Written by stephendedalus

13 Dec 2011

John had thought his day couldn’t possibly get much better, but he was wrong. As the day progressed he realised that this was possibly going to be the best day of his life. The day was spent in a whirl of laughing, fucking, drinking and more fucking, more drinking, bar-b-que’d food by the pool and then a little more fucking. Luckily Claire and Alison had stocked up on wine and beer for the weekend and by late afternoon the party was in full flow. For the first 2 hours after the guys arrived John hadn’t even seen Claire. She was upstairs with Byron and Matt and he was sure her day was shaping up just about as well as his was.

Claire felt she was in danger of dehydration. After a wonderful fucking session with Matt Byron had entered the room and Claire knew from the moment she saw him that she was going to have one of the most intense sexual experiences of her life. She had taken his 13” cock in her mouth and started sucking.

“Hmmm....your mouth feels so soft” Byron said and half his shaft lenght disappeared into Claires hungry mouth.

“Its so fucking big Byron” Claire gasped “I cant get any more than half of it into my mouth”

“Just keep sucking baby, you’ll get more in as you get used to it” Byron urged her

Claire sucked harder. She had always loved sucking cock and prided herself on the fact that she had never meet a cock yet she couldnt get into her mouth. Johns 10” had taken her a while to get used to but when she did she felt like she could handle anything. Untill now. And it wasnt so much the lenght of Byrons cock that was causing the problem but the width of it. With little over half of his cock in her mouth, it was open as wide as it could go and if felt as full as it would ever be. It was a fantastic feeling, mouth wide open, a beautiful black cock filling it and pushing against the back of her throat. Claire closed her eyes and forced another inch of cock into her mouth.

“Good girl” Byron moaned “you gonna get it all down that hot throat”. Claire held back her gag reflex and pushed down harder on the huge ebony black cock. So engrosed was she at her task that Claire hadn’t heard Matt come out of the the bathroom, but suddenly there he was high-fiving Byron and slapping him on the back.

“I told you didnt I?” Matt grinned, “I just knew she was going to be a spectacular fuck”

“You sure did buddy” Byron agreed, “but I dont think you did this fine piece if ass the justice she deserves. She has all the makings of an absolute first class slut, right up there with Alison and the other girls” Matt agreed and Claire wondered about the relationship between these two guys and the three girls. They certainly had a special bond and an easy trusting relationship with each other that she envied. Also she was a little peeved that she was currently considered to be somewhat of a lesser slut than the other girls. Well fuck that Claire thought, I’ll show these guys. Claire drove her mouth forward and arched her head back. As she did the head of Byrons cock passed her tonsils and ploughed down her throat. Byron gasped and looked down at Claire who had all but the final inch of Byrons enormous cock in her mouth. Her eyes watered and he throat burned but Claire was determined to get it all in.

“Cmon slut get it all in there” Byron bucked his hips forward while Matt held the back of her head. Claire could feel Byrons sack and balls bounce off her chin as he face fucked her as hard as he could. She couldnt believe she had it all in her mouth and as she got used to it her gag reflax eased and she relaxed. She then started to flexed her throat muscles around Byrons cock, milking it as it rammed into her georgous face. Matt had scooted around behind her and his hard again cock was back up her ass....just where she liked it. He had his hand on the back of her head so she didnt have a choice but to take the full force of Byrons face fucking. And she loved it. Sh had never felt so full of cock in all her life and it thrilled her. She felft her hips move and buck as the beginnings of a hard satisfing cum began to build deep in the pit of her stomach. Slowly it spread down her groin and enveloped her pussy as Matt fucked her hard in the ass and Byron got ready to unload his sack.

“Jesus Claire you are milking my cock....hmmm...only the best sluts do that, just keep doing it babe” Claire had no intention of stopping she was trying to hold back her own cum so she could let it go when Byron spunked down her throat, but finally she couldnt hold back. She felt the hot waves of pleaure spread throught her body as her orgasm reached its peak and then, unusually for her, it just stayed that way. Her body spasmed as wave after wave of pleasure exploded out from her pussy. It was so intense Claire nearly passed out, it was the hardest most intense cum she had ever had. Then just when Claire thought it couldnt get any better, Byron grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her face even harder.

