Written by stephendedalus

8 Nov 2011

John wasnt happy. It wasnt that he didnt like Alison, he did. After all what wasn’t there to like? At 23 she stood 5’ 6” tall and weighed a little under 9 st. With her long black hair, a fit toned body and the most fabulous tits he had ever seen (and he had seen a few over his 33 years) she was quite a sight. Plus she was good looking, intelligent and fun to be with. No, what was making John unhappy wasnt that she was here, or that he had to look at her scantily clad body roaming around his house all day, that wasnt at all unpleasant, but since his wifes younger sister had moved in – for 3 days supposedly and that was 3 weeks ago – he had been knocked out of his routine and he didn’t like it, he didn’t like it at all.

As a consultant mechanical engineer John worked from home alot. His daily routine started early, and he was usually at his desk by 6am. He found his most productive hours were between then and 10am. Around that time he usually liked to take a break, have some food and indulge one of his other great passions in life – vintage pornography. John loved good porn from all eras but he particularly liked the the stuff from 60’s and 70’s. He felt the women were more natural looking back then when compared to the surgiclly enhanced porn stars of today. Very often the older movies even made a credible stab at having a story line, not that this was the main reason John watched porn. After a hard morning at work he liked to sit in his favourite chair, drink some coffee, watch some porn and stroke his 10” cock for an hour. Then at 11 it was back to work.

But for the last 3 weeks this routine had been put on hold. This had made John a little irritable and quite frankly alot horny. John’s wife Claire wasnt very sympathetic. She was well aware of John’s daily routine and liked to join him on days that she wasnt at work. She loved watching a good film and sucking her husbands monster cock, the one she had loved since the moment she had first taken it into her mouth 6 years earlier. However, these days watching porn and fucking were few and far between recently as Claire scaled the corporate ladder and spent more and more time at work. He complained to her one night about his disrupted routine and enquired as to when Alison might be moving on. Claire laughed and told him not to fret. She did this as she slid her silky smooth pussy down the lenght of Johns shaft. John loved fucking his wife, and although she was not as fit as her younger sister, at 26 Claire was all woman and she loved to be on top with her 36DD tits in her husbands mouth as he filled her pussy with his cock. Jokingly she added “Why don’t you ask Alison to join you someday, I’m sure she would enjoy it?” “Maybe I will” John replied as he took one of his wifes nipples into his mouth and sucked happily.

A few days later John had a particularly good morning at work and at 10.30 he headed for the lounge to chill out for a while. He hadn’t seen Alison all morning and when he looked out and saw that her car wasnt in the drive he assumed she had gone out somewhere. Who knew, maybe she was going to get her own place! Great he thought, time for a little R & R. John went back to his office and unlocked a filing cabinet in the corner. Unusually this cabinet didn’t contain any files or drawings but was filled with hundreds of DVD’s and video tapes. John took his time in choosing a film, he wanted to enjoy this. Eventually he settled on one from the early 80’s. He hadnt looked at this one for quite sometime and he was a little unsettled when he looked closely at it and remembered the details of it fully. It told the story of a young woman who embarrked on an incestous lesbian relationship with her older married sister. John’s mind my played with the thought of Alison and Claire together. Wow, where did that come from? John couldn’t get his head around the thought of it, but his cock had no such trouble and strained to be released from its confines.

John headed back to the lounge, made some coffee, stuck the tape in the machine and settled back in his chair. He was going to enjoy this, and if Alison came back he would see her in the driveway and have plenty of time to turn it off before she got to the house. The film started out slowly, with the young woman having a particularly energetic sex session with her boyfriend. This was good stuff with excellent blow job footage, hot pussy fucking in lots of positions and a great cum shot on the young womans face. All this of course before he dumps her and sends her running to her big sister for comfort. Men are such bastards really. John was enjoying the film very much, imaging as he did that it was Alison who was getting fucked. Boy, that Alison had the finest body and the most perfectly formed 34D tits he had ever seen.

