Generous Wife Swinging

My wife was feeling very generous last weekend towards a friend of ours.. The weather, the alcohol, and her need for a good fuck got us in a very hot threesome.
It wasn't the 1st time L had fucked another guy while I was in the room but this was all real and not set...lots of wine , cocktails and beer and short dresses and swimwear was a recipe for a lot of sex...

Saturday night was the usual fun, drinks, BBQ, bed... Sunday AM we fired up t… Read more

A first meet.....Part II BDSM

I sat in my car, her taste still fresh in my mouth, as I looked at the clock, the 10 minutes had almost passed. As the seconds clicked into that 10th minute my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen, a new message from Suzanne. The message had just one line, "Sir, I want more". I smiled and responded by telling her I was parked outside the bar, directly opposite the front door. She was to get in the front seat, not to look at me and not to speak … Read more

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A Dialogue About Love While Having Sex in an Office Fiction

“There is no meaning in the world. We ascribe meaning to nonsense.”

“So there’s no meaning to us? I mean nothing to you?”

“You always compare apples to oranges.”

“Am I the apple or the orange?”

“You would have to be the banana, wouldn’t you?”


“How else?”

“You might have been referring to my sanity.”

“Then I would have said ‘bananas,’ not ‘banana.’ I’m nothing … Read more

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A first meet...Part I BDSM

Having been messaging for a couple of weeks the anticipation was building. I arrived early and made sure to sit in a secluded area of the bar. It was going to be an afternoon meet so it wouldn't be very busy anyway.

I had requested that, even though it was only a social meet, that Suzanne wear stockings, heels, panties and a dress for me, it would be her first test to see if she could take direction. I messaged her exactly where I was, and she… Read more

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The Road of Excess - Part 2 Fiction

She’d spent the day strolling along the city streets, caressed by the sounds, smells and noises of its inhabitants and she’d felt the familiar draw, the primal need to be torn from this place to somewhere deeper, darker where she no longer had to think.
To ground her body and calm her breath a moment , she’d sat a while on a bench and from behind her dark shades she previewed the scene in front of her.
This part of the city felt like a m… Read more

The Road of Excess - Part 1 Fiction

As Polly lay staring at the ceiling, her mind wandered to when she’d been here before.
It seemed like a life time ago but as the evening light gently left the room the feelings from before came flooding and she smiled, biting her lip at the delicious memories of before.

“You like that don’t you ? don’t you ?” the figure above her pleaded.
“Absolutely, you’re amazing” she said with as much encouragement as she could muster and… Read more

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The Claiming – Part 5 BDSM

He had awakened earlier than usual. His body naturally dawning with the sun - agile, eager and alive. He relished these rare mornings when the physical roused his consciousness from the umbral ooze of dreams rather than the abrupt blare of alarms. On days like this, his pulse was in tune with the tectonic shifts of the Earth as she lulled herself round her tethered course. This was how man was meant to rise – primitive and naked.

He let the… Read more

Desire Fact

Married 4yrs very much in love and very possessive and jealous. My husband and I bought a house in kildare. We had a slightly older couple for neighbors we were in are late 20s and were in there late 40s with kids. She was beautiful stunning he was starting to let himself go. We kept are distance as you do. I knew she was very glamorous but I didn't see her as competition until I seen my husband's phone, he had text his friend Philip to say he ha… Read more

Detonate Fiction

He sat on the short board staring at the surface of the water in front of him and closed his eyes, savouring the feeling.
The summers sun that day had long since faded but the air and the ocean that surrounded him was still warm.
Those that had shared this playground had left, bidding farewell with a nod and he finally felt at peace.
He’d never planned on being out this long, but the draw of the ocean kept him here and he savoured her embrac… Read more

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The Claiming – Part 4 BDSM

At 00:01 she received his text.

“I’m at your door.”

A moment of elation. Followed by a pure resentment she hadn’t felt since she was a child. In a flash of inspiration or rebellion, even she wasn’t sure which, she grabbed her purse, keys and coat.

