4 Aug 2019

“Jack , Hello Jack are you there “

Jack suddenly snapping out his dreaming state then noticing his Boss Jennifer looking at him at the from the end of table.

“Oh welcome back Jack nice of you to join us “

Jack noticing now the tone of voice from Jennifer is of displeasure.

“Sorry Jennifer , I was just having thought for new short story for next Issue, apologies “

Trying to ease the slight tension in the room.

Jack is a writer for a the well published erotic magazine FabErotica , has been writing short erotic stories now for few years and his stories are a fan favourite but recently he hasn’t written a published story for while due to personal reasons and also slight dose of confidence block or as industry calls it writer block.

Jack recently has being feeling very uncomfortable coming into the meetings now held by Jennifer with the other writers Jess , Gemma and new young upcoming writer Brad due to not written a good story for a while and Brad has been knocking it out the park which both have been noticed by Jennifer and FabErotica Bosses.

“ Ok , stay behind Jack we will talk about this Idea, Brad we are going with your story ,get it ready for printers and well done great story very hot. Jess and Gemma you know what your doing. Ok people meeting over “

Everyone now left office , Jack still sitting in his seat , as Jennifer starting to tidy her notes off the table.

“ Jennifer , I am sorry for early my mind just wandered at an idea for story”

When in truth Jack wasn’t thinking of idea but something so silly of what he is planning to do at weekend, which generally was just sitting front of TV doing nothing.

Jennifer quickly responded in tough talking tone,

“ Jack listen , we need to have talk. I like you , your one of best writers I have had working here but lets call a spade a spade. You have not written a story we can publish for long time now. Its not went unnoticed from Bosses above me and I getting some heat.”

Jennifer now slams hands on desk in aggressive manner

“ Jack , Its Friday do what you have to today and then this weekend I want you to cancel any shitty plans you have set up and you to snap out of this BullShit your going through and write me a Goddam fucking hot story to publish next week"

Jack now looking like a schoolboy being told off by the teacher as he looks up at Jennifer as she continues

“ You will bring it to me on Monday first thing , Jesus Christ Jack this stuff was so fucking easy for you before. Do something to give you Inspiration , call an old flame and bang her senseless “

Jack now shocked at the tone and language being used by Jennifer but can sense she is just trying to get him motivated

“ or even think about a hot amazing erotic experience you have had maybe that will inspire you to write a story I can publish because Jack “

Jennifer tone now very sombre and compassionate

“ If you can’t write me a story by Monday then we going to have consider is this the Job for you, I so want you to prove the Bosses above wrong and show them what I know you can do and that’s write a fucking Goddam Hot Erotic Story “

Jack stared at Jennifer just taking few seconds to take in what was said.

Slowly getting out of chair , tidying his stuff as an uneasy awkwardness in the room.

Jack finally turned to Jennifer and in determined manner

“ Jennifer , you will have that story on Monday “

Jennifer let off a big sigh of relief as she lifted her stuff off the table

“ Thank Fuck for that , looking forward to it. Here Jack will get lads to sort out printing , Go Home and I will see you Monday “

Jennifer now not in room , Jack just stood there looking at his notes, as it all started to sink in what just happened.

“ Ffffuuuucccccckkkkkkk “

Jack screamed before giving himself a pick me up talk

“ Ok Jack you fucking got this , lets go home and get our shit together.“

He grab his stuff , made his way out of office , got to his car and sat there for couple minutes thinking what the fuck am i going to write about.

Jack turned ignition and started to drive home, which was 45 mins away out from city in beautiful country road, with radio blaring on favourite station.

Jack had been driving now for 20mins now out of city and in the beautiful countryside. He been singing away to himself with his dodgy singing voice which is only perfect for the shower with audience of none. Suddenly song he hadn’t heard for while popped on radio , Castle on Hill by Ed Sheeran and instantly he got an amazing image in his head and smiled. He started singing loudly, as his mind filled with more amazing images and thoughts caused by the song.

Jack then thought to himself I wonder could I write about that amazing experience, was the song a sign , nah couldn’t have been it was just a coincidence. Suddenly song finished and Jack looked out to countryside passing him by and just shook his head and laughed as he notices field beside him is covered in the most beautiful Bluebell flowers.

This was it , it was a sign, the song and bluebells. Jack now screamed


He had found his inspiration to the story he was about to write and he instantly knew It was going to be everything and more what Jennifer needed.

