Written by hornykm2737

8 Apr 2010

we were on the beech it was hot i was feeling very horny i asked my man to rub cream on me he got on top as i lay faced down opened my top and rubed cream on my back i could he was gething hard he rubed and rubed and rubed it made me so wet his hands would make there way down the side of my tits ooooooooh how i wanted him to touch them he rubed my legs as he went higher and higher it drove me mad for cock he moved away and we lay there me still faced down i was soooo horny i said to my self if i turn over and go topless it will drive him mad so i did lay back and rubed cream on my tits he watched every move he was gething so turned on it was great i rubed cream on my belly and i could see he was watching me so i lifted up my bottoms and rubed cream towards my cunt he was going mad i looked around and things were quite so i touched my clit and let out a moan he moved over near me and watched then he told me to turn on my side he moved beside me and put his cock in me we had to go home and fuck all night long