Written by stephendedalus

10 Nov 2011

Luck John – Part 2

John was confused. He had just enjoyed the most mind blowing oral sex that he’d ever experienced in his life, but Alison wouldn’t take his cock in her pussy. He knew she wanted it, she obviously wasn’t shy, but something had held her back. Maybe she had been overcome with guily about sucking the cock of her only sisters husband, but he didn’t think so. Something was wrong and he couldn’t figure it out. A little later he heard the front door close and he watched as Alison got into her car and drove away. Well, he wasn’t going to solve this mystery today so he went back to work, not that he expected to get much done.

The rest of the day passed by without incident. At 6pm John had enought of work and decided to call it a day. And what a day it had been. He mind was still full of images of Alison, her beautiful body, the way she had taken his full lenght in her mouth and most of all her sweet tasting pussy. He was still at a loss to explain why she wouldnt fuck him. Alison still hadn’t come back and Claire was going for a drink after work, so she would be out for a few hours yet. John opened a bottle of wine and had a glass with some salad and a steak he had cooked for himself. He was quite self contained really when he wanted to be. He decided to watch some porn and relax for a while. He went back to his cabinet and picked out one of his favourites from the early 80’s starring the great Seka and the legendary John Holmes. John loved Seka, evet since he saw he on the TV a few years ago telling an interviewer that she wasn’t in porn for the money, she just loved fucking. You had to love a girl like that. John settled back and relaxed, poured some more wine and enjoyed the film. One of the other things he liked about Seka was that she shaved her pussy....long before it was the popular thing to do.

Pretty soon the wine and the rythmic sight of John Holmes huge cock fucking Seka’s pussy made John feel a little sleepy and he drifted off into a deep sleep. His dreams were full of Alisons naked body and hot mouth. Oh man, he just had to get his cock into her. In his dreams while he was pounding his sister in laws hot pussy he coud hear the sound of his wife giggling. Strange he thought, Claire hadn’t appeared in this dream before. Maybe she was going to strip off and join in with Alison and himself, WOW now that would be hot. Slowly he realised that the giggling wasn’t in his dream but in the real world. He opened his eyes to see his wife standing in front of him, smiling and giggling but licking her lips and eying up Johns still erect cock.

“Oh baby, looks like you missed me” she said teasingly as she slid down on the sofa beside him

“What you watching? “ she asked

“Just an old Seka and John Holmes movie” he replied. Claire sat watching the screen but she had taken her husbands cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it.

“Oh great, I love Seka” she said as she leaned and kissed him hard with her open mouth. John could smell the alcohol and reckoned that she had taken maybe 5 or 6 drinks. This was good. Claire usually turned into even more of a cock loving slut when she had a few drinks.

“So baby, how was your day” Claire asked

“Not bad” John replied, thinking again of Alisons’ hot pussy and of how much he wanted to fuck her.

“Well maybe I can help you feel a little bit better” Claire said, leaning over and taking her husbands cock in her mouth.

“Fuck, I’m so horny” she moaned, “finger my pussy baby”

John slid his hand up under Claire’s skirt and was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her hot smooth pussy was very wet indeed and John slid two fingers into her soaked slit.

“Oh Fuck ya, keep doing that baby” she moaned as she moved her hips to get Johns fingers deeper into her pussy. John couldn’t believe it, they had just stared and already she was ready to cum. John felt it was going to be along night.

Claire let out a long deep moan as an orgasm passed from her pussy up throught her spine and exploded in her Brain. All the time she kept sucking on her husbands cock and as she came down from her high she relaxed into a nice smoothe rythme. John was fully relaxed watching his wifes beautiful face as she sucked his cock while also watching John Holmes fuck Seka.

After a while Claire came up for air and started to look at the movie again while stroking John’s cock.

“Do you think Alison looks a little like Seka?” she asked.

John had to admit that Alison did look a little like Seka. The hair was different but they both had the same magnificent tits.

“A little I guess” John agreed.

Claire laughed “I bet you wish Alison was a cock hungry slut like Seka too?”

