Skpyed (1/3) Other

"Okay kiddies, it is time for you now to go to bed" I said into the Skype screen and gave the signal for the virtual Good Night Kiss ritual which we had in place since several months. 8200 km away from me and with a time difference of 5:30 hours my kids waved and made hand kisses in direction of the webcam. It broke my heart every time but global economic circumstances have challenged us. Far away from wife and kids I was contracting for a Europe… Read more


And then there was 4 Other

A tap on the interconnecting door as a gem off a lady sauntered into our room through the adjoined door we didn’t stop with our endeavour to please each other ....two strong hands settle on my shoulders and being to rub them with ease as i still straddle the man beneath me ...she her self lays along side us ...hand travelling along his thigh as we move in slow union ,,,
the man behind me ...strong and gentle ... lower his lips to my skin ....… Read more


She is bold ...... beddy's turn .... :-) Other

As I woke I felt the heat off his skin against mine , the feeling evokes a reaction and the desire for more , leaning over I let my tongue graze along his ear , my breath brushing his skin as I do so , he stirs but doesn’t awaken , tongue mosit and wet travels along his outer ear to find his lobe which I now hold gently between my teeth ..letting my tongue flick over and back as he gives a low , slow moan and stirs again …Mmmm .. Releasing my… Read more


This man is bold .... his turn .... Other

This man is bold ....... Alt's turn ...

As he watches my body shivers as the heat we have generated melts the ice he side between the valley off my breast , A touch so light , yet my body and mind scream as the cold sensation lifts me and makes me want more , hot tongue follows the trail , lapping the liquid sweeten by a lovers lust , Touching my skin with a feather light touch , a promise off more and a torment in play , as he glides the… Read more


Toy for use Other

You arrive home from work late one night, your hubby has already told you he won't be home til later.

When you get through the door there is a note on the floor, telling you to follow the arrows and any instructions...

You follow them upstairs, where there is a note telling you to take a shower. When you get back out there is some of your sluttiest underwear laid out on the bed, crotchless panties, a tiny babydoll, stockings and suspenders … Read more


Would you ? Other

Hmmm its been a long day and my body is aching form the day that has gone .. Stepping into the shower ..I let the warm water flow over my shin , a shimmering blanket off heat …soothing to the touch , as I lean my head back and rest it against the wall , the floods off water cascade over me beasts … the pleasurable sensations most welcome ..nipples tingling as hot then cold are endured , licking the droplets from my lips I can put imagine wha… Read more


Shopping . . . . . Other

Oh god not here … I think to my self as I feel a hand sliding up my leg under my skirt . My breath catches as I look over my shoulder and he grins back and say …”shussh …don’t move “ as he deliberately slides three finger into me … “Mmmmm “ I bite my lip with the urge to moan …. “Dame you “I whisper in a low aroused tone , “ we will get caught here “ , The shop is quiet and the lingerie section off a major department s… Read more


Lust for three ........................... Other

I walk right up and stand in front off you right now ,,,and ever so slowly take my blouse off , one button at a time ( no touching keep ur hands down ) one , two , three , four ... relieving two breast to you , tight nipple , skin hot to touch ..offering you one to suck ( no hands aloud ) feeling you trace your tongue around my areola and over my taught nipple before you suck it in deeper with greed ...offering you the other as my fingers play wi… Read more


Don't look! Other

It all began when he tried to bring me out of my shell..little did he know what he was in for when he finally succeeded Lol..

We had been together for some time by now and seemed like we never got tired or bored of fucking each other, we just wanted more and more all the time,he was a dirty minded brat and I was a good girl (REALLY!!)