So just as the two sisters started to get hot together and John’s cock was at its hardest he caught a reflection in the mirror at the side of the TV. Oh Fuck! Alison was standing at the base of the stairs at the far side of the kitchen watching him. No car in the driveway, fuck, she must have been here all the time. John reached for the remote and was just about to turn the movie off when he noticed something. Alison hadnt moved and her eyes were glued to the screen. Also her left hand was down the front of her pajyama pants and she appeared to be stroking her pussy. John Stopped. Oh well he thought, I’m caught now anyway so why not keep going and see what happens. John left the movie play on and sat there stroking his cock while his hot sister in law watched him. Jesus, it was like a porn movie in itself. John watched the screen as the older sister tongue fucked her bady sister and he couldnt hold back any longer. He moaned out load as a jet of hot cum shot out from the top of his cock and landed on his stomach. John continued to pound his cock as stream after stream of cum shot out. All the time he watched Alison as she moved her hand faster and faster and a look of pleasure washed over her face. John turned off the movie and went to stand up. He watched Alison slip quietly away as he made his way to the bathroom to clean up.

John looked at himself in the mirror. He couldnt believe what had just happened. Had he just jerked off watching a porn mivies while his sister in law looked on and played with her pussy? Maybe it was a dream, but if it was he didn’t want to wake up. Alison had only been 17 when John had met her first, but she was a fully fledged woman even then with a string of guys who were either fucking her or wanted to fuck her. She and John had hit it off straight away and while he had always admired her great body and while he had wanked his cock many times thinking about her, he had never really seriously thought about trying to fuck her. But all that had changed today and he wondered if he could ever look at her the same way again.

Part 2

He got his opportunity to find out a few minutes later. When John got back to the kitchen, Alison was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking juice.

“Hi” he said casually “I thought you were out?”

“No” she said “ I had a few beers in town last night so I left the car”

“I see” said John “are you just up?”

She looked up at him and smiled “Yes” she said “just up”

John looked at her. She really was stunning looking, even if her face looked a little flushed. He could see her erect nipples throught her thin t-shirt and his cock began to come back to like again.

“So you working hard today brother in law?” she asked. John couldn’t be sure but he thought she might have put just a little bit too must emphasis on the word “hard” in that innocent question.

“I work hard everyday young lady” he replied, again with just a little hint of emphasis on the hard.

She smiled and skipped away to the stairs. “Well, I wouldnt want to distract you” she said “so I’ll let you get back to it” John watched her as she swayed her hips up the stairs. It didnt appear like she was wearing any panties. John went back to the office, but he wasn’t very productive for the rest of the day.

That night he fucked Claire like a man possessed. Claire didnt mind, she adored being filled full of her husbands huge cock.

“Oh baby, your so fucking hard tonight” she said as John ploughed into her pussy from behind “drive that big boy into me and make me cum”

John pounded his wifes soaking wet box but in his mind it was her younger sisters pussy that he was fucking. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, and tomorrow he was going to move things on a bit and see just how adventurous little Alison really was. Claire screamed as an orgasm washed over her and John let loose with a huge cum shot, deep into his wifes pussy.

John was back at his desk the following morning by 6am. He got some work done but he was a little distracted. Claire popped in to say goodbye before she headed out to work and to remind him that as it was Friday she was going out with the girls for a drink after work. John kissed her goodbye and settled back down to work. Soon after Johns phone rang and he got stuck into some work and before he knew it, it was after 10am. Time for a break John thought. He went to the filing cabinet to retrieve his movie, he really wanted to see how the sisters got on, but it wasnt there. Then he realised that in his highly aroused state the day before he had left the tape in the machine. All the better, he’d just turn it on where he had stopped yesterday. As he approached the lounge he could hear something. It sounded like moaning and as he turned the corner he could see that the TV was on and his porn movie was playing. On the screen the younger sister (her name was Jane) was using a giant 12” dildo on her sister and fingering her ass as well. John’s cock immediately sprang to life. Hot as the action on the screen was, it was the action on the sofa that drew John’s attention. Alison was watching the movie.....oh shit, why hadn’t he taken it out yesterday. He moved quietly around to get a better view. Alison was sitting on the sofa totally engrossed in the movie. She was wearing a short t-shirt and nothing else. John couldn’t believe his eyes. Her legs were spread wide open and he could clearly her beautiful smooth pussy and the large vibrator she was using to fuck herself. She was using both hands to push the vibrator deep int her pussy and seemed oblivious to everything going on around her. John felt his hand move to his pants and he pulled them down a little. Fuck, his cock was like a rock. He stood there for a little while watching her and slowly stroking his fat cock. As the movie progressed Alison seemed to get hotter and hotter and fucked herself faster and faster. Soon she was on the edge and as Jane made her sister cum in the movie, Alison came too, arching her back and letting out a low deep moan. It seemed to last for about a minure as she continued to fuck herself furiously, then she seem to come down. Finally she slumped back on the sofa and turned the movie off. John retreated back to the den and struggled to put his cock back in his pants. He couldnt believe it, that was one of the hottest things he had ever seen and his cock was so erect it just would not go down.

