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17 May 2021

Hot and sweaty

Written with someone in mind...


12 minute read

I am driving home after a day cutting timber in the woods when I come across a truck, you are leaning on the hood looking sad and lost…you are wearing a light summer dress, I can see a black lace bra strap hanging loose down your arm, on your feet are a pair of dainty sandals.. I pull in beside you and step out of my truck. I am wearing no shirt, jeans and a pair of boots..I am covered in sweat, oil, sap and sawdust.. you tell me that you are lost and your truck has broken down. You were on your way to start a new job but it hadn’t worked out and you are trying to find a job or else go home..and now your truck was broken and you were tired and hungry..I lift the hood and can tell that you need a new engine and I can fix it but it’ll take time and money, I also have food and a spare room in my cabin but it wont be free either. You tell me that you have no money but you will work around the cabin – tidying and cooking.. I explain that I can already do that myself. I go to climb into my truck and you come running to me, look up into my eyes and say ‘please, ill do anything’. ‘Anything can mean an awful lot of things’ I say..You look down to the ground and quietly say ’anything’. I tell you that I want you as my slave for a week – you will do as I ask , when I ask…without question…you nod meekly and look up into my eyes. I tell you that we start now and Id like to see my new slaves body – I order you to strip naked and watch in delight as you do..slowly dropping the dress and unfastening your bra and letting your tits swing free, before stepping out of your panties. Your cheeks redden slightly as you watch me stare at your naked body. You flinch a little as I reach out and pinch one of your nipples. It goes hard straight away..’ooh does slave like that?’ I ask.. ‘yes’ you reply. I slap your bare ass and say’ yes, what’ -you look into my eyes and say ’yes, master’. I run my hands all over your body and make you stand with your legs apart – you can feel the breeze on your wet pussy making you tingle with excitement..just you and me in the woods – anyone could walk by at any time.. I caress your butt and run my hand between your legs to feel the heat and wetness there… I linger a little to lightly touch your clit. You shudder as I stroke your pussy...and slide a finger in. You give a little gasp as I plunge my finger into your pussy and tell you to open my jeans... your hands are shaking but you undo my belt and open my button and fly before sliding my jeans down... my cock springs loose and I order you to hold it . You slowly start to stroke it and my balls as I continue to finger fuck your cock is getting harder and harder.. your juices are trickling down my hand and you knees are trembling as you look at me I know you are close to cumming... I roughly pull out my fingers and you glare at me with a look of passion and dismay.. I push you up against a tree, your tits pressed against the rough bark and with my left hand hold your hands above your head, my right hand parts your legs and guides my cock into your eager pussy... 'slave mustn't cum before master ' I whisper into your ear.. you moan as I slide the head of my cock into you...'yes master' I slide my length in and out of your pussy slowly at first, the building up speed - you move in unison - arms stretched above you, hair matted with sweat and leaves.. your tits and nipples being scratched lightly by the bark of the tree.. the only sounds are our moans and the sounds of nature..your wetness drips down your legs and cools in the breeze...I build up speed and you know I am nearly there...'please master - pump my pussy with your cum' you beg... I fuck you harder and harder and still holding your hands, I take my cock out of you and make you kneel in front of me ' wank me' I say. You stare at my cock dripping in your juices as you kneel down and grasp the shaft, i tell you to open your legs so that I can see your throbbing pussy.. pink and wet from the pounding it's just wank me hard and smooth and soon I spurt a load of cum.. you aim it all over your tits and it runs in rivulets down your body.. over your stomach and down between your legs... it drips off your pussy lips 'touch your pussy, rub my cum into your clit slave' you obey and I watch as your eyes close and you start to sway as you tease your clit , slide a finger into your pussy and begin to work yourself up to an orgasm.. I pinch your cum soaked nipples as you reach the point of no return and look up into my eyes and beg' please master, 'may I cum for you' . I reply ' you may kitten, you may' with that your finger frantically started working your clit and your moans get louder and deeper... as you cum you grab my leg to keep from falling over as you cum harder than ever before ,squirting your juices all over your hand and legs.. after a few minutes you calm down and look up at me with lustful eyes and say 'Thank you master' I tell you you get into my truck naked and unashamed you climb in beside me. We get back to the cabin, and it doesn't take long. I hop out and open the back door of the truck, still naked and dirty, i walk you in and you drop to your knees as soon as the door shuts behind me you wait my instructions. It's been a long day already, but still eager to please me, you long for the next command. I walk away and tell you to follow me, you are crawling as fast as you can behind me as i take a seat in my chair. Kneeling, you wait for me to call for you. I beckon you over and lay your head in my lap. You can smell your pussy from my cock - I let you take your time and breathe me in, then I tell you to please me...Kissing and