Written by Meathhung

1 Aug 2018

While recently traveling to drogheda I had an hour to kill at station was late and quiet. I went to the toilet n into last cubicle. Noticed some holes in wall n took a peek there was an older guy playing with himself so I finished n left. Saw him come out 10 minds later. Had my coffee n went back in. Went same cubicle. A few minds past n heard somebody go next door. Saw this eye looking thru n stood up showing my cock. A hand came under wall so I knelt down and he started stroking me. Come in here he said n I heard his door click so I did. Opened his door and there was this20 something Yr old Brazilian guy totally naked with the biggest hadron ever. Least 11 inches. I had to suck it. I got on my knees n he fed me his cock sucked for couple min n he wanted suck me so I sat on toilet lid n he got between my legs sucked me deep. He then lifted my legs n started to tongue my ass deep. While stroking my cock. I want to ride tht cock he said so I told him to climb on he put a condom on me. He stood on seat facing me n lowered himself on me riding my cock till I was balls deep. In him. While he was riding it it cud still suck his cock I cud taste the precum as we fucked he was riding me so hard I was going to explode I cud feel his cock swell in my mouth n knew he was close too. At tht moment I knew I was gona blow I cud feel my cock pumping tht load up his ass he was gripping my cock with his ass n milking it he let out a shriek n blew a huge load into my mouth I pulled off n was about to spit it out when he grabbed my face n kissed me so hard taking his cum into his mouth n swallowing it. I was still hard inside him. He pulled off got on his knees n liked n sucked my cock clean. Got dressed n left.. Hope I see him thee again... This is a true story