Written by stephendedalus

11 Nov 2011

John spent a very enjoyable hour fuckin his sister in law before Claire got up. Alison was sucking the last few drops of cum from Johns cock when his wife walked in.

“You guys look like you were having fun?” Claire said casually. “We sure were baby” John answered, “I hope you dont mind?”

“I dont mind sweetie, you can fuck my little sisters pussy as much as you want, just keep enought for me”.

“Oh baby I’m always going to be hard for you” John answered watching his wifes magnificent tits sway as she walked across the kitchen and sat down on the sofa next to him.

“Anyway” Alison piped up, “when Matt gets here this afternoon, you wont have time to worry about your husbands cock”

“Who’s Matt” John asked.

“Matt is my friend from back east” Alison answered “We’ve been fuck buddies for years. Claire mentioned to me one time how she always thought he was hot and I told Matt. I thought he was going to cum in his pants when he heard, he said he always dreamed of getting his cock into Claire”.

“So we invited him to come and visit and see what happens” Claire said giddly, “I hope you dont mind?”

John thought for a moment. In truth he wasn’t all that keen on some young stud coming over and fucking his wife. However, she had just let him fuck her younger sister and allowed him to join them as they fucked each other, so he thought it rude and probably a little petty to object.

“Thats fine with me”, John said, “the more the merrier”

“Thats what I thought too” said Alison “so Byron, Kate and Shilpa are coming as well”

“They are?” John said incredulously, he was having trouble taking all this in.

“Yes they are darling” Claire smiled, “and if things go according to plan, we should have the sexiest horniest weekend we have ever had”.

Claire leaned over and kissed the tip of John’s cock. It was soft and spent as Alison had just sucked him dry, but the touch of his wifes lips made him stir again.

“OK Big boy” she said, “I think you’ve had enought for one morning, besides I want you to be able to perform for the girls later. If what Alison says is true you are going to need all your strenght to satisfy these cock hungry sluts”

John had to do some work to do so he headed for his office and left the girls planning the weekend and giggling like schoolgirls. He looked out at the garden and saw that the sun was shining and the sky was blue and cloudless. Even the weather was playing ball on this dream weekend. John started to answer some emails and pretty soon he was caught up in work. His concentration was broken when he heard a car door slam. He got up and went to a window at the front of the house. A cab was just pulling away and a guy was walking up his path. John reckoned he was about 28, 6’2” and 200 lbs. He had short dark hair and wore beat up old jeans and a t-shirt. Even at this he looked like a fucking movie star. His face lit up into a huge smile revealing his perfecty formed teeth as Claire and Alison appeared at the door to greet him. Alison bounded down the steps and threw her arms around him in a huge hug. The guy swept her up off her feet and swung her around in the air. Claire held back a little, kind of shy and a little nervous almost, but as soon as the guy put Alison down he turned to Claire and gave her a warm hug. Claire had her back to John and he watched as the two hugged closely and the guy slid his hand down and cupped Claire’s ass. She didnt move, just pushed her ass back against his hand and rotated her hips slightly, just like she does when her pussy is wet and she’s looking to get fucked. So this was Matt, the guy that wanted to fuck his wife. Well, looking at his wife it seemed like Matt was going to get his way and John was going to have to sit back and watch. Strangely, far from being angry or annoyed at the idea, he found that the thought of a guys fucking his wife was turning him on. He looked down to see that his cock was getting hard. Wow, this was a strange weekend. He had never imagined Claire with another guy before but now the thought of this young stud fucking her and filling her with his cum made his cock rock hard. Damn, what was going on? John wasn’t sure what that answer to that was, but he knew this: what ever happened over the weekend he was going to go with it and see how it all played out. Afterall, he was pretty sure he was going to get as much pussy as he could handle over the weekend and he wanted Claire to have the time of her life too, and if that meant she got filled by 2 or 3 hard cocks, then that was fine with him, more then fine actually, he was starting to look forward to it.

John had to respond to a few more emails before he could shut down for the weekend and when he finally arrived into the kitchen about a hour later, the party seemed to have already started. Claire had made a jug of her famous mojitos and the three of them were talking and laughing at the kitchen counter. Alison had thrown on John’s robe when she had gone out to greet Matt and now she was stand there with the robe open, showing her beautiful tits to Matt and Claire. Claire had on an old t-shirt and white cotton panties and she looked oh so sexy, especially as her nipples were hard and erect and showing clearly through the thin material. Matt was leaning against the counter and it was clear by the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying the scene before him.

