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6 months ago

Assume the position

You can fill all the holes but you have to clean up after yourself....

I stand there by the open door, naked, with my cock in my hand, hardening as I stroke it up and down staring at the sight before me. You are there in front of me, naked, bent over with your elbows pressed into the bed, your face against the bed sheets tur...

Tina 6 months ago

Young and stupid

Fantasy comes true

When I was 19 I was going out with a guy from Dublin who was 38yrs old. I thought I was so grown up and knew everything. One night after sex we were talking about our fantasies, of course his was a couple of women, looking back I think mine was made up on...

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6 months ago

First time having a fmf

Our first experience with a lady

So we have had our first bit of fun as I have written about before. I hadn't thought I would enjoy that as much as I did and I was actually quite surprised by how l turned on I had been watching L with someone. But now for what I had wanted all along. To...

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6 months ago

Hot and sweaty

Written with someone in mind...

I am driving home after a day cutting timber in the woods when I come across a truck, you are leaning on the hood looking sad and lost…you are wearing a light summer dress, I can see a black lace bra strap hanging loose down your arm, on your feet are a p...

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6 months ago

Holiday Threesome

Wishful thinking

You and I are on holidays when we kind of get chatting to another woman ( Rita) in a bar. Shes about same age as us we'd hang around having couple of beers and a game of pool. I'd often stolen sneaky looks at her ass and I know you had too.. It was the Fr...

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8 months ago

At my desk

In the office

This is from a few years back when I worked in the aviation industry.. My boss(female director) was already having an affair with one of the engineers, so we would cover for each other on lunch breaks.... I was seeing one of the lads - will call him Pete,...

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Lisa 8 months ago

Betrayed by a friend

Thought she was my friend

Back when I was 24years old I had been living with my boyfriend in a flat in dublin for 3years. I was totally in love with him. My best friend since we were children got into trouble and ended up staying with me for a month. I was the only one working my...

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Kristen 8 months ago

Married with one child. Husband has been working in America since last February and hasn't been home. As a young girl I've always had a high sex drive and like most men I like variety. So I bed hopped through my late teens and 20s which is fine and great...

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Anonymous 9 months ago

The A B C Conundrum

Which one will he pick

The A B C Conundrum This is the story of 3 wiling subs... Sub A a young attached brunette...Sub B a slim Redhead with pale skin and glowing lips .. Sub C and Asian nurse who has caring in her heart .. HD must decide with which one his future lies .. In a...

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Rebecca 9 months ago

The bitch two doors down.

I feel I've gotten revenge

So the neighbor two doors down from me is a bitch. I've had numerous run ins with her over the year's. Lockdown has been extremely tough and stressful and I just snapped. My little boy kicked his football into her garden so she took the ball off him and t...

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Mike 10 months ago

Hotel fuck

She enjoyed it.

Myself and my wife try and get in to dublin every couple of months for a city break away for the kids. While we always get back to the hotel drunk she always wants sex at the end of the nite but is never able to cum. Somethings I think this is down to my...

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10 months ago

Since the first covid lockdown I had been finding it hard to sleep . I have tried everything from warm milk to green tea to sleeping tablets . The only thing that works is very large amounts of alcohol .the only problem with that is I can then fall into a...

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Sean 11 months ago


I have clear direction in my life now

Before I tell my story. I would to comment on Esters story. I think you are right to get someone to have anal sex with your husband as this itch will not go away and your right he will find someone to satisfy his needs if you don't. That's just life. My n...

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Esther 11 months ago

My husband has been asking me to have anal sex for years now but lately he won't stop going on about it to the point where he has said that it is going to destroy our marriage. Obviously an ultimatum. But it won't happen. So I've come up with a plan. But...

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11 months ago

Morning glory

Naughty but nice

. As I awake my naked body is still wrapped around you from our night of hot passionate sex. I can smell the sex in the air it makes me so horny again.... my pussy starting to tingle, it's tender from the night before but still wanting. I watch your chest...

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