me and dee rode each other senseless that night after they left, this was just our first night ,
Written by dirtyboy99

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