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Red Head From Co.Donegal

"David , while at friends Beach house Party suddenly eyes are transfixed on stunning Red Head and evening turns into amazing evening"
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Published 1 year ago
He stood at the front door of the Beach front home of his best friend, he had just pressed the bell and can hear the party going on inside as the Sun was just starting to go down. Trisha, long time girlfriend to his best friend , opened door in a stunning red dress .... " David you made it , perfect James will be delighted he is on Balcony.... looking very swish may I add " Trisha said It was a classy Black Tie event and David was in a Black tailored suit with purple shirt and Black and Purple bow tie, David loved the colour purple it was his fav colour even so he had matching purple socks , boxers and even purple handkerchief. " Thank you Trisha , you look absolute stunning yourself, always said James was punching well above his weight " David replied Trisha laughed " Always the charmer David , there is some hot ladies in here you might get on very well with .... James is on Balcony make you way down will chat and introduce you to people in few minutes " David made way into the stunning home , it was a three storey secluded beach property with own private beach , Top floor was entrance level and property works it’s way down on to the beach. The party was situated on the second floor which is just one massive open plan glass fronted room , with Kitchen , living room , dining area with massive Balcony decked going mostly around property. It was so big the BBQ area with large L shape couch , Plasma TV and Hot Tub that both could fit 10 easily felt small in the corner. David walk down the stairs and the place was hopping with least 100-150 people already partying away inside and on Balcony, All the men in black suits and David noticed some stunning ladies as he scanned the party smiling away. As he made his way to Balcony , he had spotted James chatting away to lovely lady in Silver dress but something else caught the corner of his eye and he turned quickly spotting through crowd a very fair skin young lady with beautiful red hair walking past people , David couldn’t get a good look at her and he was transfixed on her. He was about to make way over to her when suddenly . . .. " DAVVVIIDDDD !!!!! DAAAVIIIDD !!! " David turned around to seeing James shouting his name he had spotted him. " DAVID COME OVER HERE " James shouted again David turned back to see the Young Fair skin lady again but she had gone , he looked around couldn’t see her anywhere , Where had she gone He thought but before he could look again for her .... " JESUS CHRIST DAVID , GET YER ARSE OVER HERE " James shouting again .... David made way over " Sorry Mate , thought I saw someone I haven’t seen for ages " David said trying to explain why delay in coming over " No probs buddy , delighted to see you , its been so long " James said giving each other big manly hug. " Here Bud have a drink and come over here we chat some more " James handed David a beer and they made way over to Balcony edge looking out to beautiful beach as the Sun was now starting to set. " Jesus James this place is so fucking cool , what a fucking view " David said while drinking beer and looking out to the Sea " Thanks Bud , yep I love this place .... It’s perfect for me , Trisha and kids ... Oh ya forgot Trisha got that new job she been wanting , she is delighted and we had to hire Au Pair , a lovely young girl from Ireland , so life can’t be any better for me at moment bud .... How’s things with you? " James now looking very sincere and concerned for his friend. " Ah I am very good now mate , here been still tough since separation and not seeing kids a lot these days , New job going well though , I know I should be getting back out meeting people like we have been separated for over 2 years but just not been interested. " David said while looking down as swigs another beer.... " Well Buddy , there is lots a fucking hot single ladies here tonight , so get yourself mingling now.... Lets head back " James gave his best mate massive slap in back which nearly made David drop his beer over the edge ... " While be over two seconds " David said as he watched James make way back to party .... David looked out again at stunning view as he watched Sun now about to fully set , he heard his inner voice scream " James you lucky Bastard with this place .... Ok David get yourself back in there lets have some fun tonight " One last swig for courage and David made his way back to Party.... The Party had now gone on for couple hours , DJ had started on Balcony it absolutely packed with people drinking , Dancing and having a great time. David had been having blast been introduced to several people by Trisha and James, some major flirting going on and he was noticing his confidence was building with all the attention from some seriously hot ladies. Then again same thing caught his eye , there she was the Fair skinned Red head lady , she was in the Kitchen on her own with her back still turned away from him. Wonder what she looks like... I have to find out , he heard that inner voice scream again. David walked through the crowd making his way to the Kitchen , he stopped and just looked at her , she was a slender lady with amazing figure she was wearing pair of Jeans and David smiled as she was also wearing a Purple top. David finally got courage to say " Hi there " She slowly turned around , Her skin was Porcelain white , she had stunning piercing blue eyes and with the most amazing smile ... " Hello " she said David noticed she had a very strong accent and she was very young say in early 20’s ... " Is this the Au Pair