22 Feb 2018

Was a typical Monday morning meeting at JusJoc Architects and all the departments head people sitting around the large company Glass Desk as the Boss Trish was given us the update on the Big meeting company had on Friday.

Trish today was looking so different her Hair was down and even though still wearing suit and shirt it was more casual top button open and shirt more looser not her normal rigid self. Oh she is a task master , you never want to get on her bad side ..... she is bloody good at her Job but she does rub people up

the wrong way with her utter stubbornness , her drive to get a job done correctly and always on time.

Some of the men here are intimidated by her presence and ya have that crap talk like

" A she just needs a good seeing to lighten up "

even some of the ladies aren’t to pleasant either. I in the other hand never listen or laugh at that crap/jealousy because I won’t lie I have fancied Trish my boss for a long time.

I remember the day it was couple of months ago was out having few drinks with friends and in the Pub and there was a Hen party going over in the Corner and then I noticed one of the party was Trish. It was the first time I had seen her Hair down she was wearing a stunning red dress and watched her with her friends the smile was so mesmerising. I instantly fancied her.

" James..... James .... James.... Hello are you There "

" Sorry I was a million miles away "

not noticing Trish was talking to me at the meeting.

" Ok , glad you are back with us ...

I was just telling all the people here that we got the Contract on Friday and how much hard work you did late on Thursday to make sure the pitch was perfect .... but you seem to be distracted did you have a good weekend James .... would you like to share with rest of us "

everyone started giggling laughing are rare thing at our meetings normal Rigid no humour what so ever and looking at Trish there was an even rarer site her mesmerising smile looking straight at me... I looked at the desk and smirked at the memory of weekend I just had cause I had a fucking great weekend.... I said " Who want to hear about boring old James weekend....apologies continue"

Meeting finally ending , it was most relaxing one for long time and people even mentioning that as leaving saying how a nice meeting that was. I get back to my desk , slump onto my chair and notice a note left on desk. I pick it up opened it ...

We still on for tonight at My place 8pm? I smiled ... I wrote Yes with smiling face and got up and left on her solid pine desk.

Back at my desk leaning back on the chair my mind wandering again to last Thursday night and the weekend.....

It was an emergency meeting called by Trish at 3pm .... we all sat around big glass desk , Trish in her normal rigid clothing, hair up and stern exterior.

" Right People , Shit has hit fan ... client had changed plans for venue and we need to redesign our pitch for tomorrow... so we have to stay back and get it done..."

There was five of us there , I said

" I was ok to stay back " , I had nothing really to go back to ... tonight was catching up with Walking Dead and Chinese takeaway night .... ohhhhh the exciting life of a Mid 40's seperated 2 years Single man.

The others were more less enthusiastic all saying "Patricia sorry but we cant stay after 7pm " as all were family people.

" Ok lets get to work then "

By 7pm we had come up with a concept but it still just didn’t quite fit properly .... others had said to Trish

" We have to go now , sorry "

You could see she was pissed and angry but family does come first.

She turns to me and says " Ok James its me and you now we need to get this fucking done "

We then moved into her office , it was big office , couch at the side , big windows looking over the city and on the walls were pictures of her, graduation , family , meeting famous people and awards for all her achievements. Trish sat at her desk, which was a expensive Italian import Glass Desk and paused for moment ...

"ok we need to make this work any ideas "

" I do Patricia "

I pitched Idea to Trish .....

She paused again turned chair to look out of city .... turned back and said ...

" That might fucking work , but means we are stuck here till early hours "

I said " I am easy , just need food , drink and let's get it done "

Then came that mesmerising smile, oh god I am spending time alone with this sorry Negan/Rick I know your bad ass mother fuckers but man I am glad to be here tonight than home watching Walking Dead.

" Ok I order Chinese and drinks and lets get this fucking done "

We got our heads down into the drawings it was now Midnight before we actually took a real break , had been eating reheated Chinese all night and soda drinks.

Trish looked at me " This might actually work "

I said " Oh Thanks i do have good ideas sometimes "

She laughed " You know what I meant , thank you for this by the way and hope your family understand "

" Oh I am living on my own now , separated 2 years but with 2 wonderful kids there off School tomorrow so going to pick them up after work have for sleepover before they head away weekend " my voice becoming more proudly when mentioning my kids.

