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Forbidden fruit

"When your good"

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Author's Notes

"Hope you enjoy"

Life is too short not to do the things that make you happy, And sex is exactly one of those things

It started on a rainy Monday morning, I woke up and logged on to swing, I was horny and was looking for a hook up, as I was home alone,

First place to check was the homeroom of chat, early morning banter is the way to go, lots of people on, having a giggle,

He said hello first, doing what I normally do, I checked his profile, saw he was from my part of the country, and then I saw his pictures, wow, he was hot, and the delicious feeling started between my legs,

I couldn't help to start to flirt, he then said he had to go back to work, the prance of "fuck no" came within,

I then heard the "ping" of a private message,

" hi, it's been really great chatting with you, I want to carry on if you do"

Omfg, yes please, compose yourself

"It was lovely chatting to you, yes I would like that"

" great ,here are my details,

That's how it started, he was honest from the get go,

He was married, fuck

OK, so I said I wouldn't go there, but he seemed like a nice guy, we spent the whole day texting back and forth, I can't remember how many times he made me laugh out loud,

This was the routine for 2 weeks, we talked about everything and anything, not just sex

Then one day he asked if we could meet,?

What the hell,? No we can't meet, you are married,

But then I thought about it and thought why not, we can meet as friends, but I secretly hoped it would lead to more

The time and date were arranged, I knew the score, no makeup, or no perfume,

I must admit I was nervous right up to the minute I got Into his car, we had a quick peck and then went for a drive, chatting like we had known eachother for ever

We stopped in a secluded place, chatting,

The next thing our lips and bodies were a tangled mess, it was hot, his fingers worked their magic in my tight pussy, making me squirt all over him,

I slipped my mouth over his cock, my tongue working it's way around the tip, sucking hard up and down, the sound of pleasure coming from him spurred me on even more, harder and harder,

Then I heard, " baby, I'm going to cum"

That's the point when I normally stop but something inside me said keep going, the familiar feeling of his cock getting ridged, his breathing getting quicker, his moans getting louder and then I felt the Warm liquid hit the back of my throat,

I could have spit it out, but looked him dead in the eye and swallowed the sweet salty baby juice, I felt like I had won the lottery, well done, you did it ,you got past the thing you hate the most,

I leaned up and kissed him with passion,

Before we knew it ,it was time to get back to real life,

The drive home was full of chat, talking about the next time,making the most of our little bubble,

I kissed him goodbye and real life came hurtling back,

I went straight to my bedroom when I got back, I got naked and got my vibator out to fuck myself, I was still very horny,

I was trying to work out why I was so horny and then it hit me, it was because he was married, he was going home to his wife after finger fucking me, knowing he was going to be doing the same thing to her, knowing she was going to suck his cock like I had, and she not having any idea,

We have met a few times, and each time it is getting hotter because of the risk,next time I'm going to be on my knees outside the car sucking him off, Hot as fuck

Written by Lollyx

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