26 Jan 2020

Practice Nurse

It started, I suppose by accident, like a lot of things do. It was my practice nurse who asked me if I’d examine her vagina late one evening just as we were closing up. She’s 28, fit, athletic and well-toned. She works out 3 times a week in the local gym and runs regular 10k races and cycling events during the summer months. By accident I caught a glance of her changing her clothes one evening before she left the surgery. She doesn’t like to go home in her nurses’ uniform, as she says it could spread germs among the general public. I noticed she was wearing a black skimpy thong under her skirt. I think she may have saw me as I glanced in but neither of us passed any remarks. However, it gave me a hard on and later when home I had to watch some porn and masturbate hard for a while as I kept that image of her in the thong in my head. Thongs on well-toned female figures drive me crazy always.

I’m not sure if I did something while doing a stretch routine in the gym…she said, but my groin aches and my vagina is tender and sometimes painful when I masturbate and especially when I use toys. It’s also dry, even when I’m aroused.

Ok Ill examine it for you, I said. My cock was hard now, that was my problem. But I would have to be professional in my duties and approach to this charming sexy assistant who now would be my patient. If I lost the run of my self and allowed lust to consume me, that would be detrimental to my work and practice.

Go inside and undress down to your underwear ..I told her knowing damn well that I would be seeing her laying there in a g string again. I my cock was hard as the rock of Cashel once more and I put a surgery scrub over my clothes to hide any visible erection through my trousers.

And there she was inside as expected.

Do what you have to do ..she said. Looking at me with a flirty type glint in her dark brown eyes. I want to get this thing sorted.

Ill be gently and professional in my approach …I reassured her.

What ever it taken. You know best she repeated.

I run my fingers up the inside of her firm thing…searching for possible muscle strain and tension. I observed her close her eyes as I did so ..and I imagined that she gave a gentle sigh. Good start to the examination…I mused. This will end well ..I told myself.

All seemed ok with her inner thighs. Ill will have to examine your vagina…I told her.

Yes no problem…as I said that’s where the problem lies. She said.

She was now easing down the skimpy G string to reveal a freshly shaved pussy whose lips were already open and juicy.

Everything looks normal enough to me ..I told her…that’s what an aroused vagina should produce.

Yes I’m aroused …she answered…and I know your cock is hard underneath that scrub she said as her nimble hand shot out and probed my groin. Now you have a problem with a stiff cock. I think you should lie here while I examine it and see what the problem is.

But I must be professional of now you are my patient.

Be professional and do what your trusted practice nurse tells you. I know about these things also

And what could I do. Lust was taking over both of us and in situations like these is always best to do as nature prompts.

I ll undress you she said jumping up from the table. She flipped the scrub over my head…unbuttoned my shirt in super-fast time…my trousers were then on the floor quickly followed by my briefs. My rock hard cocked saluted her fast actions and now I was the patient flat on the table. What a moment to be alive. Now I’m in good shape toned and flat tummy….she complimented on my looks.

People with bodies like ours are meant to fuck furious and often. She giggled.

She stared at my knees and slowly with a wet tongue inched her way up to my throbbing dick. The tip was already moist with traces of oozing pre cum. She tasted that darting out her tongue as she purred enjoying the taste of my emerging seed. She took my ever-hardening cock inside her greedy mouth…slurping as her saliva mixed with my pre juice. God, already I was so close to a full-on orgasm. As she began to stroke my stiff shaft with her right hand.

Easy on ..I’m going to cum. I warned her. I want to make it last a bit longer. But she was lost in a sexual frenzy and my pleas fell on deaf ears. She was going fern the try line. My hot load erupted into her mouth. As I moaned with abandon, my cock pulsating and plunging in and out of her hungry mouth. Fuck this was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. She kept my semen in her mouth and then slowly dribbled it out onto my tummy and some back onto my still throbbing cock.

Have you an issue with pre mature ejulacation. she asked as she stood up and backed away from the table.

Looks damn like it ..I said as I sat up, feeling weak but satisfied from what had just taken place.

You ll need to deal with that issue. She advised. A good friend of mine is a therapist who can sort that for you. If you like I can ask her to come along next she said with a wink and a gleam in her eye.

OK I said, we can arrange that tomorrow.

So that’s how it began. We both got dressed and finally went home.

I knew you saw me changing last week ..he said as we walked to, our cars…I realised you’d be horny as hell and because I realised you saw me in my panties, that made me horny too and wanting to have this experience. But all the time knowing that a good blow job was the best as full penetration in this setting would be unprofessional for both of us.

Nest week The Therapist arrives