31 Jan 2017

So this is my second story and again a true one. As you will see from my profile i am a bi guy and i do enjoy the man on man fun i have had. A few months ago i started chatting with a guy on here (bob, not his real name lol) and we got on very well. After a few days of chatting on and off we decided to meet up in a cafe in Cork city for a coffee and to see how we got on. The meeting went well, we had got on great chatting about rugby and other common interests. We agreed to meet again in a few day. We texted on and off for the next 24 hours or so and got very detailed in our messages about our sexual interests. I told him that when i have been with a man in the past i enjoyed being the submissive, kinky party and loved being told what to do.

On the following Friday evening i was leaving work and bob text me saying he was out with his mates since lunch and was after a few beers. He asked if i had plans and if i would be interested in meeting them for a pint as there was a munster match on tv that evening and they were going watching in the pub. I of course said yes and headed out to meet them. Now i have to say that even though bob's profile says he is bi, he admitted to me in our first meet that he was closer to being gay and hadn't been with a woman for a couple of years. Anyway we meet and his mates are good crank, he introduced me as a business client to the lads and i didn't argue. So after a few hours, a few pints and a good win a few of the lads headed off leaving bob, me, frank and conor in the bar. All getting hungry we decided to head to the chipper and bob suggested we head to a chipper in Douglas and take the food back to his place. We hopped in a taxi with bob in the front and the lads with me in the back. As we were driving along Conor to me that frank and himself knew that i wasn't a business client of bobs and that they knew where we had met. I was both embarrassed and angry by bob lying to me. When we stopped at the chipper, bob ran in and collected the order and we headed off to his place. Once we arrived at his house i pulled him aside and told him what Conor had told me, his response "listen here lad, your going to get what you want, so dont start giving out. Your not here for chips, your here to do what i say and serve US "!

With my tail firmly tucked between my legs, i ate my food, drank my drink and chatted with the lads. The minute we finished eating everything changed. Frank turned to bob and said "so what are we doing with this one? the last guy you brought home couldn't handle the fun at all". I took that as a green light to say what i wanted. I stood up and bravely said "you guys wont break me"


I spent the next half completely naked with the three lads sitting around (fully dressed) drinking, while i moved from one to the other on my knees sucking there cocks. They then bent me over the couch and took turns fingering my ass while i rimmed their asses. My ass was finally oiled up and i felt the first cock tip teasing my hole and then in it went. I bit down for the first few seconds and then relaxed into it. It felt great to have one cock in my ass and another in my mouth as the three lads swapped and moved around me for the next hour or so. I took everything they wanted to give me and tried very hard to please them all. When it came to finishing the three lads came where ever they wanted on my body. Bob sucked me dry in the end which was amazing.

I have met the lads once more since as a group and have met Bob a couple of times alone. Both Frank and Conor have asked me to meet with them alone and as of now i havent done so yet but Bob if you read this, I AM GOING TO MEET THEM BOTH lol.....

Hope you enjoy the read!