James spoke about " " Oh God , she is stunning " the inner voice screaming again the thoughts going through David head he was thinking was wrong but he was already smitten. " Hi I am David , I am good friends with owners , you enjoying the Party? " trying to show his new confidence , even though he is nervous as hell. She smiled and replied " Hi I am Aine , I am Au Pair " David just listening to amazing tones in her accent " That is an amazing accent you have , Where is it from ? " he asked .... " From Co. Donegal in Ireland " she again giving that radiant smile. " Sorry I need to get this food up to the kids , there still up , hope you don’t think I am being rude " she replied... " No probs , sorry didn’t mean to hold you back but I had noticed you earlier and had to say hello " David said while looking straight onto those stunning blue eyes Seem time just stopped as they looked straight at each other , he thoughts going into over drive wondering if she liked him. " Maybe chat later when kids are asleep , if you want " she replied while running her hands through her red hair. " I would like that " David smiled as he watched her walking up the stairs. David returned to the Party which was still in full swing on the Balcony. David had lost track of time , he had looked several times at the stairs to see if Aine had returned downstairs but nothing.... again David was at edge of Balcony away from party with beer looking down at the moonlit beach drowning out the DJ music and listening to the sea waves crash against the rocks , his mind still thinking of the beauty of Aine but also she is so young , she wouldn’t be interested in me , Jesus David cop yourself she is half you age. Then all of sudden he hears that sexy amazing tone as clear as the waves crashing against the rocks. " Hi David , you not enjoying the party " David turned around to look at those amazing eyes once again " Actually not my thing , rather be down there on the beach under the moonlight , its an amazing beach, kids finally asleep i see " David replied " Yeah finally , love that beach as well always go for walks there every night , reminds me of home in Co Donegal some amazing beaches back home " she says as now standing beside David while leaning over edge looking down at beach. David had no idea why he thought of it but he just instantly said without thinking " Do you want to go for walk with me " instantly realising what he said " Sorry ignore me shouldn’t have asked like I am stranger and you.... " Before he could finish Aine said " Would like that , but don’t you want to stay with the party " " Wasn’t enjoying it anyway " David smiled " Lets go " They made the way down onto the beach , the sound of the music from the house fading as they walk together along the sea shore , David was so alive listening to the stories of the beaches and scenery of Donegal from Aine like he was there. They just talked for like a lifetime it felt Aine laughing at his bad jokes.... the music now silent and the lights of the house a distance away. David felt this was so perfect the moonlight shining on the beach , the waves crashing against the shore and the company of the most beautiful woman he had seen but he was going to be gentleman even though he just wanted to kiss her right there right now ..... David finally said " We should head back now , even though I am so enjoying being here with you " again time seemed to stop as under that moonlight and the waves now reaching up the shore that the water crashes over their feet , their eyes just stare at each other with such intensity. David again without thinking his mind and body filling with such passion he hadn’t felt for so long " I want to kiss you right now " as he stood there all that confidence just draining away , thinking have I just made fool of myself , another wave crashed over his feet as he stared at the beautiful Aine waiting for her to say something. David now feeling his breath quicking , why hasn’t she said anything , Oh god David you have fucked up ... " Aine sorry again...." but again Aine interrupted before he could finish " I want you to kiss me " David heart just skipped a beat , he took a deep breath and moved slowly to Aine... they now closer than they had ever been , David place his hands on her shoulder sliding down her arms until their fingertips touched.... there hands inter twine as they press closer like there about to dance, waves still crashing over their feet , His hands move again up her arms over the shoulder around her neck feeling the softness of her skin.... Aine gasps with deep breath her body shivering at David’s touch , Her eyes close feeling how sensual his touch is around her neck, she opens them to see David looking down at her , she has never seen anyone look at her in this way , the passion , intensity , Her body aches to be kissed. David stares one final time at this stunning Porcelain skin , red headed lady and he moves his lips closer to hers , finally their lips touch so softly slowly as they kiss , waves crashing below them the beach illuminated by the moon , there lips moving so sensually in unison from what their bodies are feeling. As they finally pull the lips away from that most amazing sensual kiss both gasp with air as their bodies shiver from how intense it was. Aine looking up to David , she has never felt like this before , no one has kissed her like that before .... " Wow " is all that she could say Again their lips embraced the intensity much more passionate , waves now up over their Shin bones, David cradling her head in his hands as they kiss. Pulling away again same gasps of breath the same shivers running through their body.... David looking down at Aine , I haven’t felt this way in long time , she is so beautiful .... " Double Wow ".... " We better