We started talking about our fantasys.. u know the kinda thing..what we had done.. what we wanted to do e… Read more


Oils and toys . . The end Other

Morning is coming when we awake stirring the needs again …. The dim light floods the room as I feel you hands start to roam my body again “ morning sleepy “ you whisper huskily in my ear ..”hmmmmm “ I reply as you hand slips between my legs with tender care you part them and slip your fingers into a pussy that is willing and wanting and waiting to be filled again as my hips start to grind against you pushing your fingers deeper each t… Read more


neighbour trouble Other

first time ever writing anything but my name so be kind lol

This is a story from about 15yrs ago when I was in my early twenties and had been with my g/f for a few years and we decided it was time to move in together …
So we got a house about a half mile from my father’s house and packed up all our stuff and gave it a go , all was great for the first few weeks until one of our neighbours Susan decided that she would make friends and spen… Read more


Oils and toys (part 2) Other

A short time later as we share a glass of wine and some conversation with some soft music. My body starts to tingle again with need , “ Can I ? looking at my toy beside us “ I ask in a low hushed voice .. “ You can do whatever pleases you hun “ you reply in a husky tone ….So I reach I take it and you watch as I rub some oil from the bottle you had used earlier and rub it all over it …Then taken it I rub in down between the valley of… Read more


Oil and toys ...... ( Part one ) Other

Ohh hmmmm ahhhhh goosssssh I mumble as his oil clad hands roam so intently over my body gliding with ease …Over my back , down my legs , between my thighs to push me closer to the edge off no return , Yet still he doesn’t stop …………………
Ah better start at the beginning ………………….

…He is on the phone with a husky voice that sends shivers down my spine …
“ Want to come for a drive hun ? “ … “ Yes …… Read more


Was I right ….was this what you wanted …needed …desired …..can I take more ??? Other

Desire burns from deep with …now I have you here in front off me again I don’t want to hold back …slowly I walk up to you and my hands travel the length off your torso feeling your muscles beneath a well fitted shirt …As I inhale your after shave I slowing start to undo one button at a time just letting my finger barely touch your hot skin as I do so …one …two ….three …four …I cant resist … I lower my head and place tender ki… Read more


Could it really happen? Other

I love going to the pictures! The smell of the popcorn, the booming sound all around as I sit in front of the massive screen.
I was supposed to meet a friend today for an early afternoon film, but just got a text saying they couldn't make it! Fucking useless sending a text when I am already at the cinema!
Well as I am here..... I decide on watching a low budget comedy horror. It will be crap, but I have seen most of what's on already.
The t… Read more


Will happen...for Better or No... Other

we talk about it... fantasize about it...fuck hard at the thought of it
my lovely mature wife getting fucked by another guy...
Here we are in Dub in a hotel we have visited many times,she looking great
as always,we have just enjoyed dinner and the wine and the few drinks after
true to form have us in the mood and each occasionaiiy seeting the scene for
later through a compliment or flirtatious comment.We sit in a dimly lit but
comfortable a… Read more


Naughty Sun-set Other

On a beautiful evening were going for a drive; that of course was a rouge my intentions were not so tepid your wearing a summer dress, so short it takes all myself control to keep my eyes on the road. You smile as you catch me glancing at you sleek folded legs, I suggest going to the five finger strand to watch the sun going down but instead of going to the beach i drive up the hill; explaining that the car park at the top of the hill will provid… Read more


My Dream . . . . . Other

Me and my boyfirend went to a local bar, there was no1 in the bar only a few drunks and regulars, we sat at the bar beside one of the dolls tori, we got chatting to her as no1 else seemed to be coming, the craic was getting good and all was going well, i was getting drunk by now and you no what means lol, i was feeling my mans leg getting excited, i went to use the toilet while he got the next round in, i was soon followed by tori, who asked me w… Read more


Great day at the office.... Other

' He texted to say he was 5 mins away, ' Hope your wet and ready for this?'

'Bend over and don't look around, hope you have all your work done and kept the office flowing smoothly while I have been away'...