Part 3

About 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Alison came in with a cup of coffee for him.

“You here all day?” John asked her. “Ya” she replied, “someone’s got to look after you while my sister is out”

“Too true” John replied.

Johns cock was bursting throught his pants so he remained seated while his sister in law stood in front of him. She had put on a small pair of panties,but her dressing gown was open and John could clearly see the crotch was wet.

“So what does Claire usually do for you when she is here for the day?” Alison asked. John thought of the great cock sucking and fucking sessions he and Claire had while watching porn movies. He really missed those days.

“She usually just makes me coffee and lunch and stuff” he replied.

“I think I can manage that” Alison answered

John saw an opportunity to see what exactly was on his little sister in laws mind so he probed a little.

He looked her in the eyes and said “ and sometimes she does some things that only a wife can do for her husband, if you know what I mean” he winked at her and she smiled.

“I think I get the drift” she said “I’m not sure Claire would approve of me doing all her jobs, although she did say to me last night that I was to look after all your needs today”

“She said that did she?” John asked

“Yes she did” Claire replied “So do you have any?”

“Any what?” John asked, trying to appear confused

“Needs John, any needs I can take care of for you?”

This was it, the moment of truth. The question was out there and he had to decide what to do. Should he tell his sister in law that what he really needed has to get his cock into her? Or tell her that he was fine and get back to work? In the end his hesitation seemed to galvanise Alison into action and she stepped around the desk.

“It seems to me that what you really need is to let your cock out of those pants before you punch a hole in them” she said smiling and looking down at his crotch

Oh my God, John thought and he felt his face flush, she is up for this.

“OK then” he answered. He pushed his chair back from the desk, exposing his bulging crotch. He slipped his thumbs in the waist band and shoved his pants and shorts down to his knees. He looked down at his full 10” cock as it stood to attention.

“Oh my” Alison said “It’s bigger then I imagined”

“And have you imagined it much” John asked jokingly.

“Ever since the day soon after you met Claire that I heard her telling her frind Amy about the monster cock you had” Alison took a step closer and dropped down to her knees.

“So brother in law, do you have any other needs?”

He smiled. She really seemed to be enjoying this. He wasn’t about to complain either.

“I guess what I really need is for my hot sister in law to take my cock in her mouth and suck it” he said, holding her gaze.

“Well, seeing as Claire left strict instructions that I was to look after your needs” she answered “It would be my pleasure”

She swept her hair back and took John’s huge cock in her hand. Then, never taking her eyes off his she ran her tongue down the full lenght of his shaft. John felt a bolt of pleasure shoot up throught him. Alison continues to lick the shaft of Johns cock. It felt so good, her tongue was so hot and wet. Then in one movement she took his cock in her mouth and got all 10” of it into her mouth. John felt her start to gag, but she stayed with it and kept it all in her mouth. John was in heaven. Claire had never been able to get all his cock into her mouth and he loved the feeling of being completely buried in a beautiful face. Slowly Alison began to release his cock, all the time running her tongue along the underside of his shaft. At this stage Alison was gently caressing his balls with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.

“Let me taste you” John said

Alison took her fingers from her pussy and placed the in Johns mouth. He could smell her sweet scent and she tasted devine, as he knew she would.

Alison then wrapped both her hands around Johns throbbing cock and began to suck and wank him as fast as she could. John knew he wasn’t going to last very long.

