Wanking for a stranger Fact


Few years ago I had been chatting to a woman on here for a few weeks. She was married and was only looking soft fun so one day she messaged me to say she would be passing my area and ask me if I was horny. So after exchanging messages for a wile she asked how adventurous was I and would I be up for a challenge so naturally I was intrigued and asked her what she had in mind few minutes pass then I get a message to go to a certain car park and get … Read more

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Stay Quiet Fact

Horny on the bus…

I was on a late night bus journey, the bus was extremely full and other passengers were falling of to sleep. Snuggled up close to my husband,
he looked over at me with a very naughty glint in his eyes, he slid his hand inside my top pushing down my bra and softly rubbing my tits & nipples. He whispered in my ear to pull up my skirt and spread my legs open, he started to rub my pussy lips and clit very softly and very slowly through my knickers. … Read more

Underwear removed Romance

No knickers, wet pussy…

I was going to a party with my husband, I was gettting ready in the bathroom, he came up behind me wrapped his arms around my waist, making eye contact with me in the mirror and whisper growled into my ear, you will do everything I tell you to do tonight, straight away I was horny as fuck.
I was wearing a long black dress with a slit up one leg.
He told me not to wear a bra, and as we got to the party he told me to remove my knickers and give… Read more

A Once Off... Fact

Handjob Heaven…

Living down the country, I ventured up to Dublin one Saturday afternoon on my own to catch up with an old friend. He said goodbye to his wife and we headed for a few early pints, soccer on the tv, usual lads stuff. After a couple hours of drinking we started to walk back to his place. When we arrived back, his wife was still awake in her pyjamas and in the sitting room watching tv. It was obvious she had a few glasses of wine aswell. Shes early 4… Read more

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Wife's threesome Cuckold

Mmf fun…

Well it finally happened. My wife finally had another man's cock inside her pussy. It happened last week after a lot of fantasising. We were out in Dublin having a night away together for a change. It wasn't planned but after having a great night drinking. We hit it off with a local man who was stood up on a blind date. He was great fun and when he went to the loo my wife turned around to me saying how sorry she felt for him being stood up. Well… Read more

Waited long time for this Fact

True story…

This happened when i was married but now seperated , a good few years ago now . Ciara was a lesbian. When we were introduced, my husband told me that she was. I'd known other lesbians throughout my life but there was something different about her. We hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. Whenever my husband and I got the chance to go and hang out at our local pub ,Ciara was there as part of the group of friends that meet up but n… Read more

Our first threesome Threesome

A lucky encounter on holiday…

My wife and I where on holiday when this happened. I had wanted it to happen for so long and was delighted the way it worked out.

We had often talked about having a threesome with another man to spice things up a bit. Our sex sessions would be unbelievable when we role played the idea with dildos and other toys. My wife would dress up in lingerie and tell me how good it felt to be fucked by someone else.

When we were on holiday recently a… Read more

Castle On The Hill Meetings

Jack struggling Writer for Erotic Magazine needs to come up with Hot Story to his Boss. He finally gets the inspiration while driving home to write ab…

“Jack , Hello Jack are you there “
Jack suddenly snapping out his dreaming state then noticing his Boss Jennifer looking at him at the from the end of table.
“Oh welcome back Jack nice of you to join us “
Jack noticing now the tone of voice from Jennifer is of displeasure.
“Sorry Jennifer , I was just having thought for new short story for next Issue, apologies “
Trying to ease the slight tension in the room.
Jack is a writer … Read more

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First threesome Threesome

Oh my my…

Well, as every single guy knows, it does take time and effort trying to get to know and meet a couple. That is invariably the case. But then there are odd times where the connection is instant and things just get aligned. This was one such time.

We had a quick conversation on a site, a two minute video call and bang the date was fixed. There is this tingling feeling and you know you are set for an adventure. It is generally a hair raising ex… Read more

A friend in need Meetings

I could never say no to a friend in need ...…

After a hard week at work a few of my friends decided to head to pub for a few drinks to celebrate completing a big contract . As I had a car they all travelled with me to a nearby pub . The drinks flowed as the evening got late and some friends left for home but Michelle decided to stay on as she lived out of town and asked if I’d drive her home later .. We both decided dinner would be nice finish to our evening so we moved to a nearby restaur… Read more

Being selfless Threesome

Being selfless…

I just couldn't stop thinking about the picture I saw yesterday. There is nothing like sucking a pussy. Getting hard everytime I think about it. There's something magical, something so nice about it. There is so much of giving and receiving.