head back " David really didn’t want to , he had so many thoughts of what he wanted to happen next but he quenched his desires. Aine who also didn’t want to said " Ok " They both headed back to house the music getting little louder as getting closer , walking hand in hand , Aine again talking about Co Donegal, they reached the little cove of beach the house is situated on. Aine stopped , David looked at her and said " You Ok " Aine replied " I don’t want to go back to house " intensity in her eyes hoping David will feel what she wants to happen " Where you want to go? " David bit confused and what she is saying Aine pulled away from David and just stood there in the middle of beach , not taking eyes off David she slowly removed her top , then her Bra exposing her perk breasts before sliding off her jeans and lingerie... now standing naked she walks up to David who is numb with what he is looking at. " I want you , here now " David now looking at the beauty of Aine her body glistening under the moonlight ... walked up to Aine placed his hands on her face and kisses her before walking passed going several steps up beach .... David cant believe this is happening , looking down as she takes his cock in her mouth , groaning in pleasure with every thrust of his cock in her mouth , he takes the gaze off her head moving in and out... looking back at the house he can still hear the party going on wondering if anyone can see them under this moonlight beach , Oh man he is so turned on. He turns his gaze back to Aine who is taking him deeper moving faster and faster .... his urges building he grabs her head and starts pounding his cock deeper into her mouth until she takes him whole and then holds it there making her Gag she fighting for air , finally letting her go as she gasps for breath.... She grabs his cock as goes deep again grabbing his toned ass , nails digging in causing David to grab her head again and thrust even harder into her mouth , she wants him to make her Gag , she grabs even harder making David flinch with pain as he pounds even fucking harder finally letting her breath. David looks down at Aine on her knees getting her breath back his cock so hard, he so wants to be inside her.... He pulls her up to her feet and lifts her up and she wraps her legs around him. They kiss as he walks over to where his jacket lay on beach and he lays her down on top of it. Her legs still wrapped around him, David slowly starts kissing her neck while his hips start rocking back and forth his body rubbing along her Vagina and Clitoris with every pelvic hip movement, Her groans getting louder , she unwraps her legs exposing her moist vagina to him , he knows she wants him to be inside but he is not ready. He looks down at her lying in the sand under the stunning moonlight then slowly makes way down kissing her breasts , nipples , chest , navel over her pelvic bone until he reached her moist vagina. His tongue slowly working its way up and down the outer lips exposing the clitoris each time as tongue moves over her body shivers and her hands dig deeper into the sand. His face now deep in her , his tongue moving and licking deeper in her with passionate intensity her hands grabbing deep into the sand as she groans in pleasure. Be can feel her about to explode as he goes quicker his tongue bringing amazing pleasure to her... He wraps his arms around her legs pulling her Vagina deeper into his face .... she groans even louder " Oh Oh Oh Oh Fuck I am coming" she screams in her sexy accent He pulls away and starts rubbing clitoris vigorously with his fingers the sound of her juices squirting out of her vagina as she screams in orgasmic pleasure " Ooooooohhhhhh Fuckkkkkkk " He slowly starts moving back up her quivering body again kissing her now highly sensitive breasts his hands now moving up and around her neck , she arches in pleasure with the feeling of his hands on her neck like she is about to be choked.... "mmmmmmmm" I wonder if she likes that He thought now moving the kissing up her neck back to her lips , he stops , his hard cock is one thrust from being inside her .. He looks at her as he slowly moved his hips so.his cock slides through her outer lips and she arches again as his cock now inside her. Slowly his pelvic thrusts start moving back and forth deep inside her , he knows he isnt going to last long , his juices have been building from the moment they had kissed but he continues to thrust inside her... she wraps her legs around him as he pounds harder... she groans louder and all of sudden she screams " Fuck me hard " The intensity of his pelvic thrusts increase and she groans louder " Fuck me harder " David looks down at her her head leaning back exposing her neck , he arches up and places both his hands on her neck in choking position she looks straight at him in scared look " Fuck me " He grab hers neck tighter and starts pounding faster into her , she tries to groan louder but she is fighting for air again as he goes even fucking harder.... his grip getting tighter as he pounds even harder..... His juices now about to explode he fucks even harder , she is gasping as he finally explodes deep inside her as he slowly takes his hands away from her neck As he stared down at the Stunning Porcelain her skin so white but her face so red like her beautiful hair , her eyes still rolled up to the sky after the most unbelievable orgasmic sex they just had and he could still see his hand impression in her neck. " Wow " is all they both could say , taking deep breaths listening to the sound of the waves again. Silence suddenly broken when Aine said " That was definitely not like the beach walks in Co Donegal " Both laughed looking up at the Moon still shining on the beach.

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