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Friend in a new light 3

"Fucked my friend"
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Published 1 year ago
Me and Jeff have been at it like rabbits for few weeks now recently we were at a friend's wedding I asked him to ask Laura could he wear her panties under his suit thinking it was for her benefit she said of course. When we were drinking later on our own Jeff said Laura was horny at thought of him wearing her panties that she gave him a blowjob on the way to hotel as he drove. He came in her mouth and said when she kissed him after he could taste his own cum. This got me horny and I told Jeff I want to fuck him now it was just a case of where I could have him. I suggested the toilet even though its not exactly romantic but I was jealous that Laura made him cum already and now I wanted to own my little femboy. As we went into the toilet it was full I went into a cubicle but he couldn't follow me it would be too obvious he went into next cubicle and facetimed me I could see he was wanking in his panties I was so fucking horny. I wanted his ass so bad but couldn't without giving us away. I had to wait. We went back to afters of wedding it was dark in there but my cock was aching now I suggested to Gemma to go to room for some doggy style sex that I wanted to fill her up so bad she was up for it but not yet. I went up to get more drink when Jeff appeared beside me it was crowded at the bar he whispered in my ear as he put his hand down my pants he had just put his panties on my cock I was now fit to burst I wanted to kiss him so bad but couldn't. I brought drinks back to table and told gemma I was going to car to get charger for my phone. Car was at back of dimly lit car park as, I had my head in car I heard footsteps coming . To my disbelief it was Laura she grabbed me pulled me to her and kissed me then told me she knew I was fucking Jeff she found it sexy and my weakness for panties was a turn on for her. She had dropped her hand to give Jeff a hj when she realised he had no panties on however she knew where they were. That's why she came looking for me gemma told her I had gone to our car. Laura seductively bit her lip as she reached down my pants and pulled out the missing panties. I said if you take them you have to give me yours she kissed me again as she reaches down her panties to finger herself groaning into my mouth she takes her hand out and rubs her fingers along my lips before putting them in my mouth to lick clean. The heavenly taste of her pushed me too far I closed boot of car dropped to my knees removed her white panties and ate her out for a minute or two while munching away on her my hands wandering all over her I thought this is it I'm gonna fuck my crush since school she was wearing a white suspender belt with stockings and high heels she was dressed like a bride but at this moment looked more like my hooker. I stood up and kissed her my lips destroyed in her juice Laura was stroking my cock as I fingered her pussy I broke the kiss to tell her I'm keeping your panties she said she didnt care but what would she tell Jeff. I said same thing he says he is missing his too as I took them from her bag I now had both pairs. I turned her around lifting up her dress to reveal her peachy ass as I grinded against her bum getting a condom ready she stopped me and said fuck her up the ass no condom. Wow I couldn't stop now as I pushed in it felt soo good I was getting sex everywhere Laura explained she had copped messages on Jeff's phone put 2and2 together and got jealous of Jeff getting filled up and not her she knew I filled him up and not other way around as he let her fuck him with a strap on this was so sexy she looked amazing bent over my car dress hiked up stockings on view and what an ass I pulled her dress down at the front it was loose enough and cupped a breast in each hand. It didn't take me long to fill her tight ass up as I pulled out I asked her not to move. I waited a few seconds and as my cum started to flow from her ass I took a pic on my phone. She turned around and kissed me saying cheeky pic for the wank bank I agreed and asked her to pose for a front photo but with no face she had a tattoo so any knows her will know who's pussy it is. We kissed some more let most of the cum seep out I dried it with her panties as, we walked through the car park I lifted her dress and gave her bum a quick finger she was beautiful and had her ass full of my cum going back to the wedding. I had finally got to fuck some ass even if it was a surprise that Laura's ass was full of my cum now. I was so happy and had 2 pairs of panties hidden down my crotch. As she was standing at the bar few minutes later getting more drink I could see my cum running down her leg I went up to offer to help carry the drinks but as it was so crowded I got to run my finger up the inside of her leg to clean up my cum she looked around and checked it was safe before licking my finger clean at the bar. The barman had a confusing look on his face as I had been up there already with my hands all over gemma. As I went asleep later on gemma was out for the count I reached down to my pocket and pulled out Laura's panties and inhaled the sexy scent of her pussy I got myself to edge of climax before putting them back in my pocket then I turned around and came all over gemma ass thinking about Laura and how incredibly sexy she looked bent over my car as I filled her up. I cuddled into gemma ass and gave a quick grind on it before going to sleep myself happy out in the space of 48 hrs I had fucked all 3 people who are important to me now its just a case of keeping it quiet if possible..... . Part 4?
John D

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