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my first time

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Hello again, i hope you liked my first story, well i'm going back a good while for this one, while using a public toilet, having a shit, i started to read the writing on the walls and door that guys had left and some phone numbers, i found i was getting hard and thought to myself, am i gay, id like to try this, why not, so i made up my mind that i would try it. That evening i went to one of the places written about on the toilet wall, i don't mind telling you i was nervous and a bit scared, what if i was beaten up or raped or arrested by the police and so on, well i swallowed hard and decided to go for it, i left the car and started walking, it was quiet, hardly anyone around, just an old guy, i could take him easily in a fight if i had to, well i had a good look around and he was the only one there, well he must have noticed me because he followed me as i walked on, i walked on a for good bit so finally i stopped at the quietest spot i found, well out of the way, he caught up with me and walked right past me, shit i thought to myself, there are no gays around, i stayed for a while and just as i was going to leave i saw him coming back towards me again so i decided to let him pass me, but he didn't pass me, he stopped and said hello, i said hello back and we started to chat and make small talk for a while, he seemed nice enough, then he moved closer after a bit and i didn't move away so he moved a little closer, now he was right beside me, our shoulders touching, the talking stopped, he put his hand on my ass, i didn't move, then he put his other hand on my crotch and started rubbing my cock through my pants, i started to get hard, he asked me if i liked it and i meekly said yes, he said that he hadn't seen me here before, i told him this was my first time here,he asked if i was ever with a man before and i said "no", are you a virgin he asked, i said shyly that i was and that i had never been with a girl either, we better take it easy so he said, ok i said and with that he bent down and undid my pants, at this i panicked and pushed him away and asked him what if somebody comes, you keep an eye out and i'll suck your cock he said, i thought to myself what the hell and i let him give me a blowjob, he started to lick my small hard cock and my balls and pulling me off with his hand and he started to rub my hole with his other hand, i was so turned on by this, you wouldn't believe then he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me off he was flicking his tongue along my piss slit, going all the way down to my pubes, i could feel his nose on my lower belly,he was sucking me for about a minute or two when i started to feel i was going to cum so i told him i was going to cum but he started to suck me harder so i shot my load in his mouth, three or four spurts, he swallowed my load i think because i didn't hear him spit it out, he cleaned my cock in his mouth until i went soft, then he stood up and asked if i liked it, i said yes off course, then he asked if i wanted him to ride me, i told him i wasn't sure about that and the mood had gone off me anyway as i had just shot my load in his mouth, well he said hang around for a while and if you feel like trying it in an hour or so then we can see what happens and that's what we did, we went for a walk and after a while he asked me if i was horny yet and started to rub my cock again, this time he put his hand down the back of my pants and started to finger me, i liked this, he told me to pull out his cock, so i did as i was told and started to wank him off, slow down he said or i'll cum too soon so i slowed down, then he pulled my pants down, put some spit on his fingers and started to rub my hole again but this time he stuck a finger in my hole again, it hurt a bit and i yelped, it wont hurt for long he said and he was right it didn't, then he stuck another finger in me, and it wasn't too bad, he worked on my ass for a while while i gently stroked his cock, he was about 6 inches but not too thick, average id say, well the moment came at last and he told me he was going to fuck me, i still wasn't sure but he just put me up against a large rock, bent me over and started rubbing his cock on my hole, i heard him spit and he rubbed it into my hole, then he started to push his cock against my hole and then he gently pushed it in, this hurt a bit but it was ok ,then he started to push in and pull out of my ass slowly,after the pain eased off i started to enjoy it and i started to wank myself, he then started to get faster and this was even better and i was really enjoying this, he started to get even faster and a bit rougher, now i was in heaven, he fucked me for about five minutes when at last he came in me, he gave me three or four hard thrusts then rested on my back for a while and hugged me, when his cock went soft it fell out of my ass and a little jiz came out too, he pulled his pants up, gave me a kiss on the mouth and left, that was the last time i saw him, there i was with a hard cock and a dripping ass so i started to wank myself until i came for a second time in the one night, i was pretty happy with myself. all comments welcome, good or bad, thanks for reading my story
Written by mayoman

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