“Oh Shit” Byron moaned “I’m gonna cum”. Byron continued to fuck Claires mouth wildly as he unleashed streams of hot cum down her throat. The torrent of cum nearly choked Claire but she just kept swallowing as Byron kept pumping. Claire herself continued to cum and cum hard and not wanting to feel left out, Matt increased the speed of his fucking and unloaded a second load of cum in Claires ass. It took Byron 30 seconds to finally stop cumming and he slowed his rythm. Matt pulled his cock from Claires ass and lay spent on the bed as Claire could feel Byrons hot load settle in her stomach and more of Matts cum oozed from her ass and ran down her legs. She didnt imagine there was ever a time when she was so full of cum, and it felt wonderful. Claire cleaned Byrons cock with her tongue and enjoyed the last of his cum.

“Fuck Claire, I thought I was going to drown you with all the cum I pumped into you, I’ve been saving that load all week for you.

“Well I hope you got some more buddy” Claire said as she rubbed more of Matts cum into her pussy, “because I’m not finished with you by a long shot, we’re got all weekend”

“Dont worry babe, lots more where that came from”. Btyron said as he drained the las drops of cum into her mouth.

“Not so sure about me” Matt laughed, “I just pumped 2 loads into the tighest sweetest ass I’ve had for a long time...I need to recover”

Downstairs, John was doing some recovering of his own. He sat naked on the couch and watched the seen unfold in front of him. Shilpa and Kate were on the rug and locked in a 69 position.They were gently and tenderly sucking and stroking each others clits. This had started about 15 mins earlier when Kate had slid her body on top of the Indian beauty as she lay on the floor and hungrily licked Johns cum out of Shilpas recently fucked cunt. Jesus but John had enjoyed fucking her. She was small and petite and he had felt every inch of his hard 10” cock drive right up into her body as he fucked her. The harder he fucked her the better she seemed to like it.

“Oh yes John, ram that monster up my hot slutty little cunt” Shilpa shouted as John had pounded her soaking wet fuck hole.

“Oh Oh”.....John could hear Alison laughing from the couch, where she was sitting comfortably after being brought to a climax by Kates seemingly expert tongue (John was looking forward to sampling that later) “potty mouth Shilpa is in the house”

“Fantastic” Kate joined in, “you know its going to be a good night when Shilpa talks dirty”

“Shut up bitches, I need to concentrate on getting this fine cock deeper and deeper into my cunt....come on John fuck me harder”

John had been holding back somewhat, conscious of Shilpas petite frame, but now he brought out the heavy artillery and just fucked her like a man possessed. Shouted on with encouragement from the girls on the couch, John fucked Shilpa like the slut she was. He flipped her over and buried his cock in her from behind so he could get deeper in her beautiful Indian cunt. Shilpa took it all and just wanted more.

“Thats it big boy, fill Shilpas cunt with hard cock, just the way she likes it” Shilpa now had her hand between her legs and was furiously rubbing her clit. It seemd to John like she felt that she was the only one in the house who hadn’t cum yet, and she was determined to right that wrong a quickly as possible.

John could feel his balls tighten again as he got ready to shoot.

“Gonna cum Shilpa” John shouted as he felt cum escape from the head of his cock

“Me too” Shilpa screamed as she arched her back and worked her clit even harded. As John spilled his load into Shilpas pussy he felt it contract and get even tigher and wetter as Shilpa slipped into a deep satisfing orgasm. As John contined to pound Shilpa, Kate slid off the couch and smacked Johns ass hard as he unloaded.

“Thats it John, fill the little cunt with your hot cum” Kate said as her tongue found Johns mouth and she kissed him hard. He could taste Alisons sweet pussy from her and it drove him to fuck Shipla with one last burst of speed before he had emptied as much cum as was possible into the little Indians cunt.

“Oh yes” Shipla moaned “I fucking needed that”. Shilpa lay on the floor and continued to play with her own clit as she came down from her orgasmic high. Kate smelled and tasted so good that John felt a little stirring in his now softening cock. Kate felt it too and she dropped down and licked the last of the cum from Johns dripping cock.