The sight of those pink lips at close quarters. The smell of a wet pussy. The feeling of those lips on your tongue at the beginning. The sound of a moan when the tongue is placed. The feeling of the skin … Read more

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Cuckold Cumbang Cuckold

A fictional story of one woman’s appetite for debauchery and her husbands seemingly limitless ability to accept the relentless degradation…

YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING USELESS LITTLE DICK" she screeched. "Is THIS what you wanted?" Her face was contorted into a mask of sexual impulse, as slobbery pre cum and spit was flung out of her mouth by the force of her taunting in his direction.
He at this point watched helplessly from the floor as she was being fucked royally by a real man. Laying on his back, secured spreadeagled with spreader bars attached to his wrists and ankles, as his wife… Read more

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Horney and pregnant Meetings

Once a slut always a slut…

Having finished my days work on sales and no more clients to meet I decided to head back to my hotel . Hopped in the shower and changed in to my casual clothes I decided to head downstairs for dinner . The hotel was busy as I entered the cafe but I waited to be seated . The waiter approached and asked how many I said just one he said they were full and asked if I wanted to wait , as I was in no rush I headed to the bar to pass some time . I c… Read more

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Fire ? I Fact

You never know your luck…

Having finished a big contract I decided I needed a break and headed for the sea for a few days . Enjoying the break and scenery I decided one night to go and have a few beers no work in the morning so no worrries about getting up early . Being off season the bar was quiet so I headed to bed early .I drifted off to sleep and I woke to the sound of an alarm, jumping up I checked the time it was 4 am. I rushed to the door to find the hallway full … Read more

My ex at a party circa 2006 Fact

I always thought I had a faithful wife, I'll let the reader tell me whether its the case or not…

My wife (ex now) and I were at a party several years ago, a house warming where everyone was drinking and having a great time. There was lots of intermingling and the reality was there were few people I knew whereas Sue knew nearly everybody. It was one of Sue’s work colleague’s party, so she was busy chatting and talking. She was also a manager there so there were members of her team there. After several hours’ numbers started petering out… Read more

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dreams Other

face cum…

Hi .
I keep having dreams of having sex about cum in my face,but would like to guy with Loads of Cum..
but also would like a girl also
but I like it?
But mainly ?… Read more

christmas story Fact

christmas story…

hello all .... this happened just before christmas ...... we live in ennis . we are together some years .....Mary and i just do the normal things in life but things changed somewhat at christmas ......it all started with my sister asking could her 19yo son leave his car at our place so he could meet his friends and spend a evening in town ,,,,,,, they live in the country about 15 miles away ....i said yes ,,,,,, he was going to staying with one … Read more

Azure dreams Fiction

Of gods and sex, and the azure sea that bathes us all in desire…

She glides towards him, her bare body moving elegantly across the fathomless ocean, describing a perfect arc around the moonlight's reflection on the azure surface.

He remains motionless, merely waiting. His body is as bare as hers on this warm summer night. The haste of unfulfilled lust burns bright within him, just as the memories of a thousand nights of shared passion linger inside her.

Even gods despair sometimes, he thinks, and a litt… Read more

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Seduced by two Swinging


I was doing some gardening jobs, for a very attractive lady!!! she made me aware she was married, but had never met her other half, as he was usually working when I attended their garden.
His Wife who was always around the home, when I worked would have breakfast in the conservatory overlooking my work area,
and she would sit in her nightie, and stare out as I tried to go about my work, I would take the odd glance towards her at times and I f… Read more

Still Teasing me at work Fact

The next meeting…

We move to the next meeting, im only thinking about licking nibbling and teasing that sweet pussy, making you moan for me to fill you so don't realise you corner me by a pillar slightly out of view... the meeting starts, its a plant one so lots there. Soon as the speaches begin i feel a hand pull at my zip, i look round and no one looking at me. I see a smirk on your face as you reach in and stroke me, i start to stiffen as you stroke and rake yo… Read more

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Tales of the unexpected Fact