“I’ve never really thought of Alison in that way” John argued

This made Claire laugh even harder “You lying mother fucker. Of course you think of her like that, every man in his right mind does. She’s a serious babe”

“You’re right, she is a babe. But I do know this. Her sister is the only cock hungry slut around here at the moment” John answered, smiling at Claire,

“Oh I dont know about that, what do you think Alison?”

Claire looked up and over towards the kitchen. John froze as he checked the out the reflection of the kitchen in the mirror. He watched as Alison stepped out of the shadows.

“Well sis, I’d like to think I’m at least as big a cock loving slut as you are” Alison said. John watched with his mouth open as Alison walked around the sofa and knelt in front of Claire and him. She was wearing stockings, a suspender belt with 4 inch stillettos, and nothing else.

“And by the way, I’m much hotter then Seka” she complained.

Claire contined to stroke John’s cock as Alison ran her hands up and down his thighs.

“I know I haven’t been around much lately to service your hard cock, so thats why I enlisted a little help” Claire told John.

Alison was now using one hand to gently massage Johns balls and he watched transfixed as she slid the other hand up her sisters leg, all the way to her hot wet pussy. Claire didn’t flinch she just maintained her rhythmic stroking of Johns cock.

“I just though that with you and Alison here in the house all day, and both of you dying for sexual relief, you could maybe help each other out?”

“Very considerate of you” John laughed

“Well I know that you’ve been dying to get naked with my sister for years, so now’s your opportunity”

John couldn’t believe his ears, maybe he was still dreaming but if he was he didn’t want to wake up any time soon.

“And why wouldn’t he want to get naked with me?” Alison join in, “I’m hot”

“That you are sister, that you are ” Claire answered as she lowered her hand to the sisters breast and gently squeezed her nipple.

John was in ecstacy. Here he was with his wife stroking his cock as she played with her sisters beatuiful breasts.

Claire looked at Alison “OK baby sis, just like we discussed. Time for you to taste the finest cock this side of the Mississippi”

“Hmmmm...don’t mind if I do” Alison said “but their is something I have to tell you first, I’ve tasted it already”

Claire said nothing, she just sat there and stared at her sister. Oh Shit, John thought, she’s is going to fucking lose it!!

“After we spoke last night, I was so fucking horny that when I got up this morning I couldn’t wait” Claire didn’t respond, she just continued to look at her sister and continued to slowly stroke John’s cock.

“I watched some porn and fucked myself with a dildo, but it wasn’t enought. So I went to John’s den and I sucked his massive cock and swallowed a huge wad of his cum. Then I sat on his desk and he gave me the best tongue fucking of my life, Jesus Christ I almost passed out” A shadow passed over Claire’s face but John couldn’t make out if it was anger or excitement.

“I wanted to fuck him so badly” Alison continued “but I couldnt do it without you being there to watch”.

John was so engrossed in the conversation that he almost didn’t notice that Claire’s legs were now wide open and Alison was slowly and genlty sliding two fingers in and out of her sisters dripping cunt. Claire continued to caress Alison’s nipples.

“You’re such a fucking slut Alison” Claire said, “thats why I love you so much”

They both laughed and Claire lowered her mouth to her sisters and kissed her softly on the lips. They continued to kiss for about a minute and John felt sure that he was going to shoot his load. In fact he was starting to feel a little left out watching Claire and Alison passionately kiss each other, but this soon changed.

“So baby sister, you want to take the full lenght of this big boy in your pussy then do you? Do you think you can handle it?” Claire asked, turning her attention back to John and to his now raging hard cock.

“Oh I hope so” Alison answered “but first I want to taste his cum again”

Alison crawled forward and in one movemnet she took John’s cock deep into her mouth. “Thats my girl” Claire said “suck it good”

Claire quickly discarded her skirt, her blouse and bra and stood naked looking at her sister sucking her husbands cock.

“Hmmm...you taste so good” Alison said, before taking all of Johns 10 inches into her mouth again.

Claire sat down next to John and started to kiss him. Just then John realised that this was going to be one of the best nights of his life

Claire looked up and smiled at John “Well, weren’t you the devious little fucker, sucking my sisters clit like that and making her pass out?” Claire said finally

“I’m sorry babe, I just couldn’t resist” John answered meekly. He realised that he really had no defence.