“Hi darling” Claire said as John approcahed, “come and meet Matt”

Matt put his hand out and John shook his hand. “Thanks for inviting me for the weekend John, I appreciate it” he said

“Our pleasure” John replied, “besides I’m not sure I’d survive the weekend with these two on my own”. John gave Matt a conspiratorial wink and he responded in kind. “Well” he said “anything I can do to help just let me know”. As he spoke his eyes flicked from John’s to Claire briefly before settling back on John. John looked him in the eyes and decided that he was going to like this guy. He gave him a slight nod, a nod that said Yes Matt, you can stick your cock in my wife.

“Well Matt, me casa su casa, just make yourself at home” John said. Matt smiled and looked hungrily at Claire.

John poured himself a drink and join in the conversation, which seemed to be revolving mainly around sex and favourite positions.

“Claire really wants to get banged by a huge cock from behind while her face is buried in a hot pussy...a hot pussy other then mine I might add” Alison told Matt. Claire blushed and chastised her sister for giving away her secret. The bulge in Matts pants got visably bigger when Alison told him this and Claire wasnt helping him by sitting on the counter with her legs spread, showing him her now wet panties. Again as John thought about this guy fucking Claire his own cock started to get hard. He couldn’t believe how anxious he was to see Claire fuck this guy. He decided it was time to make things a little bit more interesting.

“Claire, why dont you show Matt to his room and Alison and I will clear up here. It’s a beautiful day so lets all have a dip in the pool in about an hour or so when Matts had a chance to freshen up”

“Sounds good” Matt said bending down to pick up his bag. Claire walked off and Matt floowed her up the stairs, unable to take his eyes of her shapely ass.

After they had left Alison walked over to John and started to laugh.“Oh you are a devious fucker John Maguire, I bet you 50 bucks that Matt will have his cock in Claires mouth within 10 minutes”

John smiled. “I think its highly unlikely to take that long Alison babe, by the way whats with the robe, no need for modest with me sister in law” Alison slipped off the robe stepped forward and pressed her hard body against Johns. She reached up and kissed him hard on the mouth. Johns cock was now hard and Alison took it in her hand and pumped it slowly. “Fuck I cant believe we didnt start fucking years ago John” Alison said, “you are so hot”

“You too babe, you cant imagine how many times I’ve dreamed about fucking you”. They continued to kiss and stroke each other for a few minutes untill Alison pulled back and started to giggle. “Lets sneak up and see what the others are up to”. Alison took John by hand and lead him up the stairs. They tiptoed quitely to the back room where Matt was staying. As they approached the door they could hear the distinctive sound of Claire moaning in pleasure. Alison started to laugh but John put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and they edged silently towards the door. The door was open about a foot and John and Alison could both clearly see inside. What they saw was Claire kneeling on the bed. Matt was behind her and was just pulling her panties down over her feet and off. He put them to his nose and breathed in deeply, smelling the hot wet cunt that awaited him. “Oh Fuck Claire I just knew you were going to be magificent, can I suck your sweet pussy?” Claire was in ecstacy already, “Do it Matt, suck my clit and stick your hot tongue up my ass”. Alison was giggling uncontrobly but John held her close and stared at his wife. Matt put his hands on the cheeks of Claires ass and massaged them gently before pulling them apart gently. The lowered his head and slowly stated to lick Claires asshole. John knew how much Claire liked this and it wasnt long before she was pushing her ass back into Matts face and asking him to tongue fuck her. Matt duly obliged and stuck his tongue up her hot tight hole. All the while Matt had almost his whole hand up Claires pussy and was pumping it in and out. John thought Claire was close to cumming and he wasnt wrong. Claire let out a long low moan and growled at Matt “Oh ya Matt baby, make Claire cum, oh ya you hot fucker, suck my ass, suck it hard baby......ohhhhhhh aaaaawwww......” With that Claire came and her hips started to buck wildly. Matt held her tightly and continued to pump her pussy. At this stage he had his whole fist in her and she loved it “ Claire baby, turn around so I fuck your beautiful face ” Matt told Claire and she obeyed straight away. She sat in front of Matt and pulled down his shorts. Matts cock popped up hard and straight and Claire took it in her hand. John looked at Matts cock and even he was impressed. It wasnt as long as john’s own 10 inch monster but it was very thick and judging at the way Claire was stroking it, it was extremely hard. “What a beautiful cock” Claire said as she slid it into her mouth. Matt placed his hands on the top of Claires head and started to fucked her mouth rythmicly and powerfully. Claire had her hands on his ass and was drawing him deeper into her mouth with every stroke. She had so much experience sucking Johns 10 inches that she was able to take all of Matt’s in her mouth. Matt was obviously enjoying himself as he told Claire how hot she was, how he’d wanted to fuck her from the first time he met her and what a lucky bastard John was to be married to her. As John watched his wife deep throat Matt he had to agree that he was indeed a lucky bastard.

John noticed that Alison had stopped giggling and was looking at Matt as he slid his cock in and out of Claires mouth. She had one hand on her pussy and was playing with her clit. With her other hand she reached around around behind her searching for Johns cock. It was so big and hard at this stage that she really didnt have any trouble finding it. She stroked his cock and rubbed his balls as they watched Matt and Claire.

