29 Aug 2018

my naturist beach walks became regular weekend get togethers with my new lady friend. who ile just name mary .

she called me her nude toyboy .mary was afraid her neighbours would start to notice and gossip so I would park in diferent locations and meet up on beach and when happy off with garments and walk naked and swim followed by sex in the dunes .mary was likeing the nude beach frolics .one morning as I passed marys chalet I noticed the curtain twitch in the neighbours chalet.

as usual mary was close behind me catching up I enquired who was next door to her .anne a woman late 50s wife of a business man who came the odd weekend ,

don't worry mary said there was a dog barking before you arrived woke us up.

were we in for usual 15 /20 min swim

time for dunes as we could see a figure in distance

out with the towels it wasn't long before we were enjoying each others touching and sensual teasing ,mary got aroused quiet easily and mounted me her beautiful breasts dangling over my face .

she pinned me so I couldn't touch, her hips rocking as she did her vaginal exercised on my 7 inch, god could she close up tight on me .them at the corner of my eye I caught sight of a womans head peering through the long tufts of dune grass .

I said nothing as the unknown woman didn't realise I could just about see her .

had she seen us on other occasions or just by chance she could make us out crossing the beach after our swim.

mary was really hopping off my cock when the woman took off her top and I coul just see the bra straps leave her shoulders nothing else.this turned me on more know a woman was watching and probably fingering her pussy because of us .

then I told mary to get on her back I wanted to lick her out .kissing her first I whispered would being watched by a stranger turn her on or had she ever thought of doing it ,never entered her mind she said ,why? I said it would turn me on .

at that I started eating her out in a position I could keep one eye on our horney watcher .mary was really moaning in pleasure then as I inserted 3 fingers 2 up her dripping pussy and one up her ass my tongue working her clitty .she exploded and squirted what seemed like a gallon of her own cum up into the air .

at that the watcher let out a loud moan she cum to.before she got chance to compose herself I was up beside her .lying there naked her smooth pussy soaked scrambling to cover her big frame she mumbled sorry she didn't mean to disturb us .I asked had she followed us or how she knew we were there .she explained she was in the chalets and saw us got up beach removing our clothes and she just was nosey .turning around mary had fled.o fuck .

I asked was she watching long ,the whole lot as she crossed the dunes keeping up with us as we walked beach .what made you cum ?it was the sight of marys massive orgasm and her squirting .so u know mary then and whats your name its anne im in the chalet next to mary. shit get dressed time to apolagise to mary .walking back I asked did mary naked turn her on .she admitted she was with a girl when she was in boarding school at 16 just experimenting.

back at marys chalet mary was upset anyone would find out anne assured her she was in no position to tell as she didn't want her family let alone her husband to find out .ok ladies im going to make breakfast ye 2 chat on the couch .into nedroom undressed and appeared the naked chef .anne hope you don't mind but im getting mary into the lifestyle .

no I don't mind I approve and it was really beautiful watching both of ye enjoying each other /.

marys unease settled as they chatted and started to giggle of the experience .

right breakfast come on before the sausages go cold .mary gave me a look then smiled .

I asked anne to tell us about her school escapades with the girl ,she went red in front of mary ,shit she didn't figure id bring it up .I could see marys nipples erect though her light blouse as anne told of their young fun . taking a sausage I sucked just the way mary does and said these sausages are yummy .at that I ran my fingers up marys skirt teasing her mound knowing annes times had her going slightly parting her legs to let one finger play.

anne knew what I was doing her nipples were also erect .asking anne had she ever thought of sex with another woman .she replied yes but never got the oppertunity .

I knew mary was really turned on by annes experience at 16 .

anne does mary turn you on your story has her so wet ..

yes she has me wet also and at that she kissed mary full on mary pulled off omg .anne just took her hand kissed her again and said she would love the company of both of us .

I led mary to bedroom and asked if she was willing touch anne and confided she always wanted to taste another woman but ,hold on lye on the bed ile send anne in and ye can relax together ile join in later ok .

she agreed .calling anne in I said mary would like you to be her first experience .watching anne kiss mary gently then fondle her breasts got marys hands roaving .watching 2 mature women pleasuring each other intensely blew my mind .mary did to anne what id done to her in the dunes and anne squirted her first .most of the day was 3 way fun at its anne role plays with us at every opportunity in chalet and the beach .what a wonderful meeting of bodies