She opened the door. He was standing before her in an impeccable olive green suit. His amber green eyes flashed at her with a smile. A deliciously evil thought crossed his mind and… Read more

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Amphitrite’s Embrace Fiction

He lay back.
Resting his head, letting his body drop and begun to try and gain control of his racing breath. His mind had long been lost to her.
He could feel his heart in his chest hammering in time and he could hear it in his ears.
No other sound seemed to matter for these moments.
She lay around him, holding him. Her embrace familiar and it encompassed not just his body but his weary mind.
He was truly spent but he knew she’d hold him, … Read more

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Adventures in La La Land - Day 2 Fiction

He sat on the beach.
The same beach he’d spent so much time on.
The remnants of her taste and scent was still on him in addition to the jet lag and hangover.
His greying beard and his lips tasted of her and a set of bruises from her fingers on the top of his bicep and shoulder as he turned to his right to watch the falling sun approach the far off hills in Malibu.
In far off cities choked by grey winter skies and even greyer people he imagi… Read more

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The Fart That Almost Ended the Marriage Fact

My two favourite things are laughter and lust – each enhances the other and I love it when they go hand in hand.

My second husband (I’ve been married twice) and I had a great marriage. It was open and evolved as we wanted it to over time. My first marriage ended because I fell in love with a girl, so I refused to marry my second husband unless I could maintain my bi-sexuality. Just as important to me was how much we made each other laugh … Read more

A Whole lot of lust Fiction

As a child she’d spent summers sitting on rocks staring at the movement of the sea. The smell of the air, salty and fresh as the white waves broke in front of her. The tumultuous movement of the surface at times, distorted by wind, tides and the moon itself mirrored how things had been.
Her fears, her uncertainties, her loneliness, her anger and hatred at the injustices that befell her consumed her senses at times and she’d find herself ho… Read more

The Claiming - Part 3 BDSM

“Every time you please yourself without my permission, you will spend a week alone. You’ll hear from me next Sunday.”

It felt like one of the longest weeks of her life. Seconds ticked in her mind so slowly she found herself wanting to scream out loud. He hadn’t contacted her once. He hadn’t responded to any of her texts. She began to wonder if he was still there, still real, still paying any attention to her at all.

She hated sil… Read more

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The Teacher - Part 1 BDSM

The years had passed in this place and as he stood in front of a new class at the outset of a new semester he realised it had been a very long time since he’d done anything new.
The curriculum he delivered was old and his version of the same basics he’d learned at school himself.
Adult students from around Europe sat in front of him and it was there enthusiasm that often sparked his attention or focus but it had been a while and he was ti… Read more

Christine Fact

I can’t remember the exact moment that we met. I can’t remember because everything up until the moment she looked at me was so insignificant, it couldn’t have mattered. I wish I had known it would matter, so I could have savoured the build-up and replay it over and over in my mind.

“Jennifer, this is Christine, our new receptionist,” echoes in my mind when I relive, in slow motion, the moment I turned without a care into Christine… Read more

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The Germans are cumming Fact

A few years back myself and my wife lived near Lough derg and always had a regular spot on the lake for outdoor fun if the weather was good.
One evening in the summer we decided to head to our spot for some fun the area was wooded but opened onto the lake so it was possible to be seen by a passing boat.
The area had a picnic table which we used on many occasions we started kissing and playing with each other and after about 10 mins we could hea… Read more

The Parable of Pleasure (A Fairytale) Fiction

Once upon a time, in a kingdom much like this one, lived a Princess named Pleasure. She had been born with the gifts of love and light, generosity and pleasure, and a true faith that everyone – everyone – deserved such gifts, no matter how lost they had gotten along the way.

She was brought up in the darkness of selfishness. She was conceived by a Queen, who believed it was her duty to have a daughter, even though the Queen didn’t get a… Read more

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Adventures in La La Land Fiction

"My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains"
His mind wandered as he sat idlying, staring at the ceiling as the noises from the en suite continued.
He'd been naked for some time and sat absent mindedly gripping the thick carpet with his toes and feet and periodically clawing it to feel more.
How long had he been here ?

