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Hot Yoga

"Two doors down"
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Published 1 year ago
For the third time in a week the delivery man dropped the wrong mail to my door. This time it was for a neighbour. Having just moved in I was glad to see an incorrect package dropped for a change. This one was intended for the sexy milf that lived two doors down. I didn't mind delivering this one in person. As I walked up her driveway I could see she was taking part in a workout in her front room. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to arrive at the door. She opened the door trying to catch her breath. She was wearing tight black yoga pants and a tight, figure hugging top that struggled to contain her breasts as she tried to catch her breath. I explained my situation and couldn't help but get lost in her eyes as she thanked me for dropping off her mail. She must have noticed my longing glare because she invited me in. As we walked towards her kitchen I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous curves. I took all of her in, from the way she draped her hair over one shoulder, exposing her soft, kissable neck, right down to her perfectly pedicured feet. She turned once she reached the kitchen to ask me what I'd like to drink but it was obvious I had only one thing on my mind. I slid one finger inside her waistband and pulled her near. Her eyes widened in shock but I could tell she wanted me too. I pulled her close to me and we started to kiss. I ran my fingers along her jawline, our tongues exploring one another's mouth while my other hand rested on the small of her back and pushed her into me. Before long we were pulling at one another's clothing. She took her top off to reveal her bare chest and tugged on my hair as I began to kiss her ears, neck, chest and nipples. I pushed her back towards her table and she sat on it, straddling my waist as we kissed one another deeply. She spread her legs wide and I slid my hand inside her yoga pants. She was wearing no underwear and I could feel how hot and clammy her pussy was from her workout. I slid my hand deep inside her pants and gently parted her thick lips until I could feel her juices surrounding my fingers. I slowly slid my fingers inside her before sliding them out again and circling her clit. She arched her back as my fingers played with her throbbing clit and I sucked and nibbled her neck while my fingers played with her soaking pussy. I pulled away and got to the floor and pulled her pants down as far as her knees. Her legs were no longer able to spread but I slid my head in between her legs. I was trapped between her thighs now and starting to suck on her juicy thick lips. Every time she spread her legs to let me in further I would inch my way in but would get immediately trapped by her yoga pants again. I nibbled on her thick juicy lips and played with her clit as she tugged my hair. She arched her back and let out a loud groan as her body shook from her orgasm. She pulled one leg out of her pants and spread her legs wide as she unbuttoned my jeans. My cock was throbbing and was aching to slide inside her. She grabbed my cock and ran her hand down along it, covering her palm in pre-come as she did. As she pulled me inside her she licked the palm of her hand clean, showing me how she wanted my come inside her. She lid back and put her legs in the air as I fucked her. She pushed her foot towards me mouth and I sucked on her toes as my cock slid in and out of her. With a loud moan I spilled my load inside her and we slowly fucked one another until I had no more come inside me. We kissed one another and looked into each others eyes as we slowly screwed to completion. I hope the old guy that lives across the way doesn't give me the same welcome.

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