Written by kerouac

7 Feb 2012

It had been a long day, starting badly and becoming steadily tougher-a typical Monday I guess you could say. At least I had finished work an hour early and would have some time to relax before my wife got home from work, or at least that's what I thought until I turned the corner and saw her car parked in front of the house. Even better i thought - we would have time to chat before dinner- a nice change.

As I opened the door and headed for the kitchen I heard a noise from the bedroom and wondering what she was up to I headed for the door-stopping as I heard her moan gently - that noise she makes when she is aroused. Pushing the door slightly open I see her on the bed, still in her work clothes, her blouse with half the buttons open, her hand slipped inside cupping her breast, and her skirt bunched around her waist, panties pushed to one side and her fingers lost between her thighs.

I push the door in and stand there giving her a second before speaking-"You look like you are having fun honey" causing her to gasp and then smile that sexy smile before telling me she had been thinking about me all day.

Well I said why don't you keep thinking about me and I will just watch from here-pulling a chair to the end of the bed and sitting down. I know how much she likes me watching her and she spreads her legs a little wider-giving me a clear view of her swollen wet lips-her two fingers slowly opening them up as she runs them along the length of her slit. I feel my cock hardening as she slips one finger inside and I see her hips raise a little to meet her touch and I begin to open my trousers as she slips a second finger inside.

I sit there for what seems like hours but is only minutes watching her touching herself-the delicate touch of her fingers knowing exactly what pleases her-giving me the clues for when i will get to touch her. By now I can hear how wet she is and stand while removing my trousers and pushing my shorts to the floor, my cock rock hard and aching from watching her.

She raises her hips and pushes her panties down and off her legs and I climb on the bed beside her-moving between her thighs , my face inches from her swollen lips. I can smell her arousal and i am sure she can feel my breath as she opens her legs wider and pushes her two fingers back inside.

"I need you to fuck me" she says in a low groan.