Mff fun part 2 Fiction

Hotel meet up…

When we got to the room, we didn't waste time taking our clothes off, i admired their bodys giving myself a second to enjoy the moment having two sexy people stood in front of me, the husband sat in a chair close to the bed his big cock in hand and asked us to play with one another as he watched eagerly, we kissed passionately having her toungue in my mouth was making me want her even more, i started to play with her boobs feeling her nipples ha… Read more

Mff fun Fiction

Hotel meet up…

This is fiction for now but hope to make this a reality.
It was a Friday afternoon, I was home alone and horny and decided to go online and chat to some people. A couple who, on and off i had chatted to before invited me to join them in a hotel later that night, I was nervous but decided I'd go, I got dressed up in a shirt black dress and drove to the hotel. As I walked in to the hotel bar I noticed them sitting there in a booth, the man was ta… Read more

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Stranger sex Fiction

yes daddy…

I have coffee in a small cafe close to my work place most days. Ill sit and be distracted my my phone or laptop in a world of my own, but today I noticed my waiter. He took my order like usual but he was smiling and I thought he was checking me out, i brushed it off as me imagining it but could see him looking at me from accross the room, he had a glint in his eye one ive seen on men before, i looked down to check if i could see his cock through … Read more

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Fanstasys Threesome

one of many…

I have many fantasies, as most of you reading probably have too. So this is one that really excites me that I hope I can make a reality one day.

I like the idea of being used its weird i know but the thought of a guy wanting to use me for plessure turns me on , even better than that 2 guys.

I joined a site similar to this one and got messaged off this guy called shaun he was older than me probably in his early 40s and looks strong. His f… Read more

1st time with a girl Lesbian

a crush to remember…

I have always been confused about my sexuality, i love men the strength ,power and masculinity is a real turn on , i love everything about a penis i could spend hours sucking a guy off and get genuine pleasure out of it not that I've ever come accross a guy that could last that long. But since I was a teenager I've always had a fascination with women. There body's smooth , the shape of their breasts and the moans they make when feeling pleasure i… Read more

My neighbour Fiction

hes been watching me…

I live alone in a small estate on the outskirts of town, most of my neighbours are elderly and keep themselves to themselves but a few months ago when the house accross from mine became available a guy moved in his names mark,he looks around 35 dark shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses hes average build and height not incredibly handsome but not ugly either. Hes a little strange though he seems like a loner and I catch him staring at me alot an… Read more

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Ozzie milf Fact

Hot nite…

It's Perth Australia 2015 and onn sat nite me and my 2 mates are out in the city we go into a well known cougar bar now closed 😏 we get chatting these 2 sexy lafus about 55and 58 one of them is not very keen and keeps saying we have kids your age we were all around 26 then as the nite goes on the 58 year old keeps flirting with all 3 of us eventually she says let's go all the while her mate keeps saying no let's go home there 2 young etc but … Read more

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She wanted everything Threesome



This is a true story, it happened one night in dublin. I had been talking online with this couple, and we decided to play. After playing a few times her husband asked me would I take Amy out for a night and act as a couple and see what would happen.
Well we met in town and headed to a nice restaurant on George's street south. We had a very romantic dinner and before we finished she went to the ladies room, she came back and slipp… Read more

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Watched with his wife / Part 1/2 Fiction

On one condition.…

Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friends house for drinks - it was his wife's birthday and they'd invited a few people round - both couples and a few singles. I'd chatted with my friend about the party etc. And he'd pointed out that there was a single girl there that I should meet - little does he know of my fab time fun / preferences but then I wouldn't want him knowing that I really wanted to fuck HIS wife already!

So I get smel… Read more

Your wife's interested in being used? Other

Your wife's interested in being used... then let me suggest a start... Let me know if you're genuine and interested..…

Well, after we agree to meet out for a few drinks and we end up back at yours; to cut a long story short we'd get to the fun time fairly soon.

Possibly in your bedroom - maybe even just on the stairs on the way.

