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O's Fantasy Comes True

A surprise from her partner means Orla gets to experience and enjoy one of her ultimate fantasy


12 minute read

It was fresh Thursday Autumn morning , Orla was on her normal 6am walk around her favourite route beside the lake. She loved to come to the lake as It was always so quiet nobody around and the views of the city are the best around. It was a typical morning walk , trees starting show signs of Autumn , leaves turning beautiful bronze colour and the sky also filled with colour but not a beautiful blue skies of last few days but more a stunning reddish colour a sign of bad weather forecasted later in day. Orla was in her typical walking attire leggings , fleece jacket , hat , gloves , walking trainers and had her mobile strapped to her arm with earphones plugged in listening to favourite music, she has been walking now for just over 45mins and is nearly starting on way back to her car when suddenly her phone rings... She stops and answers phone .. “ Hello Orla hear “ “ Hi Sweetheart , how's your walk going ? “ It was Jamie her husband on the phone , she was shocked to hear him as he has never phoned before while walking always been a late riser “ Great as usual , what you doing up so early ? is something up“ Orla replied , curious now about phone call “ Can't a loving Husband call his amazingly sexy wife these sounding Jamie now sounding very suspicious in his voice “ Ok now I know your up to something , what have you planned now ? “ Orla and Jamie have been very active swinger couple now for many years and have explored many boundaries in enhancing their sexual desires, Orla sensed this was another one about to be explored but had no idea what was being planned but even this early in morning she was already feeling aroused by the tone of Jamie voice.. “ Sweetheart , I need you to do something for me ? How far you away from City View point ? , City view point was a secluded area that you could drive and park at and get the most amazing views of the city. Jamie now sounding in more dominant tone , he had something big planned for his gorgeous wife it had taken a lot of planning , something he knew that has been her ultimate fantasy. “ Its nearby say only 5mins away , why? “ Orla now starting to get more aroused as she knows that tone means that an amazing sexual experience is coming , her hand now on her neck and she starts biting her lips waiting for the response. “ Ok I need you to go there and go to the spot , I gave you your Birthday present last year and call me back “ Then phone went dead as Jamie hung up. Orla now standing there thinking about that spot , it was the bench looking over the city , last year for her birthday they both went up there and Jamie had bent her over the bench and fucked her so hard, she had always joke with him that she wanted to fucked by him there. Now fully aroused , she started walking towards the meeting spot at very brisk pace, getting there in no time at all. Standing at bench mind still thinking back last year when Jamie fucked her over it , she looked around to see was there anyone around, she noticed few cars around 4 or 5 in Car park and Black Van as well but no body around. She takes long last deep breath and calls Jamie ... After few rings Jamie answers phone “ Hi Sweetheart are you at spot ? “ Orla now getting little nervous of what he has planned as she tentatively replies “ Yep I here “ “ So you remember I fucked you over that bench for your Birthday because you fantasized about it “ Jamie now fully dominant in his tone “ I do “ Orla again feeling her neck and biting her lip. “ Well now another Fantasy of yours could possibly happen but I will I need to ask you do you trust me ? “ “ Of course I do “ Jamie took very deep breath and finally revealed to Orla what is about to happen. “ Ok turn around and look towards the Van , what do you see ? “ Orla turned around to see a tall slim man standing beside it looking in her direction. “ I see man beside it “ Jamie took another deep breath “ Ok I have planned the ultimate fantasy for you , if you want to go ahead with it then all you need to do is hang up phone now and I will call that man and he will come over blindfold you and I do not know what happens next but you must do what ever that is ask for you to do... I will be waiting for a call to collect you ... trust me you will be safe. If you do not want to go through with it stay on the phone and just walk away now. You decide honey? Orla looking over at the man , hand still over her neck as she had made her decision already , took deep breath “ Honey I love you “ And hung up on Jamie , her eyes now fully fixed on the man beside the Van. Suddenly she sees the man answering phone .... oh god she thinks to herself what is about to happen , as she sees the gentleman gesture for her to come over. Orla walked over to the man , a tall dark handsome man , very fuckable indeed she thought to herself. “ Hi “ Orla tentatively says knowing no turning back... “ Hi Orla “ the tall dark handsome man says “ Ok I am going to put this blindfold on you now “ The man puts the blindfold on and tightens it .... “ Is that ok not tight enough? Can you see anything ? “ Orla now in complete blackness , bit disoriented at first get used to it , as she now hears the Van door opening. “ No its fine “ “ Ok now lets get you in this fucking van then “ His tone now more Aggresive, as he grabs and pushes her into the van , so she is now lying on the floor. The Van door shuts and she now hears other voices around her, she cant pick out four maybe five different voices, What the fuck is about to happen she thinks to herself as she hears the driver door open and close shut. “ Ok lads here is the lady she will do what ever you ask, now you know the rules, if your going to cum its over face , breasts or any other part of outer body. So what you waiting for Fuck her Senseless “ The man joyfully says as he starts the Van engine.... Instantly Orla feels hands all over her as her trainers , socks , leggings , underwear pulled off and her fleece containing phone also unzipped off her she is now left with just her white top on. She feels a strong hands pull her up to her knees and suddenly “ Oh your going to suck this now “ First mystery guy now filling her mouth with Huge hard cock , Orla gags at the size of it going in and out of her mouth , she is still so disoriented trying to sense how many are in van. She feels other hands now caressing her breasts... Her mouth is being now fucked so hard she finding hard to breath suddenly her head is pulled back by her hair. Gasping for breath before