7 Nov 2016

After years of being active playing various sports injury and eventually knee surgery resulted in me taking up cycling. As a new cyclist I was too fit to be considered a beginner but not technically strong enough for the local cycling clubs so I needed a cycling buddy. Luckily a neighbour was willing to show me the ropes.

Shane was mid-thirties, married and big into his cycling, flash bike and all the gear. He was an active type but normally is outdoor clothing so could not tell how “fit” he was. As weeks of training progressed he suggested we sign-up for an event, a goal. Shane has a hands-on approach, so I was not surprised the day I had cramp and stiffness after a long cycle he offered to rub-out my calves and shoulders.

As summer approached the cycles became longer, the Lycra clothing lighter we were spending more time together I was noticing how fit Shane really was, from the waist down so toned, tight and a bulge.

It was agreed that we do some mountain training one holiday weekend, at first our wife’s were to join us but at the time neither travelled. Two days cycling and two nights in a hotel which had large baths for our tired legs.

The first day of cycling was so hard, that evening I could not walk so when Shane called to my room I was laying on my bed wearing only shorts, but it was not my legs which were sore but my ass. Tactile Shane offered to massage my ass and before I could say yes or no his hands were on my ass, his thumbs against my hole and my crotch. I was in pain but so turned-on. Next his hands were under my shorts, I could feel my cheeks being opened and my shaft hardening. Then to my shock he suggested that I remove my shorts and put a pillow under my crotch.

He went to bathroom as I stripped and position my ass as instructed. Oh god was he good at massaging my ass, soon the pain was gone to be replaced by the hardness of my shaft but unfortunately he stopped with his fingers pushing against my hole but never actually entering my ass.

He left, I showered and we had dinner and went to bed, another long cycle the next day. That night I lay naked on my bed, thinking about my ass being touched, my shaft hard, balls tight but I did not want to cum, maybe there was more to come. Alas there was no knock on the door and eventually I fell asleep.

Next morning after breakfast I changed into my tight cycling shorts, tight for I was hard, so hard you could clearly see my cockhead. Did I mind….not at all and my ass was not sore. As the cycle progressed I moved the conversation back to the massage and Shane was eager to tell me the deeper the massage the greater the relief. That only made my shaft harder and eager to get back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel we packed the bikes away and Shane suggested we have a beer outside before heading to our rooms. Shane went to the bar I adjusted myself to ensure all I have was on display. A blind man could see my bulge and it seemed to work for by the time the beers were finished Shane was displaying meaty cock through the Lycra material and the conversation was back to my ass. As we stood to leave I shyly asked if he would massage my ass to which with a curious smile Shane said I was wondering if I would ask.

So back in my room I showered, shaved away any missed hairs around my balls and ass, naked I prepared the bed with the largest pillow to use to position my ass. I was just ready when there was a knock on the door, wrapping my towel around my waist I answered. Shane was in a tee and tight shorts which showed off his assets. Smiling he waited for me to remove the towel as I lay on the bed, ass in the air as my cock was already hard thinking about what would happen next.

Like the previous evening he started slowly but soon was opening the cheeks of my ass exposing my hole, then Shane told me he had some massage oil, next I could feel some of the oil drip onto my exposed hole quickly followed by his two thumbs, oh god I wanted to moan. Due to my position I could look at a mirror and see a reflection of Shane who had taken off his tee, mmmmm so fit.

His fingers were all over my ass, which was becoming relaxed but my balls were so tight and shaft throbbing, then as he placed a finger against my hole I pushed against it, with ease it popped in, no stopping now. Using his finger he explored my pussy then he asked me to lift my ass up, as I did with his other hand he took hold of my shaft and pulled it back exposing my ass, balls and shaft, I was totally ready. Shortly I felt this second finger inside me, I was struggling to control my breathing.

Then he took both out and there was a pause……his hands on my cheeks, open wide I could sense his head close as he licked my balls and then started to rim my ass. It could not have been his first time for he was so accurate and knowledgeable that I was shaking. And then he stopped. I looked at the mirror, he was stripping off his tight shorts……..oh god.

I could feel his legs against the insides of my calf muscles, I knew where he was positioned, I could feel the coolness of the massage oil being poured and then massaged into my ever relaxing hole. I moved my arm and opened my hand……………….he took the condom.

Slowly he pushed the head of his cock inside me, it was big, bigger that any of the wife’s dildos, bigger than my own cock. Shane whispered that now he going to massage the inside of my ass. Slowly he pushed, I was surprised I could take it. Soon his powerful legs were in a rhythm, I could feel his balls slapping against mine, I could not control myself, I was moaning, my shaft was still hard but I needed relax, he adjusted his position, oh god it felt even deeper, then a scream, he exploded inside me, I could actually feel him cumming. He drove in a couple more times, slowly he pulled out to a loud pop. I wish I could have seen my freshly fucked ass but I want to see his cock, now semi erect there was a big balloon of cum in the condom.

Shane lifted me to a standing position and kissed me and asked if he could suck my cock dry, it did not take long for me to cum, his cock was almost limp as I roll off the condom. We showered and changed for dinner, Shane confessed that he had been thinking about fucking my ass for a month, in fact it was a month’s worth of juice in the condom. We had a nice meal but we both were more interested in the dessert, a story for another time.