Part 2…

…..........So after I pulled out of her she asked me for the condom with my cum in it she tied a knot in it and put it in to her handbag. Apparently it was going to be a ‘gift’ for her fella. She then told me that we were invited round to her friend’s house so we got dressed and set off stopping at an off licence on the way we got some beer & wine. When we arrived at her friend’s house there was a party in full swing, a few neighbours i… Read more

Tales of the unexpected Fact

First meet turns into an epic night…

Part 1
As I sat in the hotel bar waiting for my hot date I drank a bottle of beer and then another and soon after another as my date was late. I was confident that she was coming as we had been chatting online & whatsapp for a few weeks but I was getting a little bit uneasy as I drank beer & waited. My phone pinged and the message read 'be there in 5 minutes' so I asked her what her tipple was. I had just received her glass of wine to my table w… Read more

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Four at the mount Fact

A great foursome in the summer…

We aranged to meet this couple down at
A.well known dogging spot ..mandy if i recall..blond about 45 big tits and her boyfriend or fuck bubby about 15 years younger than her. We all took abit of a walk around the picnic area talking aload of balls and then went back to my carliz got in the back and mandy got in beside her and they bother left there doors open. Mandy coxed me over to her with a smile while liz just opened her legs and exposed h… Read more

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Sis in law Fact

Sis in law jealous of sis getting some…

I'm married now about 10 years. My wife's sister was a year younger than her and before we were married would often go out on nights out in our company. One night around Christmas we had been out and my now wife's mother was away for the nite so the plan was for me to stay the night with my wife at her house. So the 3 of us got home in taxi. We went into the living room and my wife wanted to go bed as she was a bit worse for wear. She went to bed… Read more

Babe in the woods Fiction

Do dreams cum true ????.... Sa...…

Having nothing much to do on a fine summers day I decided to go for a long track in the woods so took a long drive out in to the country where I knew there was some nice walks by a secluded lake . I parked got my walking gear and headed off enjoying the sunshine and peace . Following a narrow path I headed deep in to the woods following a little stream listening to the water rippling over the rocks and a few birds singing in the distance ..An h… Read more

How I fucked a beautiful shy hotwife Swinging

A lovely experience....…

It was last Wednesday when I was off and got an invitation on Kik to come to meet in Dublin for a swinging meet.
I was excited and prepared myself to meet this couple. Around 11 in morning I was in Dublin and then I called them. Mr. A came to receive me and we both went to his apartment. There I met Mrs X....... Wow what a beautiful lady she is I just said. We had a great conversations on few topics to make ourselves easy. We had light drinks … Read more

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one two many Fact

few to many at the pub…

well this story maybe unbelievable but it is true me and a few friends went out for a few drinks and i haven't been out in a long time so i was looking forward to it so the hubby was looking after the kids as i got ready i got more and more excited and going out and letting my hair down i got ready and kissed the hubby goodbye and ran out the door in to a waiting taxi and i was gone i made it to the pub and saw my friends and the good girls ther… Read more

Who seduced who ? Fiction

Could be fact or fiction a story of lust…

It started off like any other day but it was soon to change . I had a part time job as a delivery man and was on my last stop of the day with only one parcel left marked urgent there was a message on the parcel to ring before delivery which I did for directions . The phone rang and was answered by a lady who gave me directions to her house deep in the country . Soon I arrived at the house to be greeted by a gorgeous blonde in tight jeans and ho… Read more

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Old Friends, Part 3....New Beginnings Fiction

Rachel takes Control…

Rachel sat at her desk, it was late, everyone had left for the evening except herself and Ben. They had been working late an evening or 2 a week as there was a lot to do. The only distraction was knowing he was only a few short steps down the corridor. He had taken to bringing her a mug of coffee about 7pm. He would arrive with 2 mugs and perch himself on the edge of her desk, leg dangling loosely as he discussed some client or other as if it was… Read more

The Kanky Pussy Fiction

Every woman's fantasy…

‘Hi God I'd love to lick your kanky pussy,’ was his first message and only message.

I knew he meant ‘kinky,’ but the typo made me so wet. Thinking about his big, clumsy, fingers missing the ‘i’ and hitting the ‘a’ made me imagine what would happen to me when his little finger slipped into my ass while his middle finger was lost in my kanky pussy. Knowing that his tongue would bring it all together in the end.

How could he… Read more

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