Pushing her towards the stairs, he slowly bent her over, until her head was touching the stairs, spreading her legs apart, he ran his hands up the inside of her legs, teasing the skin at the top of her thighs with his long finger… Read more


Coffee Other

I was out one day and I sene this fine young wan walking along the road and she looked a bit de jected, having not had sex in a few days I thought what the hell I would give it a bash, I walked up to her and asked did she want to get a coffee, she looked at me blankly and said 'sure we are miles from civilization where are you going to get the means to boil water and not to mention fact there is a recession on and all Coffee has been santioned, g… Read more


Intrusion Part 2 Other

I was unsure as to what was going to happen next, as I caught his eye I received another slap in the face a lot harder than before. I was told again, it would get more painful the more I tried to look at him, just then he pinched and yanked down on both of my nipples very roughly.
But I was starting to enjoy this a lot and looked him straight in the eye as best I could, almost in defiance, it wasn't easy to do strapped up like that, I ensured he… Read more


Intrusion Other

Just another night lying in front of the tv, your suggestive text's getting me all hot, wet and bothered, sexual innuendo was flying back and forth as to what we would do to each other when we met up next. You were working night shift leaving me with just your filthy imagination combined with my overactive imagination, you teased me for nearly an hour even though you knew that I am not a great tease at all.
So I decided to have a shower and earl… Read more


Just a quick one Other

Your sweet lips spread so wide Showing their pinkness way up inside Your nectar flows freely from within covers my lips my tongue and my chin How sweet do you taste as I lick your smooth flesh Your arousal excites me to do my very best I lick each lip with the most tender of care set my sights at the clit hovering up there I push with my fingers on the hood that is there covering your clit from my amorous care I expose your button to the view of … Read more


fantasy of a 22 yr old fem... Other

I've been lying in my big double bed all day wearing a short, tight nightie which is nice and tight around my tits and ass, it's all black with bits of pink and stops halfway between my pussy and my knees. I've been getting horny all day talking/texting/emailing with other cpls, guys and girls, all about what we'd all do to each other and I've been watching some porn too so my pussy has been soaking for hours. House to my self too so no need to k… Read more


fingering yourself Other

I see you lying on that hotel bed ur legs spread wide I am watching as your fingering yourself and you can see my dick get hard. U watch my face as you push them in deeper then i come over drag you to the edge of the bed. I lift your legs up an open them as wide as they will go. I start licking away at your damp pussy moving my hands over your smooth body. You hold your swollen lips apart as i push my tongue in your hole, tasting the juice when u… Read more


? Other

Le petite mort, the French say,the little death, orgasm.
The brief end of time.
The end of this time.
When your lover ceases to be a person, and instead,
Becomes part of you,
Your soul,
Your beginning,
When you connect so deeply,
You are one and the universe.
A light explodes,so bright,so hot, the start of Creation.
We are made in God's image so we are told.
When God made the universe it must have felt like this.
Creation.… Read more


Outdoor pursuits. Other

Outdoor Pursuits...

She had been checking the weather forecast daily, hmmm yes today was supposed to be mild , no rain, perfect for a ramble...

He picked her up, she had warned him to dress appropriatley , no high heels and boots, jumpers and walking boots..

On arriving at the park, they chatted as friends do, happy to be in each others company again, catching up on the last few days..

Off they set, firstly … Read more


Wish I was a donut. Other

I wish I was a donut
And get eaten every day
To stick on someone's fingers
In a most delightful way

I wish I was a donut
Sugar coated just for fun
Full and round for easy grip
And a hole to put your tongue

I wish I was a donut
Long and filled with custard cream
Delicious on the taste buds
A succulent silken dream… Read more


The Manipulatrix Other

She strode into the room. Wearing a black power suit that included a short skirt that went to half way up her toned smooth athletic yet feminine thighs, she exuded confidence. She was only 20 but her confidence almost bordered on the arrogant. Her hair was short and black and she had sea green eyes. Her stillettos were sharp and threatening and very high. Her heels rhythmically clacking against the polished tiles of the office. She prowled li… Read more