Matts pace started to pick up a little and it seemed he was getting ready to cum.

“I’m gonna shoot my load Claire baby, where do you want it” Matt asked. Claire said nothing and just kept sucking. It was a family thing, just like her sister Claire loved the taste of cum and wanted Matt to fill her mouth with is load. “Here it comes baby” Matt said as he let loose and shot his hot salty load into Claires mouth. Just as John knew she would, Claire swallowed every drop. Even as he stood there watching this guy fill his wife with cum and as her sister stroked his cock and balls, John had never been more in love with Claire.

“Fuck me John, Fuck me now” Alison whispered as she grabbed John by the hand and lead him away. John glanced back just in time to see Matt get down on his knees and start eating Claires pussy as she sat on the bed. She looked very happy as she licked the last of Matts cum from her lips and John thought it was time he had some fun of his own.

Alison lead John to the lounge, sat back on the seat and invited him to lick her pussy. John threw off all his clothes and started to devour her sweet cunt. Alison was so wet that her juices had started to run down the insides of her hard tighs. John licked them clean and gave her a long hard tongue fucking. Alison came and screamed so loud that half the street probably heard her, not that he cared at that moment in time.

“Stick your cock in me John, fill my pussy with your big fucking cock” John didnt need to be asked twice. He placed his cock at the mouth of Alisons pussy and watched as it slid in all the way to the his balls.

“Fuck your cock is so hard” Alison said, as she squirmed on the seat and allowed John to get deeper into her soaking box. John wanted to cum in her and he pounded her pussy like it was the first time he had ever had sex. Alison was so horny that she just lay there taking her fucking like a woman and begging to be fucked harder. Alison was so wet that John slipped out a few times and he decided he need and new hole to fuck

“On your knees baby, I’m want to shoot my load deep in your ass” John told Alison and she squealed with delight.

“I love a big cock in my ass” she said as she got up in her knees on the sofa an stuck her hot ass in the air for John to fuck. “Just stick it in me and fuck me as hard as you can untill you cum” Alison ordered. That sounded like a good plan to John and taking some of Alison pussy juices in his hand he rubbed them on her asshole and his cock. Slowly he forced his cock up Alison tight ass as she screamed in pleaseure and orederd him to start fucking her. Sweat covered them both and John ran his hands up and down her beautiful body and he began to move in and out of her tight hole. Quickly he was up to speed and his cock seemed like a blur as he rammed his rock hard cock into her.

Oh fuck Alison, i’m gonna cum

“Come on you fucker” she screamed, “cum hard and fill my hole for me, please baby”

John couldnt hold back and he felt the sweet release of pressure behind his eyes as he emptied everything he had into Alisons hot fuck hole.

As they both statred to come down, John thought he heard something behind him. He looked over his sholder and saw 3 people standing in the kitchen.

“We’ve got visitors” he said to Alison

She lifted her head and moved to the side making Johns still hard cock slid out of her ass.

“Hi guys” Alison said “so you found the house OK”

The tall handsome black guy answered “We weren’t that sure untill we got to the door and saw you with your ass in the air, and we thought “thats our Alison” getting fucked as usual” All the girls laughed at this and Alison motioned to John. “This is my brother in law John, John meet the gang, Byron, Shilpa and Kate”

The tall black guy walked over and shook Johns hand. He looked a little older then all the rest of them, maybe 40. He had to be 6’ 4 and had the hard chiselled body of an athlete. John found out later that he was a basketball coach at the college back East where Alison and her friends had originally met.

A beautiful blonde with large pert breasts that strained to get out of her tight top walked over to John. John was conscious that he was standing there naked with a semi erect cock, but nobody seemed to care. As the blonde walked towards him her eyes dropped to his cock and she seemed to like what she saw.

“Hi John I’m Kate, it’s very good of you to have us over for the weekend” she said and she kissed him on the cheek. “We’re delighted you could come” John answered and he watched Kate’s georgeous ass stroll over towards Alison. She wrapped her arms around Alison and started to kiss her on the lips. As John watched this he hardly noticed the small petite dark haired beauty that glided up next to him. “Hi, I’m Shilpa” she said in a soft accented Indian accent. She was barely 5 ft tall but was stunning looking and had a perfectly formed body. She placed her hands on Johns chest and looked up into his eyes “You have a beautiful house John”, she said “I’m looking forward to the weekend” As she said this her small hand reached for Johns cock. It was sticky with the remains of Alisons pussy juices and Johns own cum from the huge load he had just deposited in Alisons ass. If Shilpa noticed it didnt show. John could feel himself hardeneing rapidly as Shilpa stared to massage his cock and balls and suck his nipples. “I’ve been looking forward to getting fucked all day” she said “do you think you can manage it after fucking our slutty little friend already?”

