Written by Wecurious

21 Aug 2013

My wife Lisa has a slutty friend, very slutty. The kind of girl who one brought 5 guys back to our place one night and stayed in the sitting room below us all night with them.

Anyways they went out on a girlie night out and when Lisa came home she was in some state, blouse not buttoned right, bra missing and a fanny tht was so sticky tht I cud only dream of doing it to her and her ass was opened, I was so angry but got me so fucking hard like I couldn't believe.

I acted all mad, calling her all things and asked her to tell me exactly wht happened. They had gone to the rugby club where there was a touring team of u20s from Australia and the 2 sluts got stuck into them in the dressing rooms seeing who could take the most cream and Lisa's competitive edge took over until she won. She cried into my shoulder and asked for forgiveness but told me hat she really loved it.

I sat back and took her tit in my hand and said she'd make it up to me but she'd have to be dirtier then wht she was just at.

I bent over and told her to lick my ass crack until it was wet enough for her to stick her tongue in as far as she could until I was ready to blow, when I was I turned round and fired all over face, took a picture and sent it to her boss from her phone and quickly sent a second text to say sorry, it was a wrong number and not to think naughty thoughts.