Written by admin

25 Apr 2009

making polite conversation, candles burned on the table, casting pools of dim light through the room, music softly playing in the background. We sat ... listening to the mundane nuances of our respective days, and I allowed myself to recline into the chair... your eyes met mine, we were not strangers, we were familiar with each other, I had not seen you for some time , in a delicious moment, i recalled the taste of your lips , the touch of your hands on my skin , the urgency of my desire for you... i moved closer to you , my hand lightly touching yours, my lips longing to taste your mouth, my desire for your touch welling up inside me, a delicious inferno of lust, desire, want and need crept over me, your breath deepened as i gently nibbled your ear , you asked for a kiss.... i declined , wanting to savour the anticipation of your kisses.....until i could withstand the desire no more...your hands moved twords my neck , gently caressing it, your touch was like a bolt of lightning through my body, i moaned softly, my breath becoming more urgent, you know i will surrender to you, the thought turns you on.you beg for my mouth to taste yours, my tongue to search yours, i relent tasting your hungry lips , your probing tongue, my hand runs over your chest , your desire is evident now, my palm lightly touches the throbbing hardness of you, cum already oozing from the tip,i stroke you through the material of your jeans, your eyes give you away, the longing in them, your hand strokes my breast, finding a nipple, hard now in anticipation of you, there is no one else in the world now, just you and i and our desire...which must be satisfied.... we move to the bedroom..

you light a candle as we undress, both naked now , we lie side by side , hands searching each others bodies, your palm cups my nipple, your mouth tastes it, my hand strokes your hard cock , i want to taste you, my greedy mouth finds your cock, licking the shaft you moan your appreciation, my mouth envelopes your throbbing shaft,i taste your cum on my tongue, i so want to drink you dry... you pull me to you, tracing your tongue over my breasts ..moving downwards, your fingers find my clit and you stroke it slowly, making me wetter and wetter, your hand returns to your mouth, you taste my sweet juices, im so hot for you now, my mouth greedy for yours , my every nerve begging you to enter me , you ignore my requests and slide between my legs, your tongue tastes my wetness, my clit throbbing under your tongue, you lick it gently, tasting my wetness, my orgasm wells , you sense my peak and lick harder, i come , screaming your name....im ready now, you enter me, i intake a gulp of breath, your so hard, i grind against you feeling your urgency, you fuck me deeply , gently and with so much emotion...as you come our eyes lock, i feel your release, as i peak again, we come in unison..............