Jack now singing much louder like he didn’t have a care in world as he continued to drive home , ready to share to Jennifer and the world of FabErotica one of the most amazing experiences he has ever had.

Jack had been home for couple hours , showered , freshened up , made some dinner and now sat in his favourite chair with a beer in his hand.

Sitting in his chair smiling, as he took a few gulps of his beer , his mind now fully immersing itself into that amazing experience with the stunning Goddess Cailin.

Jack feeling his body tingling with urges as he recalled small things of that amazing day , evening and next morning.

From the beautiful romantic meal in the very rustic Kitchen , the erotic sensual time spent in the stove fire living room , the amazing sex they had on the decking area on top of the amazing tower, Jack laughed when suddenly recalling moment in his mind when he was pounding Cailin so hard from behind that they broke one of the chairs she was holding on too and with one last gulp of his beer he remembered the amazing morning after which started with unexpected visitor of a beautiful pair of small birds tapping at the Bedroom window.

Jack was nearly ready to write the story he knew would Blow Jennifer mind and get one up on Newbie Brad.

Jack opened his Laptop and started to write the name of the story which was the easy part.


He smiled when recalling one of the most amazing place he as ever been too.

It was an Old Circular Victorian Tower built in 19th Century four storeys tall which had recently been beautifully renovated, he remembers when first driving up to it thru a secluded wooded area , noticing how stunning it looked perched on top of little hill surrounded by field of bluebells.

The entrance was huge beautiful Wooden White doors which led into first floor containing a very rustic kitchen with big Oak table in middle , cabinets all along side and back wall matching to the table , huge Belfast sink with modern appliances all concealed. Then you walked up circular staircase of massive stone blocks which went winding all the way to top with little slits windows , which you could picture people shooting arrows thru defending it, all the way up on staircase. Each window had big stone sills you could sit comfortably in, Jack remembered another moment that made him chuckle, when both him and Cailin took very sexy raunchy pictures on them.

“ Jesus Christ I could write about three or four stories about what happened on the Castle on the Hill “ Jack said aloud to himself

The second floor was the living room a charming room with two very antique couches , large tapestry rug in middle of room , a large bookcase filled with old style books , a beautiful stove fire in the far corner and something he remembered which he loved there was No TV in room so was very chilled relaxed place to be.

Again up the winding staircase lead to the third floor which was the Bedroom area which had beautiful old style Oak Bed dominating the room, wardrobe in corner and with a very modern ensuite. Each room had beautiful big Windows in them.

The Last Floor was an outdoor Decking area on Top of this amazing Tower, only thing filling the space was a modern Table and chairs to sit on a beautiful evening looking at stars having few drinks maybe. The Views from the Tower were amazing seeing for miles around of the beautiful countryside. Jack smiled again, remembering how he felt like he was Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones when he was King of North looking over his domain of Winterfell.

Suddenly Jack mind switched straight back to the White front doors because standing in front of them when first seeing them was his Goddess.

Cailin was a stunning lady, tall, elegant , blonde hair , stunning green hazel eyes with the most amazing legs that seemed to go on for ever. He had meet her at a social event both attended few months before and he instantly was attracted to her. They had chatted for a while after event he had fallen for more with Cailin humour and wit, also meet couple of times and the already amazing chemistry was now unbelievable electric. So they both planned this meeting at Tower because they both wanted each other so much.

Jack now fully aroused ,he feels his cock getting hard as he is totally immersed in what he is writing recalling the moment they had moved from Romantic meal he had cooked in Kitchen to the Living Room. It was now evening was Dark outside and room was only lit from the flames of the Stove Fire. They both sat on the couch staring into each others eyes , both knowing this was such a perfect place to be in as there lips came slowly together and softly kissed each other. Wasn’t long before the passion grow with intensity , Jack also remembering it was the first time he felt so much passion for someone ,he didnt know why but it was natural for his hands to grab her by throat but not to choke her but to kiss her so deep that she forgot who's air she was breathing.

The gasps that came from Cailin while they kissed and his hands around her neck and chest just drove Jack wild, he wanted her so bad there and now on the couch but he had other plans for this moment and what happened next was basically fucking amazing.

The words flying onto laptop , Jack grinning he is so giddy, his cock now fully erect in his pants , as he gets up to get another beer and returns to Laptop takes big gulp of beer and starts typing. Back at the moment again in living room when he suddenly pulled away from the amazing breath taking kissing, recalling Cailin's look she gave him one of anxious that she had done something wrong for it to abruptly stop.