licking my balls at first, going slowly up my hard cock to the tip to lick and swirl your tongue around. You can feel me getting harder as you take me whole, and I feel the tip at the back of your throat. Sucking and swirling your tongue you keep the touches light for now. I start to move in the chair, so I can stand. As your body moves with the shift, you never break contact. Hands behind your back, and kneeling, I start to pound my hard cock into your throat. Your moans come faster now, as you look up at me while I fuck my mouth. "Good girl," I say, as you feel the drool start to run down to your tits. You feel me get even harder and you know I am close. A couple more thrusts and you feel my cum fill my mouth. I pull out just enough for you to swallow, and you keep sucking until you take every last drop. The combination of pleasing me, the excitement of the day, has you close too. You whisper, "please Master, may I cum?" I say "yes, as long as you keep sucking my cock." That couldn't be more perfect, and it sends you over the edge. I see your legs shake and feel the moans of hungry ecstasy around my cock. It feels so good right now, but I stop you, knowing that if I leave you like this, you will keep having one orgasm after another and wouldn't be able to stop it. After a while you feel me sit up a bit and tap your head to get up. Kneeling again, waiting for the next command, your whole body yearns for more.. I make you follow me to the bathroom where I draw a hot bath and stand into it - I lift you up and stand you beside me - 'I want to have a clean slave I say' as I pour water over you.. watching it cascade over you shoulders and tits, beading in the near hairs on your pussy.. I pick up the soap and begins to sponge you all over your nipples stand to attention as I sweep my hands over them and you closer your eyes as i rub the sponge over your ass down your thighs and can feel my breath on your skin and it makes you tingle . I completely soap every inch of your body and rinse you down.. when you are done i order you to do the same to me.. which you do tentatively.. rubbing the soap into my body and running your hands all over me.. cupping my balls and cock. Running your hands over my chest, my ass, my legs.. your tits brush against me as you stand on tiptoe to rinse me down and that sends a shiver of excitement pulsing through your body... I lift you out of the bath and step out myself before we towel each other dry - both glowing from the hot water.. you follow me wordlessly back to the kitchen to fix us some food.. no words spoken but lots of eye contact- after we have eaten you clear up and await instruction.. I call you to me and tell you to kneel.. I place a blindfold on you and lead you to the table..I tell you to lay down and gently tie your hands and legs to the legs of the table - the tablecloth feels rough on your skin and you can feel the heat of the open fire on your skin..I start to caress your ass and snack you on both cheeks- you moan into the tablecloth. I caress every inch of your skin and start to delicately kiss you, because of the blindfold you don't know where I am going to kiss next and each kiss makes you wriggle..I loosen your ties and make you like on your back before tying you again. Your chest is heaving with anticipation and your legs are spread apart..all of a sudden there is a knock at the door and you tense. ' be still kitten' I say. You strain to hear what's is happen but all you can hear are muted voices and you can feel the cold breeze on your skin from the open door..the doors closes and you feel movement beside you again .. cold fingers caress your tits, pinching your nipples, tracing the contours of your body...weaving a path to your pussy before touching your clit - 'spread your legs slave' you obey and the cold fingers probe your pussy sliding a finger in,, the two as you get more and more moist. 'Open your mouth slave' you obey and hungrily start to suck in the head of my cock as I squeeze both your tits.. suddenly you realise that there is someone else there.. I have a nipple in each hand and someone else is probing your pussy while you suck deeper and deeper on my cock. You mumble as the fingers probe you slide in and out of your pussy.. you arch your back as I pinch your nipples and open your legs wider to allow the fingers to slide further into your pussy... I pull my cock out of your mouth as a mouth clamps onto your pussy hungrily sucking on your clit and biting your lips - you pull against your ties but cannot free yourself... ' oh please master , fuck me, please fuck me' you moan, your voice is hoarse with lust.. your hips wriggling.. the mouth licks on your clit and slides two fingers in... you hear me tell the other person to open your pussy lips, I want to see how wet you are, how hungry your cunt is for my cock.. you feel your lips being spread.. the tongue still licking your clit... I position the head of my cock at your pussy and plunge in as deep as I can, your legs spread as wide as you can against the ropes... you raise your ass to meet my thrusts... that tongue is still working on your clit as I pound into you a hand reaches under your ass and slides a finger into your ass as you reach your peak ... you are groaning in pleasure, your body slick with sweat as I sense you are about to cum I pull my cock out and it is quickly replaced with fingers.. fucking you to an almighty orgasm squirting your juices all over me as i wank my cock and shoot my cum all over your tits and pussy... as you slowly start to relax, fingers gently caress you goodbye.. you quiver with pleasure as I untie you, you hear the door click closed and I sit you up and remove your blindfold..

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