We'd start slow - a lot of petting etc. Then we'd get a bit more rough, I'd slap her boobs and gently bite her nips - she'd feel the excitement rising. She'd be waiting to get it in the bottom as this was the one thing her and I tal… Read more

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A night on the bale Fact

Sex on a bale…

One summers night on the walk home in the early hours of the morning after the wedding me and the girl I was with headed back to the B&B. I was quite horny as I usually am, I knew we wouldn't have sex in the room as we were sharing with another person. so not far from the B&B I noticed the field that had been bailed early on in the day. All the bails were now wrapped with plastic so I gave her a nudge and said come on let's play.
So in we went. … Read more

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Free pass Lesbian

Away for work…

Me and my partner are together a good few years now. I have been trying to get her to have a 3some now for the year or so.
I don't mind it if a man or woman that we share with because she can get very jealous.
We like to talk about it but never made it reality. We watch porn and I had noticed that when we look at girl on girl she gets a lot more excited and wet.

I told her on many occasions she can have a free pass but never did take m… Read more

Shopping with a slut Fact

Slut needed some things…

Well this happened before I married and settled down, and it's a go to memory of mine.
I was seeing this girl who was very open sexually and introduced me to alot of things, she was amazingly confident, brash and sexy. She knew guys liked her and liked to remind me of that fact.

One example of how open she was is when on regular long car journeys she would sit with her feet on the dashboard, and for the whole trip tease me by finger fucking … Read more

Morning Fuck Fact

Deep and Slow…

Me and my husband were lying in bed together he was running your fingers through my hair and softly stroking my back.
He then got off the bed, looking into my eyes the whole time, he pulled me by the legs to the edge of the bed, he started to gently run his fingers down the inside of my legs, I was softly moaning.
He then pulled me further off the bed & lifted my legs straight so my feet were resting on his shoulders, my ass was on the edge o… Read more

Walk by the sea Fact

Young men ride my wife…

Haven’t been on here in a while but still having lots of fun as my wife’s sex needs are constantly needing attention . Tinder has led to many one night stands for her but I’m always in the room is the deal as she loves getting pumped and more so with me watching which I’m happy with as I enjoy watching her having fun and I often get to join in . As from before it’s young men my wife craves and recently we had an interesting time in Ball… Read more

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Friends birthday Lesbian

My best friend…

This happened not too long ago , before the lockdown came into effect . It was coming up to the time that I call over to my best friends house, I always hope that somethings going to happen between us. We're always cuddling and hugging, and she's constantly touching me whenever she can. Not in naughty places though, although I wouldn't mind. We even have the odd shower together, in bathing suits. Although there was this one time that she poured … Read more

City Break that night Threesome


Continuing on. Sorry for the delay.
We were like teenagers again we laughed and talked about what just happened. We went into the city centre as planned . Visited a sex shops bought some toys. We got nipple clamps a butt plug with a nice crystal on it and we got a 7" suction dildo that sticks to tiles and we called that Martin. 😂
C asked do u think Martin will come to the hotel later I said he'd be mad not to I could see C was nervous I t… Read more

Bored at home Fact

Wink Wink…

Since the lockdown for Covid 19 its been hard not being able to leave the house to meet any friends, so I just had to find new ways to have a bit of fun by playing with my clit.

As always when toying with my clit, I just had to watch it, So I took out my mirror and assumed the position. I put a glass of ice water by my bed and started to rub my clit in the usual way. A few minutes of medium instensity stimulation was all that was needed to ge… Read more

City break Threesome


Myself T and my wife C. Decided back in December that we were take a little City Break away. We were online looking this things to do. When C suggested that we get a couples massage while we are there. We found a nice place with a good website and good reviews. So we agreed on a same room couples tantra massage so C pick our masseuse. She booked me with Nora a tall brunette . And Martin a tanned tall man with a gym body. We have a great sex li… Read more

Hot Action in Room 52 Fiction

There's Definitely Something About Mary!…

I sat at the bar, just listening to the soft jazz playing in the background. My date, Mary, a hot blonde in her 40s was late. Ten, twenty and eventually forty minutes went by. There was no sign of her. I stared at my second class of Coke, ready to  get up to leave when I heard,
"Hey, sorry I'm late!" said a soft, bubbly voice, the one I had become used to hearing on the phone. I sat there, a little lost for words. Mary was ten years older th… Read more

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Warm Up Excercise First Time

