1 Jan 2020

The second meting was a lot better than the first, not only in that i got to participate more but everyone was more relaxed and i suppose i would have been disappointed if they had not got back in touch. I was surprised though to get a call just two days later and not from the husband but from the wife and she basically asked if they could over again that night. She said she enjoyed it the last time and apologised that i was'nt being 'Satisified' by her but that she was'nt ready yet to take that step and to be fair she was upfront in saying she did not know if she ever would. I explained it was not an issue and we made arrangements for her and him to come over. She did ask if there was something I would like to happen that might be within the parameters she had set so we talked about a few things and we agreed a plan.

I asked that she bring some changes of clothes / lingerie and she could model them for her husband and I.

So we sat and chatted when they came over, then she went upstairs and changed (she had been wearing jeans and a jumper), and came down in a short black skirt and blouse and in high heels. We talked and complimented her and after a while she went and came back in tight leather trousers and a Tshirt, which just covered her breasts.

Over the next hour she changed into different lingerie sets before finally coming down in stockings and suspenders and matching bra.

At this point everybody was getting horny so they went upstairs and i followed them. I undressed in the adjoing room and then was brought into their room where they had started to make out. I was to stand inside the door so could see everything.

As the action hotted up she started to talk to her husband saying things like, he is watching us, he is hard and finally she asked me to stroke but not to cum, which i knew was going to be difficult but everybody was getting close so as i stroked i could see her watching me and maybe that was her fantasy but she started to come and i exploded all over the floor.

The husband continued to fuck her so i gave them some space and went back to the room. When things got quieter and i knew they had finished, they called me in and we stayed there for 15 minutes just chatting about the experience before they left.