“I’m gonna come baby” he said

Alison just looked up at him, without breaking her rythm or without slowing down. Slowly but surely he could feel himself coming to a climax. He could feel his balls tighten and then he exploded, pumping wave after wave of hot cum into her mouth. Alison just closed her eyes and swallowed hard. Wow, John couldn’t beleive it. That was possibly the biggest cum he had ever had, and she never spilled a drop. Alison kept her eyes closed and continued to gently lick and suck him untill his cock was completely clean and dry.

“So big boy, do I suck cock as well as my big sister?” she asked

“Every bit as well, if not better” John replied truthfully.

Alison laughed. “I’m glad” she said “I’d better get dressed”

“No need to on my account” John said, anxious that his wet dream of a day wouldn’t end so soon “Usually when Claire sucks my cock I like to return the favour so to speak”

“I thought you’d never offer” Alison said laughing.

“First I want to see you completely naked” John said

“Sure thing” Alison agreed as she moved to the centre of the room. She pulled her t-shirt over her head to reveal her perfect 34 D tits

“You have the most fantstic tits” John told her.

“I though you’d like them” she said “you’ve been looking longingly at them since I was 17” They both laughed.

Next she turned around and slowly peeled down her thong, revealing her fit toned ass and a beautiful shaved pussy. She spread her legs slightly and leaned forward, reaching around to pull her pussy lips apart.

“You better tongue fuck me equally as well as Janes older sister fucks her in the porno movie you were watching yesterday” She grinned wickedly “I was watching you” she said.

“I know” John said “I could see your reflection in the mirror”

“You bastard” she yelled, slapping him playfully.

“Why dont you sit her on the desk and let me make it up to you” he said directing her onto his desk. Alison climbed up and sat back, drawing her feet up on the arms of his chair and spreading her long tanned legs. Her pussy lips where wet and pouting, an inviting sight if ever John saw one. He could see that her clit was just poking out from its hiding place. John slid his tongue along her slit and she gasped. “Make me cum John” she said “please make me cum”

Using both his thumbs he spread her pussy lips apart to reveal her swollen clit. John flicked his tongue across it a few times and he heard her moan softly. Oh Man she tasted so good, just like her sister did. John prided himself on being able to bring a woman to climax by sucking and licking her pussy. Slowly he began to tease her clit, sucking it gently then harder, flicking his tongue across it and blowing on it. Alison was really hot now, leaning back on one hand and sqeezing one of her nipples with the other. After about 10 minutes the desk was slick with her pussy juice and her hips really started to move, sliding backwards and forwars on the desk. John knew she was close so he took control. He grabbed her by the legs and held them tight, buring his face in her pussy. He took her now enlarged clit in his mouth and started to suck it hard, flicking it with his tongue. Alison threw herslf back on the desk and drove him on

“Oh ya, thats it John, suck my fucking clit” John didnt need much encouragment and he sucked harder and flicked even quicker.

“I’m gonna fucking cum” Alison screamed “Oh Fuuuuccccccck!!!!”

Her hips went into spasms as Alison came harder then she ever thought possible. Her clit was throbbing as Johns lips clamped around it and made her cum again and again. Alison had never cum like this before and she began to feel weak. She wasn’t able speak for a minute or so and John thought that she might have passed, so slowly he released her clit from his suction and looked at her beautiful soaked pussy. Slowly she raised her head.

“Jesus Christ John, no wonder my sister says she has never been fucked by anyone like you, that was spectacular”

“Thank you kind lady” he replied “you have a beautiful sweet tasting pussy”

By now John’s cock was back at a raging 10 inches and looking for attention.

John stood up and pushed the head of his cock against Alison’s pussy lips. He met no resistence.

“Hmmm, that feels so good, but we really cant” she said

“Why not” John asked as he shoved about half his lenght into Alisons inviting pussy.

“Oh Baby, I so want to you to fuck me with your monster cock, but you’re married to my sister and I cant”

“I’m not sure she wouldn’t be crazy about you swallowing a load of my cum either” John said jokingly, but also slightly annoyed. His cock was harder then he had ever seen it and he desperately wanted to fuck this hot 23 yr old.

“Please John, do this for me”

John realised she was serious and slowly her withdrew his cock from her pussy. She kissed him passionately on the lips and she slid off the desk, gathered her clothes and walked out the door.

“I’ll talk to you later” she said, and disappeared down the hall.