“Hey, who you calling a slut you little fucking machine” Alison answered. John looked over and saw that Alison was now sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide open. Kate was on her knees and she giving Alisons clit a tongue bath. She had slipped her top off and her tits were magnificent. As John enjoyed the sight of his sister in law getting her pussy eaten out Shilpa dropped to her knees and began to suck Johns semi hard cock back to its full glory. She really was beautiful and John couldnt take his eyes of her face as his cock slid in and out of her hot mouth.

“So, where’s Matt?”, Byron asked from the kitchen counter.

“Upstairs with my wife Claire” John told him.

“Cool” Byron answered, “You guys all seem quite happy here, maybe I’ll go see how Matt is doing, if thats alright with you?”

“Sure thing” John answered as he felt his cock get even harder at the thought of this huge black man and his wife. Claire sure was in for a surprise when this guy arrived in her room.

Byron admired John and Claires house as he climbed the stairs. John seemd like a good guy and he didn’t seem to mind that a big black man was going to his wifes room to fuck her either, which made him a very good guy in Byrons book. Matt had told him that Claire was hot like her sister, if a little more reserved, but he and Matt had talked about the inner slut Alison had told them lurked just beneath the hard working corporate surface of her sisters very fine and attractive body. As Byron approached the room he hoped that Matt had already started the work of bringing out the inner slut in Claire. Byron knocked gently on the door and walked in. Matt was nowhere to be seen but he could hear noises from the ensuite bathroom. Not that he looked in that direction, because lying on the bed was the naked form of Claire. She had her perfectly shaped white legs high in the air and spread wide and was rubbing all over her ass a large trickle of cum that was leaking from her ass. Obviously Matt had been busy.

“Hey, how are you” Byron asked as he leaned against the door. Claire looked up and ran her eyes up and down his sleek hard body. He could see lust flare in her eyes.

“Hi, you must be Byron” Claire said “you are very welcome to our home”

“Thanks for having us” Byron replied “we’ve been looking forward to our visit”. Byron noticed that Claire hadnt moved at all, she still had her legs in the air and was rubbing Matts cum up and down over her pussy and ass. Her eyes were locked on Byrons and it was clear to him that she had only one thing on her mind – cock. That suited Byron fine as he could feel his own hardening cock bulging in his pants.

“Matt had told me how faubulous you were” Byron said “but I can see he was holding back on me” Claire smiled but didnt reply. She just stared at Byron and started to finger her cum soaked pussy. Bryon ripped off his t-shirt and Clarie admired his large muscular physique. Oh my god she thought, this guy must have a monster cock “Take it all off” she said as she picked up the pace of her pussy fingering and slid a slick wet finger up her ass as well. As Bryon took his jeans off and walked towards the bed, Claire couldnt take her eyes off his buldging crotch. His Armani breifs were straining to keep in his cock and Claire could make out the long tick shape of Byrons huge fuck pole. Reluctantly she withdrew her fingers from her pussy and ass, flipped over and lay on her stomach. Byron stood at the end of the bed as Claire faced him and she ran her hands up and down his magnificent body stoppingat the band of his breifs. Slowly she peeled them down and he kicked them off. Claire was left facing the biggest cock she had ever seen. At least 12” long and a thick as a childs arm, she took it in her hand and looked at it adoringly.

“Jesus Christ Byron, you could kill a girl with that” she giggled.

“I dont now about that” he replied “but I know how much I’m going to enjoy trying to find out”

Meanwhile John was enjoying the charms of his beautiful Indian Princess. Shilpa had on a tight red silk blouse which she had unbuttoned exposing beautiful small tits with dark brown nipples. As she squatted before him her skirt had ridden high up almost as far as her waist exposing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. John could just see her moisy pussy lips as she slid her hand between her legs and started to play with her clit.

“Hmm.... you taste good” she said and she stood up in front of John “I love the taste of your cum mixed with the taste of Alisons pussy and ass”

“You are so beautiful” John told her, which was true, hers was probaly the prettiest face he had ever seen. She kissed him passionatly on the lips sending her tongue darting into his mouth. Then she dropped back down on her knees again and took his cock back in her mouth.

“Thanks” she said “some people are a little surprised that someone so small and innocent looking as me could be such a total cock and pussy loving slut”. She laughed loudly revealing her perfect white teeth and cock teasing tounge. “But I am” she continued “and this weekend I cant wait to get as much pussy and cock as is possible in a 48hr period”. Johns mind was in sexual overload. Here he was getting his cock sucked by an Indian goddess, he was watching his beautiful sister-in-law 69 the equally beautiful Kate and somewhere upstairs his wife was feasting on 2 monster cocks.....how could this day get any better?