" Sorry I just assumed you were married or seeing someone , ya not a bad looking guy "

" Must be my so witty humour that puts them off or even my love of Walking Dead " I jokingly said

" I love the Walking Dead ........ oh my Negan he is a dreamboat " her smile now constant on her face .... she is so beautiful why can’t I just pick up some courage .... Jesus James she is ya boss what ya thinking

" Yeah not my type though... more a woman’s man me " acting so Macho

Trish laughed out loud , haven’t heard that laugh since I first fell for her back in that pub few months ago... I just looked at her like I did that night like a mesmerized school boy seeing the most beautiful thing in the world... noticed her look was slightly different before she quickly put hand around back of her neck turning and away giving it a slight rub. Did I read that right? Oh James be careful now ... oh God what am I thinking here....

She quickly turns back and says

" Lets fucking finish this and go home "

We continue and finally reach near the end its now nearly 2am... The city is alive with lights from Buildings , Cars and Neon Lights and the sky is clear with stars shining. Trish is sitting at her desk put final touches to the drawings she asked "what ya think" .... I walked around leaned over to get closer look , my body very close to hers without touching and I instantly noticed three things

1. the drawing was perfect

2. Trish smelt so beautiful and

3. The moment I got close to Trish I felt her body shiver and she took a deep gasp of air like she had forgotten how to breath.

Man as I slowly moved away also for that moment forgetting how to breath it seemed..... I said

" We did it .... we fucking did it "

Trish stood up and then suddenly removed pin from her Hair , shook her head unbuttoned top button...

" Phew thank fuck , I must look a mess ... we better head home big day tomorrow "

" Yep it is but we will get it as its a great drawing " I replied with tired but confident voice

" Thank You James " she said as she hugged me .... my body just shivered or did we just both at that moment as she pulled away I do not know what came over me but it just felt right to do it but so wrong....i had no idea what I was thinking bar I need to kiss you now...

Before i knew it ... I suddenly put my two onto her face and kissed her so passionately... I pulled away so quickly .... God James what have you done ... you have crossed the line you idiot ...

" I am so sorry , I don’t know what came over me .... well I do ... I have fancied you for so long from the time I saw you in The pub with your friends you were wearing that red dress your hair down and God that smile and tonight I see you same smile looking as beautiful as ever even though its 2 fecking am... and I just had to kiss you .... I am so sorry " I turned away about to run out and Trish grabs my arm looks at me and grabs my face

and kisses me even more passionately I put my hands around her bring her closer to me and we kiss even more passionately.... oh man i push her against the wall she screams in ecstasy as pictures fall off the wall but we don’t care as I start kissing her neck as I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. She spreads her arms out to grab something but knocks off more pictures.

I am kissing her neck , my hands pressing against her breasts .... Is this happening ... i have to stop and look at her just to make me believe this is real.... I look at her so intensely she brings her hands down onto my face and starts giving me quick intense kiss all over my face... we both stop apart from my hips as they continue to give grinding motion each time pressing my hard cock between her legs against the Wall she is groaning with every movement... She looks down at me and says

" I want you to Fuck me over my desk "

Without hesitation I lift her up she still wrapped around me walk over to the Glass Desk ,which is full of drawings, empty Chinese cartons , Soda drinks and desk stationary , I just swiped it all off the desk onto the floor and she screamed in delight as I placed her down onto desk her legs now unwrapped looking up at me. I try to open her shirt buttons but was fiddly .... Fuck it I say and ripped open shirt , Trish flinch at how passionately aggressive I had just become but was fucking loving it , underneath was a stunning red bra.. I feel her breasts and expose them out of bra so it sits underneath ..... oh man those are stunning breasts... I hitch up her skirt to expose her sexy matching panties and slide them off crouching down between her legs and throwing them to side.... I stay on my knees and grab her hips and slide to the edge , the advantages of a glass desk less friction , so her Yoni is right at my face. I kiss the outer lips , oh so wet and delightful , slowly moving around up and down clockwise and anti clockwise building up her juices.... my eyes like a Lion stalking pray looking at her as she has her arms stretched out trying to grab edges as she arches back in pleasure. I continue now with tongue same motions but now teasing out the Clitoris with little flicks of my tongue then getting my full face deep into her Yoni to feel all those juices building. Feel her body aching I want to be inside her , as I stand up my fingers now continuing to rub her beautiful yoni and clitoris. She sits up quickly and starts unbutton my shirt but again fiddly so I take over and decided to unbuckle my belt and rip out of my trousers ... oh man she is so hot ... I finally get shirt off just as she has unzipped my trousers and pull my trousers down. I quickly step out of trousers now standing between her legs my hard cock bulging through my purple boxers.

