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Massage night part 2

"A shy faithful wife on a massage journey."

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Massage night part 2

Following on from my wife's first Massage. Her second night with her amazing Mr Magic Hands was again, quite the watch from the crack in the door.

The massage went pretty much as expected. He gave her a lovely deep tissue full body massage, not leaving any part of her body untouched. Again he blended the massage with a very slow element of teasing, which is what makes my wife forget about her husband for the few hours.

Again, as the massage goes on, his fingers start to drift into her panties and before I know it he is finger fuckin my faithful wife right on the table in our living room. This time he is bolder and is using two fingers as apposed to one the first time. He spent much longer fingerings her pussy and I could her her little moans and the sounds of her wet pussy as he worked her very well. She came multiple times and covered his hand and fingers with her lovely pussy juices.

It was during his expert teasing and fingering, when I watched as he took his now very hard cock out of his pants and was stroking it up and down with his other hand. He also rubbed it against my wife's hands as an offering. She was caught between guilt and pleasure as she felt his lovely hard cock being placed in her hand. She gave it a little feel as he continues to finger her married pussy for something like 40 minutes until she couldn't cum anymore and he kindly wrapped the massage up.

It was such an amazing experience again, and now that he has introduced her (all be it briefly) to her first feel of another man's hard cock, it only makes me look forward to the next massage. I personally can't wait 🤭

Written by TheTrojanHorse

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