28 Jul 2017

So last night I had a date arranged with a lady I had met through friends over the weekend. She is a super lady and we got on really well on saturday night when we met in a friends house (they were likely setting us up). During the day i text her to say i would be a half hour late as i had to meet a new client late in the afternoon and the meeting could run on. I was certain i wouldn't need the extra time but want to cover my ass. She replied that that was fine and she was looking forward to seeing me. I told her i was looking forward to seeing more of her also and did realise how that sounded until i had it sent. She replied with an embarrassed emoji and a simle. Over the next hour the texting turned to sexting and got quite steamy.

I met with the new client (Alan) in my office at 3.30 and we got down to business straight away. A good guy looking for advise on expanding his business up the country and a mutal friend had put us together. As the meeting went on i offered coffee and we got to chatting about stuff other than work. We chatted about rugby which we were both very into but fans of rival clubs. We got to slagging each other and talking about trips away, supporting our clubs. I happened to say that i had just bought my clubs new jersey and showed it to him. As i did i knocked my coffee off the desk and all over myself destroying my shirt and jeans. I excused myself and went to put on the spare clothes i had intended to wear to the date.

When i came back Alan commented that looked like a guy going out for the night, i explained that i had spare clothes with me for a date that night. I was stunned when his response to me was "male or female or both?"I took a second and thought "this meeting has taken a turn but lets run with it". I replied "both" to which he smiled and stood up. He walked over to me and placed his hand square on my crotch which was now getting quite hard. I took a step back as there were still staff in the offices. I asked him where he was staying and he told me a hotel in town about 15 minutes away. He said he would drive there and we could finish the meeting. I told the girls i was leaving early with Alan and i would see them in the morning.

We got to where Alan had the jeep parked and jumped in. As we drove out of the carpark he grabed my hand and put it between his legs. I started to stroke his cock through his pants and could feel him getting very hard. He reached down and opened his belt and buttons and pulled out a fine sized ,cut cock with a very thick head. He grabbed my head and pushed me down onto his cock. I took it into my mouth and sucked as hard as possible. After a minute or so i came up for air and told him to keep his eyes on the road and make sure no one saw me. We were travelling in light city traffic but the high jeep gave me cover to keep sucking. I was going hard and fast and i could feel his cock ready to blow, so i pulled up as i didnt want to waste his load in the car. He pushed me straight back down and told me he would be ready to cum again in about 20-30 mins. I got back to it and within a few minutes i could feel him ready to blow again, i kept sucking and soon felt his hot load gush into my mouth. I lifted my head and found an old coffe cup and spat the cum into it. Instantly he said to me, DON'T FUCKEN DO THAT NEXT TIME. I asked what i had done and he said, next time you will swallow.

When we got to the hotel room he became very dom, which is fine with me as i rather the passive role with a man. He stripped me naked and pushed me to my knees and pulled his cock out. He pushed it into my mouth. I could still taste his last load as he forced his cock down my throat. Then he pulled me to my feet and pushed me over the end of the bed. He got down and licked my ass which got me very hard. He held my face hard into the bed and i could hear him searching for sometime. i heard a condom wrapper being opened and could feel him putting it on behind me. Suddenly there was a wet finger in my ass and my he pulled my head back. I could feel him climb on and he slowly slipped the head of his cock into my ass. Wow the head was huge. As soon as he was right in he started going hard and fast. He was taking no care not to hurt me, just pounding away hard and fast. It felt great to be getting used and abused by him. He pounded away for twenty minutes, changing positions and tempo as he saw fit. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of me hard and ripped the condom off. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat pushing harder and harder till he came. I could feel his hot cum at the back of my throat but he still wouldnt pull out so i swallowed the lot.

when he was sure his load was in me he took his cock out and put it away. He had not even bothered to take his pants and clothes off. He told me to have a shower and a wank and fuck off out of his room. I went and had a shower but didnt wank. When i came out he hardly looked at me never mind speak to me. I dressed and left.I was feeling very strange and confused but before i had even gotten to the lift i got a text from him explaining he loved the role play, wanted to finish the way we did and would love to meet again. I think he will use me again, we will meet many times i'd say.

So with all that i had sort of forgotten about meeting Liz. As i walked out of the hotel my phone buzzed witha message from her saying she was leaving in a cab and would i meet her outside the bar we were going to. I said i would headed in that direction. My ass was still twitching from the hammering i had taken. Part of me felt guilty for going straight from Alan to Liz but i didnt want to cancel and even though there had been some sexting i was fairly sure nothing would be happening with Liz. I got to the bar just as she was stepping out of the cab and walked straight over to her. I kissed her on the cheek and we went into the bar. I ordered us a couple of drinks and we found a nice quite corner to sit and chat. We got on great and had a good few drinks. When it was time for home she asked me if i would like to come to hers for a nightcap and of course i said yes. We grabed a cab and headed off. When we got to her place we opened a bottle of wine. I poured a couple of glasses and we sat down. Within a few minutes her glass was gone and she was pouring a second one. She emptied the bottle within 30 mins. We had been fooling around for a while but things were starting to heat up now. Hands were flying under clothes and a lot of passionate kissing. she opened my belt and pulled my pants down, pulled out my cock and licked the tip. I was rock hard in seconds. She knelt down in from of me and deepthroated my whole cock. I ran my hand down her back till i came to her ass,i slipped my hand inside her pants and squeeze her cheeks. she moaned in joy. Chancing my are i ran my finger over her asshole and she twitched. I did it again and she moved her ass to my finger. I took that as a yes and i slipped the tip of my finger into her ass. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and my finger in her ass. I knew this was going to be fun. I fingered her ass and pussy for a bit as she sucked my cock and balls. Every so often her tongue would tip off my ass hole and I would groan with pleasure. She noticed that and within a few minutes she had her tongue lapping and licking my ass. I was rock hard and needed to fuck her. I pulled her up and took her clothes off. She has an amazing body with stunning tits. Licking and biting her nipples made her scream and beg for a fucking. She spread her legs and sat across me moving my cock into her pussy. I was nearly ready to cum but held off. We fucked like that for a while with me fingering her ass on and off. She loved it.