Written by Wild pussy

17 Nov 2019

I was going to a party with my husband, I was gettting ready in the bathroom, he came up behind me wrapped his arms around my waist, making eye contact with me in the mirror and whisper growled into my ear, you will do everything I tell you to do tonight, straight away I was horny as fuck.

I was wearing a long black dress with a slit up one leg.

He told me not to wear a bra, and as we got to the party he told me to remove my knickers and give them to him & you put them in his pocket.

When inside he whispered to me to go find a quiet corner and wait. He arrived with a drink for me & handed it to me and stepped in behind me, making my ass lean bk onto his lap, his cock was rock hard and he pushed it in between my ass cheeks, he took a cube of ice out of my glass, telling me to lick it. And from behind he lifted my skirt of my dress and placed the ice cube onto my hot clit, making my clit stand to attention and my nipples get so hard and they were visible through my dress.

With his other hand he started rubbing and twisting my nipples, making me growl softly. He then bent down covering his mouth with mine so I was moaning into your mouth. He rubbed my clit over and over with the ice dripping down my legs, making me cum again and again, hot cum running down inside my legs. He whispered, lets get out of here now.

On shaky legs I walk outside with him, he pushed me up against a wall lifted up my skirt looking at my hot pussy juices running down my thighs, he got down on his knees and started softly licking my cum, running his tongue up & down my thighs and flicking his tongue over my clit. He then made eye contact with me, saying you taste so good, he stood up and said you taste and kissed me softly, making me moan into his lips and tasting my cum from his lips.

So very fucking Hot.