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the sandunes encounter


4 minute read

Woke at 6am it was going to be another cracking hot day .Monday my day off and as a naturist where better to go than the beach before the crowds hit it , coffee into the car and off to enniscrone a long beautiful beach streatching all the way to to river moy ,backed by sand dunes with a golf course behind them. 6.45 beach was empty .armed with beach towel,swimming shorts on off I set after a few minutes up the beach off with the togs I was free , a lovely warm breeze surrounded me not a care in the world I had walked carefree the full length of the beach nude I love the freedom of clothes free living ,when possible. on my way back I could see one or 2 individuals alone way off in the distance . I decided the sanctuary of the sand dunes would be best to lay out in safety . me being a nudist i didn't want to upset anyone . the first man passed up the beach and later returned back down and well out of sight then an older lady passed up ,she would look out to sea and then scan the dunes with a quick glance . I was well covered by the high dunes grass it would take her a good 10 minutes plus to get to the beach end and back down past my position again I could relax lay back on my towel positioned on the dune so as to give me just enough of a view of the beach .15 minutes passed the lady hadn't gone back yet .I knelt up to see if she was about and there she was coming out of the sea naked and her clothes in the next dune to me .there were new footprints from her clothes to the top edge of the dune where I was laying down she had seen me obviously. nervously I walked onto beach and said hello and not to be alarmed that I was a practising naturist and would she like to join me back in the water which she accepted .her body was well toned for her age .firm breasts a nice big bum trimmed pubes . she was holidaying alone in the caravan park where she owned a chalet .we swam and chatted freely before the sight of a person walking her dog off in the distance brought our naked swim to an end .she asked was I staying local .I replied no it was my day off and came here early to enjoy some freedom .I asked did she know I was in the dunes she replied yes she saw my tracks in the sand and wondered why there were no tracks back out .she had seen me from her chalet enter the beach. she invited me back for breakfast her kids were grown up and married .back at the chalet i asked would she mind me going nude,not at all if your a naturist ule be happier clothes free .i helped cook breakfast and asked did she skinny dip regular to which she replied some mornings if she wakes hot and bothered .feeling horney i this morning you felt that way no she replied seeing you lay naked was enough to need a dip to cool off . i asked if she would mind me undressing her to which she replied now lets just enjoy eating our breakfast ok . sucks i thought .this breakfast is lovely thank you for invite no problem she said nice to have company for breakfast been awhile .a widow for 15yrs .asking did she ever date again ? no too busy with family and stuff and gone past it.i assured her she was still a good looking woman and in great shape .she smiled do you like the sausages ,tasty i said and with that she put one in her mouth in a sucking gesture and said yes aren't they . fuck but the way she sucked was starting my own sausage to rise . being a naturist i don't usually spring up but the provocative way she said it got me. my cock was up to its full 7 inches and i could feel my face going red .i was 40 and she was well into the 60s and she got me .she glanced my weapon and said sorry i replied not at all .slipping her hand on my leg she said maybe you should undress me and ile sort your sausage .its time i let go and indulge in what im missing .we made love for hrs .the neighbours definately must have heard us she moans loud with every pulse of her orgasms .Monday mornings took on a new life after that. sex with an older woman is such a pleasure she taught me that .

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