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New Couple

My experience with a new couple who wanted to experiment


2 minute read

I was contacted by a couple who wanted to experiment and have some extra fun. The wife was nervous and was not sure if she wanted to go too far but was willing to experiment. We chatted and it became clear that she was not up for full on sex but would try some soft fun if we could decide on something that would satisfy us all. Eventually one night I was contacted by them and they wanted to see if I would listen to them have sex on the phone, I agreed and this happened a few times. The next step for them was when she decided she would find it more exciting if I was closer to the real action, and we agreed that they would come out to a farmhouse I owned which was secluded and private. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms all very close and ideal for different scenarios. I met them in the nearest village and we drove to the house. It was the first time we met in private and we had some wine before she decided she wanted to proceed for sure. The agreement was that she would go upstairs and change into her lingerie, and come down and bring her husband upstairs. I suppose this added to her excitement as she was showing herself briefly to me. I was to stay down stairs whilst they went to the room before going upstairs to the next bedroom. I could listen as they fucked. It happened exactly like that and after it the husband came in to me and explained that she loved it and they might like to try it again and maybe do something different. It was exciting for me to listen to their lovemaking and having seen her in lingerie I could imaging what she was like next door. She was quiet at first but later got into it more. That was our first meeting and we saw each other for a few months after that, each time taking it a bit further but she never wanted sex with me and that was fine. We both enjoyed experimenting and I can add more details if anyone wants to hear.

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