Written by Weekend Fun

17 Sep 2012

Well it started off as a fantasise and became reality, i had been bi curious for so long that I was gagging for it to happen. Both myself and my hubby are highly sexed and he was delighted I wanted to extra spice. We choose a sexy thirty something lady with fab breasts and a lovely shaven pussy and boy just chatting with her had me dripping.

So one weekend, she came for naughty weekend, when she arrived it was just me and her and I was soon kissing and playing with her wet pussy , fingering , exploring each other. Then out came the vibes, one in each pussy as we kissed and vibe fucked each other as my hubby came back from work. He stood there with a wide smile asking how good she tasted, I kissed him to let him taste her sweetness on my lips. Then she demanded he strip, he did and sat on bed as we shared his cock. I rode his cock as she sat on his face. He was tonguing her so deep her moaning was heavenly. I rode his cock for dear life as he explodes inside me. Then she licked his cock from my wet dripping pussy, he then bent her over to fuck her anally as she licked and kissed me. All afternoon this carried on sharing each other. That night he and her both teased and pleased me. I was begging to be fucked. She put on a strap-on and went deep inside me, as she pounded deeper and harder both screaming in orgasm.

MMM, I hear you say, we play once a month and she always tastes delicious. Tasted lots of ladies since and she been bi far yum, pussy and cock at same time is heavenly.