"That I may drink, and leave the world unseen"
He reached for the source of his numbness, novocaine sadly wasn't legal… Read more

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The Discarded (An Allegory) Other

She had grown up in the time of The Evolving. A descendent of The Endurables, but she found herself lost and desperate in the time of The Disposables.

She had spent her life trying to forge her own path. She had a reverence for the long legacy of human history that started with The Eternals – those great people of the origins of philosophy, geometry, astronomy and astrology. She completely revolted against The Everlasting – who had brough… Read more

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Claimed - Chapter 2 BDSM

She woke up panicked. What had she been thinking? What had she done? Why did everyone tout the virtues of living in the moment? Whenever she lived in the moment, she woke up like this. When the courage of the moment receded, she was left with nowhere to hide -unsure of her convictions. The cold light of day always changed her thinking. She wished she could only live in the dark – within her impulses, never seeing the light – never having to w… Read more

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The Artist Romance

In her naked stillness, there was infinite peace, expanse, transcendence. Her body contorted like a beautifully broken corpse on the concrete floor.

The first 10 minutes were the hardest. Her body wanted to move, her muscles longed for fluidity, but she transformed her impulses into the release of abeyance. It required both her thoughts and her physicality to completely submit to her will. The only restraint was her own, the room, and the men… Read more

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Older is better 2 Fact

This is what took place when Amy and I went to stay with our new friends Frank and Irene, it's all in the first story as to how we met and I know some of you want to know. We were looking forward to it so much, they are such a nice couple and it is strange to explain, but we enjoyed how they just took us and seemed so confident at their age. They got pleasure from seeing each other fuck us, and we in turn got so turned on by it. We arrived Saturd… Read more

Kiss Me Fiction

As she stared at herself critically in the merciless mirror, should brushed her hair back and emitted a long sigh of frustration. “Cut it all off” she thought, not for the first time before letting it fall behind her and sticking her tongue out at the reflection and he who had appeared behind her.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?” he said before sipping from his own he was holding. His cavalier approach to black tie events enraged he… Read more

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The Infinite Now Fiction

He suddenly realised he'd been day dreaming and she was now staring at him.
He’d been lost in thought in this place and it was her fingers touching his and her green eyes that brought him back.

"Oooops sorry"
“Another ?”
“Sure … and thank you ... merci.”
“You’re Italian ?”
“I have many tongues, but yes, Italian tonight !”

The lighting above her head at the bar and throughout the room surrounding the… Read more

Claimed - Chapter 1 BDSM

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.”

Ever since she read those words as a young girl, she wanted … Read more

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Found At Sea Fiction

Stripping each other, kissing, touching, grabbing, taking ... they'd fallen.
Bodies bound, an endless kiss and the euphoric feeling that their souls had embraced, these two people of no significance or note, fell.
They weren't special.
They weren't remarkable.
They were adorned with something richer than either had felt before, something wild and free.
Something that cann't be marketed, that can't be captured or presented in fictional or … Read more

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Older is better Fact

I've been married to Amy for 3 years now, I'm 27 and she's 25. We have a great life and sex is important and amazing, we watch porn and indulge in fantasies to heighten our pleasure. We decided to try swinging before we start a family and joined various sites, I took the lead and after a while we went to meet a couple we had chatted to on line. When we got to the hotel we were taken aback to be honest, the couple described themselves as mature, … Read more

The C Word – An Awkward Story of Consent Fact

I love women. There were times in my life I was sure I was a lesbian, but the lifestyle – at least in the States - is about more than loving women, and those social and political aspects were beyond my nature. I could never entirely give up men, but with each passing day, I find it harder and harder to accept what is happening in this male dominated world.

I grew up during the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. I lost more than 20 friends befo… Read more