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My first MMF

"Party leads me down a path"
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When I think of how I got started in experimenting with my sexuality, it all comes back to one night about 4 years ago.

Myself and my friend, Dan, were invited to the 30th birthday party of a guy we knew in school. Having nothing on, we agreed we'd go and have a few drinks and catch up. Our wives couldn't make it, so the plan was a couple of drinks and home.

The party itself was grand, a function room in a pub job, and we found ourselves chatting to our friends cousin, Emma. She was a couple of years behind us in school and always known for being really good looking. That hadn't waned and she was stunning in a short brown dress. We had a good laugh with her and she was up for banter, teasing us about being married and not having sex etc.

Come time to leave, we were downstairs queuing for a cab when she came down herself. We offered to split a cab and drop her home first. Her sitting between us was nice and I made a mental note to file it for use when I got home.

But when we got to her place, she invited us in for a drink and we didn't refuse. Inside there was a couple of drinks before the conversation turned to sex again. She asked had we any kinks before admitting her own. She said that she was really turned on by men kissing, preferably straight, and asked had we ever done it. Dan said he had in college on a dare but I, truthfully, said I hadn't.

Not that I hadn't thought of it, but had never gone ahead. She said that me and Dan should kiss and the entire mood shifted. I weakly protested but she stood up, pulled us both off the couch so we were all close together and told us if we kissed, she'd probably get so horny she'd do anything we wanted.

At this point, my heart was thumping and all of the times I'd thought about kissing Dan came into my head. I'd been friends with him since we were 15, over 15 years now, and had the chance and never taken it. Could I now?

Luckily the decision was taken from me as Dan put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in, kissing me softly on the lips. I met it and soon our mouths were open, hungrily kissing. I felt Emma shift beside me so reached for her hand and instinctively put it on Dan's hardening cock,which I ran my hand over, feeling his thickness.

I pulled back from the kiss and let Emma take over as I put my hand up her dress to her ass, running my hand around the front, I was met with Dan's hand inside her underwear. Feeling me, he pulled his hand out and put his fingers into my mouth, letting me taste her pussy. I made sure to trace my tongue all around his finger as I swallowed every bit.

I was kissing her neck as she moaned from being felt up when she turned and kissed me hard then started biting my ear as Dan felt my nipples through my shirt. She moaned into my ear that I would never forget what was next but I was too tuned on to notice what that meant.

She turned to Dan and kissed him again, this time undoing his belt and jeans and sliding his pants down to his ankles, springing his cock free. She kissed down his neck, pulling me in to resume the kiss with him as she slid down and took his 7 inch cock into her mouth. Him moaning into my mouth drove me wild and when she took my hand and put it on his rock hard cock, I felt completely natural. I stroked it up and down slowly but felt Emma pull at my shirt to bring me to her level. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of sucking a dick to this point but I didn't expect it to be so natural for me.

Faced with my friend's cock, thicker and longer than mine, I took to the task, licking his shaft and balls hungrily before trying to take as much of it as possible into my mouth, causing him to gasp "You're so fucking good". That made me go nuts and I began to suck like my life depended on it before Emma took back over and I stood up to kiss Dan again, his precum mixed with my spit.

We fumbled our way to the bedroom, where clothes came off in a flurry of kissing and mauling.

Dan lay Emma down and parted her legs, lapping at her pussy and causing her to cum at least twice, the second time as she took my cock in her mouth. As she did, she ran a finger around my ass hole, causing me to back into it, not knowing what to do. With my encouragement sealed, she took some lube from the dresser and oiled up her finger. Taking me in her mouth again, she slipped a finger inside me, a complete first. At first I winced from the pain, but as she settled began sliding back and forth, I was in heaven.

At this point, Dan was fucking her hard and the sight and movement and her incredible mouth and hands were too much and I came hard down her throat, something she swallowed, which my wife never does.

As I lay beside her spent, she kissed me and asked could Dan finish on my face. I was blown away but too horny and tired to resist. So they repositioned to beside me as she licked and wanked him and encouraged me to do the same. Eventually he got close and with an aggression I'd never seen before pushed to the bed with one hand and wanjed himself to completion with the other, putting a massive load on my mouth, chest and cheeks.

With Emma's encouragement, I licked up some of it and wasn't put off by the taste. Little did I know it was just the start.

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