31 Dec 2019

So after our first meet I was unsure if I would hear from them agian but a week later they got back in touch asking if we could meet at mine agian.

The wife had enjoyed the first time but had been understandably nervous. This time now that the ice had been broken, she was more relaxed and spoke freely about what she wanted.

She wanted me to watch them in a dogging situation and to watch them inside.

So we went outside and they moved their car into my yard as it is private and there was no chabce of anyone seeing. I went back inside and gave them 10 minutes as agreed before going back out and i watched as she gave her husband a blowjob. She then stopped and looked around as her husband obviously told her I was watching. She climbed on top of him and started to ride him slowly. He unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra up and i saw her breasts for the first time. It was incredibly hot.

After they finished i gave them some time and thy came into the house. Her face was flushed and she was a little embarrassed but relaxed.

We spent a while chatting about how it felt and then she suggested they go upstairs and asked me to come up after 10 minutes and they would leave the door open. I wasnt to come in but could watch from the doorway.

When i went up, the door was open, but i had forgot the bed was at right angle to the door and the view wasnt great but i could see some action and obviously the sounds they were making were clear.

This time she was more vocal and was asking him to fuck her harder and was saying things like he can see us now, and how turned on she was. At one point the husband turned her around and fucked her doggystyle and her face was visible to me. She couldnt look at me to start with but later she did and said loudly to me that she was being fucked and she was enjoying it (Think the husband was encouraging her to say it).

It probably only lasted another 10 minutes but it was hot as fuck and again i left them and went downstairs.

When they came down they stayed about 30 minutes and she was relaxed and open and said they wanted to come back in afew days and i was happy to oblige.