He had this moment planned for a while , he had been interested in something he wanted to do for an amazing sensual sexual lady and he know the Cailin was the one for it to happen.

Jack recalling asking Cailin , if he trusted her and he wanted to give her an amazing massage. Was an instant yes from her and he went upstairs to get what he needed from bedroom.

Returning to living room , he put towel on beautiful tapestry rug and asked Cailin to stand up from couch.

She was stunning in that silver dress she wore the light from Stove flickering off it , as he slowly walking up to her, kissing softly moving to her neck and then going around to be behind her. Kissing back of her neck as she tilts head to side to expose as much of her neck as possible for him to kiss, Jack remembering the constant gasps of pleasure coming from Cailin as he then slowly unzipped the back of the Dress so it fell to the floor. Cailin seductively stepping out of dress kicking to side and turning to him to reveal stunning lingerie. He's standing there stunned how amazing her body looked in the flickering light as she slowly removed her bra and revealing her amazing breasts. Slowly kissing around her breasts ,her hands feeling amazing going through his hair as more gasps from Cailin every time his lips and tongue came close to her erect nipples .

Jack took another Gulp of beer and went straight back to writing at point when he asked her to lie down on her back on towel as he now undressed himself down to his boxers his cock was as hard then as it is now writing what happened in this amazing Tower.

The only sound that both can hear is off the wood burning in the stove as he kneels down and slowly removes the underwear of Cailin to expose her amazing body.


Jack says aloud while pausing for moment at laptop , takes deep breath and continues back in the Tower looking down on the stunning Goddess Cailin. He brings out the oil he got for this amazing planned massage. A beautiful scented oil called Tahitian Orchid from Body Shop which smells just divine.

Cailin now totally relaxed and immersed in the experience lying there , stove light slightly dimming as wood burning out , he starts by pouring oil into a little pool in her belly button filling it up and then moving slowly up her body between her breasts to bottom of her neck. Another Gasp of pleasure comes from Cailin as his strong hands finally softly touch her amazing body. Starting circular motions around her belly slowly widening out to under her breasts , his hands on her waist thumb pointed up towards neck continuing pressing up the middle then under her breasts and back down the sides in one big circular motion doing it several times while slowly breathing in when going up middle and breathing out coming down sides.

Getting more oil he slowly now moves above the breasts just to bottom of neck and starts to massage neck shoulder and around the breasts making hands pressing stronger every time they are close to neck and shoulders to get the such sexy sounding gasps from Cailin.

Body now starting to look amazing coated in oil as he continues circular motion down her arms into hands and fingers , her front upper body now fully coated in beautiful scented oil the room filled with the aroma as he starts to massage her feet, her legs, her thighs, passing over her pelvic area to her stomach and up to her breasts. With every handful the scented oil into his palms, her whole body now thick with oil.

Jack remembering feeling how Cailin started opening out from the heart as he went back massaging her breasts, swiftly moving between the them.

This massage was everything Jack thought it would be loving the sensual feeling of it but still having the desire and passion knowing that he is going to have the most amazing sex with her after it , as he asks her to turn over on to her front continuing with the gentle massaging and soft touch. Massaging her back, working down her spine, from the top of her neck right to the tip of her tailbone.

Pouring more scented oil on to her back, and start working it into her skin pressing down upon her back with his hands.

Jack remembering the loudest gasp of the whole experience the moment he laid full length upon her back, lightly, so as not to crush her. Think the sensation his naked skin pressed upon hers just sent such electric sensations through her oil laden soft skin.

Peeling his body away from her tension free body he asked her to ‘Turn over again’ As he is on his knees beside her. Gently moving his hands again over her breasts and stomach.

Looking deeply at her , her eyes completely closed and last light of the fire glistening the oil on her body , he takes her leg and lifts it at the knee, bending it slightly and propping it on his lap, she is revealed to him completely as he Bathed more oil over her pelvis and vagina.

This is the part of massage that Jack has been planning for a while , he had been told about it by a very sensual lady that it might be something he might enjoy doing it was called a Yoni massage.

This was the moment all the things he had read and videos he had watched ,he was about to do to the this fucking amazing sexy lady in front of him.

With massive deep breath his moved his hands to the mound and outer lips of her Vagina gently squeezing the outer lips and then sliding up and down the entire length of each lip. Repeating the same motion with the inner lips of her Vagina slipping, sliding his fingers up and down then making sure to gently stroke the clitoris remembering the video to move in a clockwise and counter-clock-wise circles.

