9 Nov 2016

Both Shane and I work from home which is convenient if the weather is conducive to an unscheduled training session. Shane works for a multinational company so does do the business trips abroad every few weeks.

One Monday morning about 8:30 am he texted “fancy a quick ride”, he had been in France for a week only arriving home Saturday evening. I told him I be ready by 11:00 am, asked where he wanted to go, two hours available and meet him at his place.

I did some work and changed into my Lycra shorts and tight cycling top, making sure I had enough chamois cream to prevent any friction and a quick spin to Shane’s. Unusual he was not waiting for me, ready for the cycle, so I parked my bike at the side of the house and rang his door bell, “it’s open” he replied.

There was Shane, standing in his hallway, just out of the shower, with a towel around his waist, grinning. “Would you like to ride this” said Shane as he dropped his towel exposing his semi erect cock, a cock ring and freshly shaven low hanging balls. I laughed, he prefers to be filling his sexy wife’s pussy or even my wife, I have seen him looking at my wife and god I know I would do Jean, his wife if the opportunity arouses. “What Jean not in the mood?” I said. “No, she not in the mood” he replied. I continued to laugh, walked past him, up the stairs to his bedroom, he followed, still grinning. I turned and faced him and asked, “Supposed you want me to wear her panties also” pointing to a sheer fronted cherry red thong on the bed.

As I pulled up the thong I said “you must think I am a slut”, his response, “yes now suck this”. I kneed down and took his shaft which was now fully erect, it’s mushroom head fully exposed, the cock ring tight and his balls hang, oh god I enjoy his balls. He was not interested in foreplay, he was only interested in fucking, oblivious no sex in France either, a big load in store.

Shane was so horny, he just wanted a fuck my ass, was going to get it hard. On his bed with the smelled of his wife’s perfume I waited for him, he pulled the thong to one side and rubbed his shaft along my ass and balls to use the chamois cream as lube, I was excited, feeling slutty but had to relax or it could be sore. Thankfully his cockhead eased in, maybe my ass is used to it, maybe it not that big. But then he just rammed it in, fuck it was deep, then he took it almost out and bang, deep inside me again. He was like a bull, riding me in his wife’s panties. Jean was the lucky one having this cock on demand but today was my turn.

Normally he like to doing me doggie style but this morning he wanted different, he flipped me over and I watched him fuck me, calling me a slut and Jean. Due to the years of cycling his legs were so strong that he was not getting tired, the cock ring was doing its job for my sports watch pinged, it was now 12:00 noon, I had been here for an hour and he had been fucking me for the majority of it. Both of us were sweaty and the room now smelt of sweat and sex. He moved me again and told me to sit on his cock, reverse cowgirl position. This was a big turn on for me for it is the wife’s favourite position. Sitting on him I pulled my panties down and started to wank and grind my ass into his crotch like my wife would do. Soon both of us were very close, both moaning, I pulled the panties back over my shaft, boom… our cocks exploded, his cock ring could not hold the flow any longer, my cum oozed through the sheer material of the panties, oh fuck.

I sat up to allow Shane to hold the condom as I dismounted, another big load, he can really fill a condom, I wonder if Jean likes a load inside her pussy? I touch my ass, open but not sore, a new purpose for chamois cream. Shane was just lying on the bed, condom handing on to his limp cock. Taking off the soaking panties I threw them onto his face, wet and stained. I dressed and just to leave, wondering if the short cycle home would be sore when Shane’s mobile pinged, a message from Jean “sorry about earlier, coming home at lunchtime, I want to feel your cock inside me.” I could only smile.