Setting the Scene…

Warm up Routine
I had been chatting to Sandra for a while and making plans for a meet with her. Ok we’d shared some photos, both liking what we saw of each other. Slowly and surely the sexual tension and energy was building up nicely,
‘Maybe give me an idea of what I can expect from you,’ she asked me one evening in a message. ‘Sometimes guys come across like politicians, promising the sun, moon and stars to women. How they’ll last… Read more

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Caught in the Act Fact

Taking a Lover to our bed.…

A few years ago I'd been seeing Daniel for hot sex and to be honest I couldn't get enough of him. So when Jim, my hubby, told me he was having a night out with the lads I took the chance and invited Daniel round. After some chit chat we couldn't keep our hands off each other and in no time his shorts were round his ankles and my little red panties were off with my bra pushed up around my neck as he sucked my boobs while fingering my soaking puss… Read more

Wedding Fun Cuckold

Naughty Girlfriend…

The Wedding was done in the afternoon & after some food, speeches & steady(ish) drinking we returned to the room to freshen up for the night ahead. She had her 'night' dress laid out ready and knew that I would want her in the full stockings & suspenders attire to compliment the dress.
The night went on with the usual Irish craic, plenty of Guinness and shorts were being consumed. After a few hours we took a few minutes out of the main room and … Read more

Practice Nurse Meetings

Professional Conduct…

Practice Nurse
It started, I suppose by accident, like a lot of things do. It was my practice nurse who asked me if I’d examine her vagina late one evening just as we were closing up. She’s 28, fit, athletic and well-toned. She works out 3 times a week in the local gym and runs regular 10k races and cycling events during the summer months. By accident I caught a glance of her changing her clothes one evening before she left the surgery.… Read more

Best ever sleepover Lesbian


Have posted before but have another story to share .....
So here goes... my first lesbian experience. This was a number of years ago and me and James hadn't met yet, in fact I was still living in my parents house. I was in my late teens my body was nicely formed and I had that iconic fat ass that draws all the attention these days hehe.
This particular day my friend had planned come over to help me with some a level studying and we planned to… Read more

When the cat is away, part 2 Fiction

The admission…

"It not what you think" was her first response. "what do you think I was thinking while looking at those pics" I replied.

"Let me explain".......yes I did not tell you I was meeting the group from the theatre and yes I should have told you but I did not know until that evening, an hour before hand and yes the pictures do suggest that I was flirting and possibly more with some of the younger males and yes I did enjoy myself but it is not what y… Read more

When the cat is away Fiction

The one who stays at home…

It is the quite ones you have to watch.
Last weekend I had to fly out on Friday afternoon for the weekend to work all day Saturday in France, sounds great but not this time of the year, January, in a holiday resort town.
Bored and alone I was looking at Facebook and noticed my wife pinned in a group photograph, in a pub with a group for the local theatre group, mostly younger males and a table full of drinks. Strange, nothing was mentioned to … Read more

Leaving room for dessert Fact

A meal to remember…

We were out on a rare night out and had a couple of drinks before heading to our favourite Italian restaurant. We were greeted by the owner and shown to our favourite table in the dimly lit booth. The owner brought us over a bottle of champagne and told us his nephew would be looking after us this evening. He's only new here he said, so be nice..
A few minutes later, a tall tanned smiling waiter appeared at our table. He couldn't help but stare … Read more

Tesco's Fact


I love dressing up when I go out even to Tesco's . We have a 24 hour store open do I dress to please the workers at night. I wear my see through red blouse with a black bra on clearly seen through my blouse. I am 40D bust I onbutton my top buttons to show my huge clevage . I wear my black seamed stockings red seamed to match my red tight Lyra mini skirt. My suspenders clips showing through my skirt. I wear no knickers to show off my big arse. My… Read more

Would you believe Fact

Have we got more time, yes she replied, huskily, we are going to need it…


She led me down the corridor, to a room to the right , at the end, a guest room, I guessed, the curtains were tightly drawn, a double bed dressed only in a white sheet with a single pillow, soft light from a lamp beside the bed , where I noticed a bowl of oil placed alongside.
We undressed each other very slowly, I unbuttoned her blouse, her huge breasts contained in a black lace top bra, cupped in a soft see thro… Read more

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