“I forgive you darling, but only because I know how hard it is to say no to this little slut when she’s horny and wants her clit sucked”

“Speaking of my clit sister dearest, get your sweet ass down here and get sucking on it now” Alison ordered her sister, momentarily releasing Johns cock from her mouth.

Claire must have registered the bewildered look on her husbands face, because she stared to laugh.

“Perhaps I should explain baby. Alison and I have been fucking each other since we were teenagers, we love having a few drinks and getting naked together”

“I never realised that you liked pussy” John stammered, his head swimming with images of his wife and sister in law.

“Well, to be honest, Alison’s is the only pussy that I’ve ever tasted and she tastes so good” Claire said, playfully poking a toe in her sisters ribs “but their are times when I’d love to have my face buried in a hot pussy when your’re fucking me”.

“Oh I like nothing better then having a cock or two in me and a hot pussy to suck and lick” Alison butted in.

“Hmm” Claire maoned, “that sounds devine”

“Well I’ll have to introduce you and John to some friends of mine over the next little while” Alison said, as she slowly stroked Johns raging hard dick “but for the moment you’ll just have make do with me and this big boy here”.

Claire slid to the ground and obiediently started to suck her sisters clit.

“Oh that’s so good baby” Alison moaned, “suck it hard and make me cum”

John just couldn’t hold back any more. “Oh Fuck Alison I’m gonna cum....” he shouted. Alison just looked up at him and smiled, inviting him to fill her mouth with his load. John was happy to oblige. He felt his sack tighten and a wave of pleaseure shook his body as he pumped cum into Alison’s mouth. John came for what seemed like 5 minutes and it looked like Alison had drank every drop. John had just stopped cumming when Claire slid out from underneath her sister.

“Hey, don’t take it all you greedy bitch” Claire protested. Alison just smiled as the remnants of John’s cum seeped from her mouth.

“I saved you a mouthful” Alison mumbled as she leaned towrds her sister and opened her mouth to kiss her. The two women kissed hungarily and John watched Alison pass a mouthful of his cum to her sister and watched as Claire swallowed it all and started to licked the remains of Johns cum from her sisters chin.

“Fuck he tastes so good” Alison said wiping her mouth. “Told you so” Claire agreed as she started to massage her sisters nipples. Claire looked up at her husband “You’re going to need a minute to get going again baby after a cum like that, just sit back and relax for a while and Alison and I will entertain ourselves for ”.

John sank back into the chair. It was true that he had just had the biggest cum of his life but he was sure it wouldn’t take too long for his cock to be ready for action again.

The three of them spent the rest of the evening sucking and fucking each other into a kind of sexual heaven John had only ever dreamed about. After Claire and he had gone to bed he fell into a deep sleep and slept for what seemed like hours. Finally it was hunger that woke him. He looked over at Claire and saw that she was still fast asleep. Sliding out of bed, John reacehd for his gown before heading down to the kitchen. His mind replayed over the events of the night before. Man, his wife had sucked her sisters clit in front of him and he had loved it. His cock started to twitch as he remembered the girls swapping his cum from mouth to mouth. The coffee had just finished brewing when he heard someone coming down the stairs. He looked around as Alison entered the kitchen. She was naked except for a pair of sneakers she wore around the house.

Hey John she said as she kissed him lightly on the lips, how are you this morning

“I’m good” he replied “if a little tired”

Alison smiled. “Me too” she replied. “Jesus John you fucked us both at least three times last night, who knew you were such a fucking machine”

“I’ll take that as a compliment” he laughed

“Well you should”, Alison replied “that is an amazing cock you have”. Johns amazing cock was now starting to tent his robe and Alison was quick to noticed,

Sh smialed and said “Why are you wearing that old robe anyway baby, no need for modesty now,considering that last night pumped so much of your hot cum in my pussy, ass and mouth”.

John laughed and opened his robe, revealing his semi erect cock.

“Oh ya” Alison said, “ I think today is going to be another good day”. She walked over and knelt in front of John and started to slowly stroke his cock.

She sighed, “Oh man, wait untill the rest of the gang see this, they are going to love you”. John wasn’t sure who the rest of the gang were, but at that moment as Alison slid his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth, he really didn’t give a fuck and he thought that the chances were he was going to like them a lot.