She looks at me and says " Fuck me now "

I slowly pull boxers down , step out of them and stand there naked my cock fucking rigid. Her eyes look amazed at the size before leaning back onto Desk ready to be pounded. I slowly bring tip of my cock to her wet Yoni and tease around it around hold from going in deep. She looks at me to say just put it in and then slowly my cock slides through the outer lips ,feeling my foreskin being pushed back , into her warm so tight Yoni. She arches in delight...." oh my fucking God your cock feels so fucking good " as I slowly start grinding my hips bring my cock in and out and around this fucking tight Yoni... she groans in such ecstasy as I quickly the excitement of my body making sure my hard cock is rubbing upper part of Yoni and clitoris... Oh god my juices are building to as I Pound even harder , my hands around her legs that are spread wide above my shoulders, pulling her towards me and my back arch as I go pound her even harder. The sound of my balls slapping against her as my Cock goes now deep into her .... " Don’t fucking stop ... Don’t fucking Stop " her juices building she screaming in delight and go even fucking harder... I have never fuck anyone so hard my emotions are so intense never felt like this before I feel her tight pussy tighten my Cock fighting for the space as juices are about to explode.... she screaming " Oh Fuck Oh Fuck " .... I quickly pull out and start quickly rubbing my fingers over her clitoris .... and she explodes out of the Yoni her juices gushing everywhere and noises of wetness as again the most orgasmic scream comes out of her.

After few moments she sits up we just look at each other we are still very intense my cock is still hard as she gets off desk and goes to her knees and puts her mouth around my cock tasting her own wet juices. Her mouth sliding up and down my shaft , licking it teasing it and sucking it, moving my to my balls and taking them whole in her mouth. As she starts using her hand going faster and kissing my balls she says " I want you to come over me " and Intensifies the hand speed. Between using her hand and her mouth take my cock whole sometimes gagging while I hold her head my juices are building .... I can’t hold it any longer as she sits back i finish it off and cum all over her face , which drips of chin onto her breasts.

" Oh my fucking God ......" I said as I watch her rub the cum onto her fingers and licks her lips

" mmmmmmm that was fucking good " as she stands up....

We both look around and she the utter devastation we have created

" My god the mess " I laughed

" Don’t worry I will sort it " as she picked up paper and pen off floor and started writing something.

" James don’t come into work tomorrow "

she said , oh shit am i fired I thought ,

" Take day off spend with kids , ya have earned it in many ways "

As I was getting dressed she came over and said

" Two things James , 1. No one ever to know about this and we never have sex here at work on a desk again and 2 "

handing me piece of paper she had written on

" Here is my home address and phone number 8pm Saturday night ok for you , I make a nice Pizza and call me Trish"

I replied any rational sensible mid 40’s man would do


I left , feeling guilty leaving the devastation I had helped in creating behind me and went home...

Saturday didn’t come fast enough but to be fair I had an awesome time with kids Day before and next morning which the best part of the weekend... even Daughter noticing how much happier I was... saying Daddy what making you smile so much ... had to reply with innocent oh Daddy done good at his job honey ... it was finally 8pm and I get to Trish house. Press door bell , doors opens and there she is standing in another Red Dress.

" Man , Red really really really suits you.... Wow you are so stunning ... "

" Thank you " she says as she smiles and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me ....

We had lovely meal , got to know each other , knowing this is start of something good but still mindful of how we are going to make it work at Work. We didn’t care we knew we just had to make it work....

At end of night sitting in front of fire , cosy night in feeling , snuggled up and kissing so so sensually ..... Trish flinched and said oh I Forgot there is two pieces of good news I forgot to tell you and jumped up and stood in front of a door which she said that her work study room....

I said " What’s the first good news "

" We got the Contract , we did it " she yelled jumping up and down

" Nice one " I said " That is a call for celebration ...mmmm pity we can’t celebrate on a certain Glass Desk at Work " laughing " I know we can’t have sex on the desk at work but it was a nice desk to have sex on though "

" Ohhhhhhh She said that's my second good news " opening the door to the Study " I got that desk delivered to my house yesterday and have new Pine one ordered for Monday "

Inside study was the Italian Glass Desk from her office and looking at me with Glint in the eye she said

" This time i want you to Fuck me from behind "

Once again there was no hesitation.....

All of a sudden there was a bang of my shoulder and a note flung onto my desk ..... Trish had just past me and turned smiling at me...

I look at note and under where I had written Yes.... I see

Desk or Bedroom ......

I lean back on my chair no longer daydreaming of weekend , watching that sexy lady in front of me and say

" Man I fucking love that Glass Desk