Written by admin

24 Dec 2009

Im gonna make this story as short and interesting as possible..........

6 weeks ago my girlfriend Yvonne and I went out with our friends John and Shauna for dinner. We all got pretty drunk and ended up back in their place.

About a year ago I confided to Yvonne that I fantasised about watching her having sex with another guy. We have always had a wonderful and adventurous sex life but she seemed a little shocked at first.

After a while, she began playing along with my fantasy but only on the basis that it was never to come true.

Anyway back to the story.......i had always had a bit of a crush on Shauna and had confided as much to John before. I suspected that both of them would've been well up for a swap.

Yvonne was sitting on the floor chatting with John. I was sitting on the couch with Shauna. Whatever was said between them, next thing i see is John stroking the inside of Yvonnes leg. She is sitting there half giggling looking at me.

I turned to Shauna who starts laughing and suggests that we should do a swap!

I nod at Yvonne and next thing i see her kissing John and tugging at his belt. I get the biggest hard on of my life and start doing likewise with Shauna.

Now let me explain that Yvonne absolutely adores sucking me off. I knew John was in for a serious treat. A couple of mins later, myself and John were sitting on the couch with Yvonne and Shauna sucking us off. Everyone was having a giggle too and egging each other on.

I asked Yvonne if she'd fuck John.....she was a bit unsure without any condoms but next thing she climbs on top of him and starts fucking him.

Shauna does likewise.

Very quickly John says he's going to cum but i ask Yvonne to lie on her back so i can see John blowing his load into her.

She does this and kindly lifts her ass in the air for my viewing pleasure. John empties himself into her and i can honestly say ive never been more turned on.

Now im pounding away with Shauna and Yvonne hasnt cum yet. She lies back, spreads her legs facing us and starts to masterbate with my buddys load all over her pussy and fingers.

Shauna is groaning and starts to cum hard.

Im not far off myself and Yvonne asks Shauna if i can dump my load into her that she wants 2 loads inside her.....(i was still pinching myself here!) I climb on top of Yvonne and start fucking her really hard...loving the feel of another mans semen in her. Shauna leans over and is stroking my balls from behind.

It doesnt take long before I explode inside Yvonne.

That was 6 weeks ago and although there was a little awkwardsness after, we're palnning on doing it very soon. We've been having amazing sex since.