another Huge cock this one wider now is filling her mouth.... Groans from the man “ oh yeah suck that good wont ya “ Orla now starting to get so wet as she now grabs two other cocks with her hands, Oh my god she thinks to herself , as her mouth still being fucked and she is Jerking two huge cocks in her hand. “ My god lads your cocks are fucking huge “ Orla screams just before another huge cock fills her mouth and she grabs two more in her hands. Now her breasts now exposed as white top lifted , her nipples being lick , kissed and bitten by more men. Orla thinks there is least Five in here and all there cocks are huge, she hasn't noticed the van is in motion and also not caring where it is going. She just loving all the Cock around her and not knowing who they belong to... Again her mouth is being filled with cock , her head being held and the huge cock pushed deep down her throat. She senses his cock getting much harder, he is about to Cum , as he pounds her mouth and he quickly pulls out and screams “ Oooohhhhh Fuck yeah “ And orgasms all over her face , Orla screaming in delight feeling it hitting her face... “ That's what I want lads , I want your Cum all fucking over me “ Suddenly one of the Men says now show me that Ass and pushes her onto all fours, her pussy so wet that his cock slides easily into her, Groans from him as he feels his cock sliding in... “ Oh yeah , now pound that pussy hard “ Orla now fucking loving what is happening , her fantasy of getting fucked by many men in a van coming true and it is has hot as she ever imagined. Her pussy is now being pounded hard , she hears her ass slapping so off his cock and again she is feeling his cock getting harder... “ Thats it come on Cum over me , Cum over me now “ Orla now slapping her Ass harder back into his cock as he groans in pleasure , quickly again pulling out and busting all his cum over the back of Orla “ Fuck yeah “ he screams Orla was about to say something bit before she could another Cock fills her pussy and is pounding away.... She is so fucking wet and she now feels her Juices building as well “ Oh fuck me harder , i am going to cum “ The man starts pounding harder a “ Oh yeah Oh Yeah .... oh my god I am going to Cum “ She Screams as she cums all over his huge cock... “ Oh fucking hell , omg god “ Orla shaking at the amazing orgasm “ Get that cock up here , let me taste that cock “ Instantly man pulls out and fills her mouth , Orla now tasting her own juices on his huge cock as she goes up and down on his cock. She then fells another cock in her pussy , she is now being pounded in her mouth and pussy ... oh she is in Orgasmic heaven and senses more Cum is about to explode over her. Quickly man pulls cock out of mouth and shoots a huge Cum Load over her face , screaming in delight, Her face now dripping in Cum. She now senses the van slowing down her pussy still being pounded by huge cock, suddenly it stopped but the man didn’t stop pounding away at her soaking wet pussy and she hears Van door open. “ Ok lads bring her out here “ Mystery man pulls out of her and next she is grabbed by both arms and pulled out of van. She is stood up , she can't see anything but she knows she is naked apart from white top pulled above her breasts. “ Ok lads its my turn “ Orla recognise voice its the fuckable man from the start “ Lift her up on the bonnet and hold her for me “ He says Suddenly she feels all these hands lifting her onto bonnet , one man taking one arm ,another taking the other one and then two others holding her legs apart. She knows she is spread eagled over the Bonnet awaiting a cock to be sliding into her. “ Ok lads hold her tight , Let me fuck this awesome pussy “ As the Fuckable man slides his cock into her pussy “ Oh My God “ Orla Screams as its the biggest one yet... He starts sliding it in and out , his rhythm quicking with every thrusts , his hips rotating pounding her pussy from different angles. The men's grip getting tighter as he pounds her fucking harder... Suddenly Orla feels his hands around her neck and screams in delight as he tightens grip on her airway . “ Oh fucking yeah please Don't stop , fuck me harder “ His hips now pounding harder than anyone before “ Oh god i am cumming again “ Orla screams as she tightens around his huge cock and orgasms all over him , he just laughs “ Oh Yeah “ and pounds even harder , going deeper into her shaking body amd his hands even tighter on her airway. “ Oh god Oh God.oh god oh god “ She trying to scream but his tight grip on her neck stopping her scream , suddenly she soaks his cock again with all here juices again he laughs “ So you ready for my load now “ “ Oh fuck yeah give it to me “ she yells , the grip on her neck now released. She feels his hard cock pull out and groans as he cums all over her belly. There is a moment of silence as she is let down from the bonnet, her legs still shaking , being held up by two men. Suddenly the Fuckable man speaks “ Ok lads put her on her knees over there “ As she is lead few metres away from van , she feels leaves under her feet as she is pushed on her knees. Orla now wondering what is happening next as she hears the men surrounding her on all sides “ Ok lads , back in van “ Fuckable man instructs She hears them getting in the van and door closes. Her blindfold is slowly removed and she now sees where she is, she is in middle of a forest. The Tall Dark man walks in front of her, he has her clothes on him and takes out his phone and presses a number “ Hi , Yeah she is here , you can collect her now “ The Tall Dark man hangs up looks straight at Orla who is dripping in hers and the others cum and places her clothes beside her. “ It was a pleasure Orla , hope you enjoyed “ Orla body still shaking , slowly picking up her clothes “ That was fucking amazing “ The Tall Dark Man headed to his van , jumped in turned the key , rolling down window “ Don’t worry he is only 5 mins away ..... you will be safe “ And drove away leaving Orla in the forest her body dripping in most amazing juices as finally got her senses and started putting her clothes on, using her white top to clean herself up. She then hears footsteps and spots Jamie coming over to her.... He looks straight at her wondering if she enjoyed his surprise.... Orla looks right back with a smile Jamie now smiling unbuckles his belt and letting his trousers drop revealing massive bulge in his Boxers. Orla smiles again “ Oh fuck yeah “ as she grabs and pulls down his Boxers revealing his hard cock... Just as she was about to devour it in her mouth She looks up and says “ Thank you , I fucking love you “

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