Jack knew Cailin was loving this as her body was rocking to the movements of his soft fingers and groans had started as he poured more oil on to her and then nervously but gently inserted his finger into her Vagina exploring her from inside, massaging every inch of her internally.

Jack thinking back to his breathing not to get to excited but calmly slowly build it up , feeling her up, down and sideways, then varying the depth, the speed.

Cailin body is now singing to him has he hits her sacred G-spot moving side to side, back and forth as her body starts singing louder as he continue circling her amazing clitoris again and again. Her body now throbbing deep within herself, her legs starting to slightly shake, her insides fluttering starting to tighten as he feels the juices building inside , Oh my god this is fucking amazing he is screaming to himself inside and he hears her screams of pleasure as she loses control and orgasms under his touch , juices flowing over his fingers and hands onto the towel below.

Slowly removing his finger from inside her, stroking her all the time on her thighs and her belly. She is still shaking from deep within.

Jack always till this day remembers that look when she opened her eyes and looked at him, smiling softly, Saying that was fucking amazing.

Jack now looking at his Laptop screen his mind back into reality noticing the time fuck me I have been writing for five hours. Going over the words he had just wrote about only one part of this amazing time spent with Cailin at the Tower, he knew Jennifer is going to love it.

Took last gulp of his beer and said

“Time for bed will tidying it up over weekend”

The weekend flew by , it was Monday morning and Jack walks into the morning meeting at work with a bounce he hasn’t felt for a while holding the finished story for Jennifer to read.

Jack is first there and takes seat awaiting them all suddenly Brad , Jess and Gemma walk in, Jack in happy mood says

“good morning all “

Jess responds “ Jesus Jack ya sound like had a fucking great weekend “

“ Did ya get Laid “ laughing as she said it

Jack responded jokingly

“ I wish “

“ But next best thing happened I wrote a god damn hot story “

This caused Brad to perk up and gave Jack a sneering look just as he was about to say something Jennifer came into office.

“ Ok , good morning lets cut the did we have good weekend Bullshit stuff , mine was fine got drunk had sex now I am here at work the end “ Good old fashion no bullshit Jennifer speech there Jacks think

“ Ok “ As Jennifer turns to Jack

“ Jack have you or have you not got a Fucking Hot Story for Me today “

Jack stands up looking as confident as ever been in the boardroom.

“ Here it is “ as he slides story across Desk towards Jennifer

“ Ya going to fucking love it “

Jennifer picks the story up a turns away and starts reading, occasionally turning around to Jack with look of amazement and quickly back to story.

After several minutes of reading , Jennifer turns back to table puts the story down and turns to Jack.

Jack nervously thinking did she like it or not.

“ Ok Jack i have three fucking questions about this story “ Jennifer now in serious mood

“ Firstly is this a personal experience story you had “

Jack replied

“ Yes it is “

“ Ok then secondly , How the Hell you not still seeing this Cailin , if that’s her real name, lady no more" Jennifer being brutal straight to the point demeanor

“ Long story, still in contact but just reasons we are not “

Jack replied

“ Ok your an eejit but last thing please tell me that was not the only thing you did that night “ Jennifer still showing no change of facial expression.

“ Hell no “ Jack replied

“ What happened in the Bedroom that evening , the Upper Decking area and in the morning well just say it would mean have to write Castle on the Hill Part 2 , 3 and 4 if you want to hear about it “ Jack fully confident he has delivered the God Dam Fucking Hot story she wanted.

Jennifer gave straight look at Jack and then slammed hands on desk giving everyone a shock.

“ Well Jack , you just fucking Nailed it, Oh my god what a story and now to know there is possibly 3 more stories with it , I am so horned up I might just have to relieve myself later “

Quickly turning to sheepishly looking Brad , Jennifer in stern voice

“ Brad get this on main section , move yours over to mid section”

Now in buoyant mood

“ Jess and Gemma come up with some graphics to match, Ask Jack name of Tower get a pic or something to go with it “

Finally turning to Jack

“ Jack , you have 7 days to write me Castle on the Hill Part 2 , maybe give this Cailin woman a Call for some more inspiration and Welcome back knew you would pull it off “

Jack just sat back in seat , as Jennifer chatting away to others zoned out what they were saying but suddenly took out phone with big smile on face

Opened up Whatsapp Contact Cailin


“ Good Morning Stranger , Hows You? Long Time no hear? Xx Jack “

“What you got to lose “ he thought to himself , Still grinning away now mind thinking of what happened in that Bedroom at Castle on the Hill.