2 Jan 2020

So i am going to finish up as i do not want to bore everyone to death with every meeting.

A lot of our next meetings followed a similar vein. Turns out she liked dressing up and showing herself to us. We would sit in the room and by now were comfortable enough to be naked as she would come in and ask what we thought of her in various stages of undress. One night she ended up in a revealing bikini and touched herself for us which was a new departure, and then dragged her husband upstairs.

Another night she ended up naked on the sofa as we stood beside her and she mastrubated and brought herself off.

The last meeting we had ended up with all 3 of us in the bedroom, naked and chatting. She asked her husband if he was ok with me giving her a massage and he agreed. I was surprised as there had been no physical contact between us up to this and even further surprised when she asked him to leave the room and she would call him back when she was ready.

I spent an hour massaging her all over and towards the end she turned over and let me massage her intimately including licking her out and she eventually came as i was fingering her and sucking on her breast. She called her husband in and they fucked as i watched and mastrubated.

Maybe this had crossed a line they did'nt plan or whatever but i never heard from them again. However it was exciting and enjoyable whilst it lasted.