“Hmmm that tastes good” she said, “I need to get some more of that”. Thats when she turned her attention to Shilpa and began to lick Johns cum from Shilpas horny little snatch.

“I knew you wouldnt be able to resist my cum filled cunt” Shilpa said as she scooted round and settled her face under Kates wide open pussy.

“Takes a slut to know a slut” Kate said as she busied herself with a tasty cum snack from her friends pussy.

John retreated to the couch where Alison put her arm round him and they snuggled up on the couch to enjoy watching the two girls.

“So how is your day going brother-in-law?” Alison asked as she took Johns cock in her hand a stroked it softly.

“Possibly the best of all time” John laughed, “but your going to have to let me recover for a little while before we make it even better”

Alison laughed and kised him on the mouth before slinking off the couch

“I’m starving” she said “let’s get some food on while the girls have some fun”

Just then three naked bodies arrived in to the kitchen. Claire looked blissfully happy, but spoke a little hoarsly.

“You OK baby” John enquired? Claire smiled and kissed him and told him what a great time she had. John looked at Byrons semi hard cock and realised straight away just how good a time Claire had probably had

“Your wife is a very accomodating host” Byron said and winked at John. Again the thought of Claire getting fucked by these guys made him hard, but curiously he was even happier that Claire was having a good time and getting some serious cock.

As John busied himself in the kitchen with Alison, Claire took Byron and Matt out to the pool and the three of them went for a swim. As they prepared some food, a naked Alison opened some wine and laughed and joked, with Alison doing her best to make Johns cock hard agian by rubbing her beautiful ass up against him everytime she passed. From the lounge the filthy mouth of Shilpa could be hear instructing Kate as to how exactly she wanted her pussy eaten. Oh yes thought John this day was getting better and better......... However, little did he know that the day was about to take a further dramatic and very interesting turn, one he never expected in his wildest and filthiest dreams.

20 miles away at a chic downtown hotel a woman emerged from a lift and walked across the lobby. Wearing only a tight steel grey day dress, high open toed wedges and sunglasses she looked like the very embodiment of female beauty and confidence. Dozens of pairs of eyes followed her as she glided her beaautiful frame across the floor and headed for the door. Her slender lithe body was toned and flexible after years of yoga and running. A noted athlete in her youth, at 48 she still turned heads and looked as good as many women half her age. And Jane liked to be looked at, it really turned her on. Men had always stared at her, but in recent years she was equally interested in the looks she got from women. Having divorced 5 yrs earlier, she had stumbled quite accidentally one night upon the thrill of sex with another woman and was now decidedly bisexual. Not that anybody really knew that, as she kept that side of her seperate from her business and family life. But since her divorse from that asshole Neil she’d had many lovers of both sexes and sometimes wondered how she had spent over 40 yrs on this earth now knowing how good a sweet hot pussy tasted. As she crossed to a waiting taxi, Jane thought about the night she had just spent. After arriving late into the hotel she had ordered some wine to her room. A young Spanish waiter had delivered the wine and could not contain his lustful gazes as he stared at Jane’s body. It was unfair to expect him to of course, as she let him into the room wearing only a pair of white french knickers that had perfectly showed off her magnificent ass.

“Im afraid I don have any cash for a tip” she told him before turning around and bending over slightly. She continued “but may you see something here that might be of interest to you if you have some time to spare?".

Jorge hadn’t needed a second invitation and minutes later they were both naked and on the bed. Jane smiled as she recalled the youthful enthusiasm of the young waiter as he fucked her with his impressive cock, and also the look of hurt on his face after she had kicked him out an hour later when she was done with him. Maybe she’s make it up to him before she left again but for now she had other things on her mind. Maybe a surprise visit wasn’t the best idea, but she needed to see her younger daughter and get her back on track. She had spent long enough already sponging off her sister and brother-in-law and Jane was going to put a stop to it. Jane loved both her daughters dearly and her eldest girls husband as well who really was a great guy...and pretty hot too. As the taxi headed to the suburbs Jane was looking forward to seeing her wayward daughter Alison and her eldest darling daughter Claire and son-in-law John. They were always such good company and welcoming, she knew they would all be delighted to see her.