Written by TKMax

29 Jan 2016

Sarah my partner and I was at one of many parties over Christmas and new year, we had been out earlier and went to a house party with some friends. Late on into the night there was just Sarah and two other girls left, my friend Paul was getting off with one of the girls and took her to one of the bedrooms to fuck her. The other girl was passed out on a seat, oblivious to the music and laughing going on around her.

As Sarah is teetotal she was full of life and loving the attention of being the only female left. Things had turned into a more adult theme and people were getting horny and making dares. I was settled on a chair opposite Sarah and could see she was turned on as her nipples were sticking through her tight white t-shirt, everyone else seen it too and I'm sure it had the same affect, raging hardon.

The 3 other men started to say to Sarah " get your tits out for the boys ", which of course she loved, but she said "I'll show you mine if you show me yours "!!.

This called their bluff, but Sarah upped it by saying she'd give a blowjob to whoever had the biggest cock. Michael made excuses and left but Joe and Dan suddenly dropped their trousers to reveal two hard cocks, with this Sarah removed her top to let her tits free.

Sarah said I'll have to check to see if you boys are at your max, and began to rub both cocks. They were both hard and Dan was a lot bigger so she took him in her mouth and started to suck him off. She played with his balls and poor old Tim was left to play with his own as he watched on.

Sarah started to finger her pussy , so I nodded to Tim to make a move, he started to suck her tits, then knelt down in front of her and took over playing with her pussy. He slid her skirt and panties down exposing her bald pussy, it was open and glistening and he wasted no time eating her. All of a sudden Sarah stopped sucking and looked at me saying "I have to have him inside me ". She took hold of his cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy, Dan just pushed it in and started slowly fucking her, pulling out nearly all the way before pushing it back in again. Sarah said "fuck me, I want to cum", so Dan fucked her really hard until he emptied his balls in her pussy. At this stage I got involved, putting Sarah on all fours, and putting my cock in her mouth. I motioned to Tim to fuck her and he was in like a shot, slipping easily into her wet hole. Being much older he was very experienced and although he hadn't the biggest cock, he was an expert at making her come and holding back his own. I had already cum as he pumped his cum into her, all this as Noreen slept away in the corner!!.

So if any of you guys want to join us, or you girls want to see your guys in action then give us a bell and have some fun.