23 Feb 2018

Oh James had pictured Trish at desk feeling herself after the morning Sexting they both had. James couldn’t get the thought of me being on those moisten lips Out of his head. So he headed into work on his day off, there was a few people at their desks and James said Good Morning.

“ What brings you here this morning James on your day off “ one of the fellow workers ask ....

“Patricia ask me in for meeting said be only 10 - 20mins.... Hopefully in out quickly “

James walks to Office door , knocks and enters Trish's office. She briefly flinches at shock of seeing James but then her eyes smile with delight with site of him.

“ What you doing here “ says Trish

James says nothing , closes the blinds slightly so no one can see in ,unless real close to window.

James the walks over to Trish ,sitting at her new Pine Desk, leans over with his hand sensually touching her neck and start kissing her lips slowly. James hand starts moving around her neck under her top to her shoulder moving back over the top of her breasts. James give a little mmmmmmmm As he senses Trish is starting to relax, he stops

Trish again asks “ What are you doing here”

James again says nothing and goes on his knees and under the desk.

He slips her dress slightly up , so he can see those sexy panties ...

“ I said no sex on the desk at work ever again “ Trish says

“ I am not on the desk , I am under it “ He replies with cheeky grin

Trish smiles but quickly changes to biting her lip as James touches her panties ... oh they are wet from the morning Sexting. James feels her Yoni is dripping thru the fabric , He pulls the chair towards me so his head and lips are just about touching her hot moist panties

“ James , What you doing , someone might come in anytime “

Again James says nothing as his hand slides her moisten panties to side to expose the wet beautiful sexy Yoni. He starts moving the fingers of other hand up and down the outer lips , making sure to touch every inch

“ Ssssshhhhh Stop , Tracy is just outside door “ she says

James again says nothing and continued to move his fingers now over her clitoris ... Trish groans in excitement

with her Yoni lips between his thumb and finger. James starts massaging her outer lips working down one side and moving up the other always making sure to massage the clitoris , he keeps doing this over and over her Yoni gets wetter and wetter ..

Trish’s groans now getting louder and louder .....

The James places his lips on to her pelvic bone and start kissing around her Yoni ... his other hand wants to grab her breasts but he has to stay hidden under the desk. James starts licking kissing her outer lips slowly sliding up and down again his fingers making sure not one inch of her beautiful thing is not caressed.

He lets his tongue tease her clitoris as he stays over it teasing it licking it kissing it slowly then quickly changing the rhythm

Trish groans more and is biting her lip, no one can know that James is under her desk , if caught we both have no idea what will happen, but Trish doesn’t stop James and pushes his head in more. James tongue is now so deep into her Yoni that he rather be licking kissing it than breathing air as he moves it around now with quicker rhythm, her hips now moving with his tongue , controlling where she wants it to touch. Trish groans in more pleasure and her hand now pressing against his head more stopping him from getting air... 20 sec 30 idea how long since James took last breath ... She releases her hand as James pulls back and takes a deep breath.

He notices Trish hips are still moving like she is an erotic dancer, he looks up at her and notices Trish is staring straight ahead .

I nod head to ask , Is there someone outside again? Trish nods Yes. James just smiles and places his head and tongue now deeper into her Yoni as his hand grabs her hips pulling him deeper inside her, Trish now grabbing his hair tightly as she feels her juices building...

James pulls his head away again to take in oxygen , man he would gladly die a happy man suffocating in this beautiful sexy wet Yoni of hers. He then slowly rubs his fingers over her clitoris again. Trish moaning so quiet , trying not to give it away but James senses she is ready to explode. So he places his two middle fingers of left hand into now the Wettest it has been Yoni and hooks them up under pelvic bone so touching her G spot.

Slowly at first he starts moving fingers in and out building the pace, feeling the pressure building up as he goes faster and harder with his fingers. He hears the Wetness build in Trish's Yoni and he knows his sexy lady is about to release. Faster and harder his fingers fuck her making sure to rubbing the g spot as he goes in and out. Trish is biting her lip again trying not to scream out as the pressure has now built right up. James suddenly pulls his fingers out and plants his face over her Yoni quickly flicking her clitoris with his tongue. Trish suddenly grabs James head and rams his face hard into her yoni and let out a big groan of excitement as she explodes all her built up juices over his face lasting several seconds later as she pushes James face in with every release over over again her hips making sure every part of his face feels her gorgeous wetness....

After everything calms down , James looks up thinking fuck we must have been caught ...

Trish looks smiles and says

“ Oh my fucking God , you are a bold boy and I can’t believe we got away with that “

They both laughed uncontrollable at getting away with it. James finally stands up from under desk , fixes himself up and gives Trish a nice sensual kiss. Trish smiles and says “ thank you “

“ See you tonight “ James says as he about to leave office

“ Can’t wait “ Trish replies with her face smiling but a bit flush from what just happened

James walks into the workplace , couple of people still there , wonder if anyone noticed James thought .

“ How meeting go James ? “ same fellow worker asks

“ Went down well I think “.James replied as he opened the exit door with a cheeky smile on him.