how bizzar how bizzar continued Swinging

how bizzar how bizzar continued
we went back to work it was a great fantisity a dream i had but gone now a week had passed nessa would disappear and show up again i worked like mad to keep every thing going while nessa was on the phone...but it wasn't enough one day during nessas break the mgr called up we were well behind on our work and he started yelling the house down i cud see nessa approaching in the backround so i gave the look she knew … Read more


how bizzar Swinging

how bizzar how bizzar continued down and out??
I was Horney nessa was too i cud see her in a new way a kinky minded woman... and then my mind told me shut up ur only 17 she has her pick of the crop y u ...... i smiled and she asked what was i thinking off ... my mind thought of something to say but all i cud think was nessa sucking my cock..... i hope they call soon i hate waiting to see sequels... nessa giggled dont worry he has a quick turn a… Read more


how bizzar Swinging

how bizzar how bizzar...........
rember the song that summer ohhh so long ago now well my story short as it is goes back that far.....17 years old and innocent, green behind the ears.... or to be honest stupid as he day is long ha ha talking about me back then.. things have changed longer hair... bigger in size .... anyway i was working as a stock boy in a store in town that summer and on the radio that fucking song over and over... if i s… Read more


3sum Fantasy part 2 Swinging

As we went upstairs everyone had calm down a little and the 3 of us sat on the bed and started to chat... Martin went to be bathroom. I laid there next to Danny and before long we started to kiss again, I was just as aroused as when they first came into the house.. Although I had no panties left, my floaty skirt was still resting over my pussy and Danny's hands started to travel up and down my legs and pussy again. His kisses went back and forth … Read more


3sum Fantasy Swinging

Danny is a recent playmate I have been enjoying'¦ One of his big `trip' is to enjoy a girl with his partner in crime Martin.. I can't say I felt anything missing from just his `company' but I can't say that I don't relish the good and full attention of two men either'¦ So here I am waiting on the two of them'¦ Nervous as I have never met Martin but excited by the thrills that Danny always provides'¦ I hear their car, make my way down the stai… Read more


THE WOODS 2..... Swinging

u have to try it ken says... im single u sarcastic twat... ken smiles... knowing iv been flying solo for a while... all the more reason to give it a shot... ken replies... i dont know... i just dont know... ken says he knows a couple from kikkenny.. looking for a bit of play... they are on the scene for a while and are good for new cummers... im thinking what the f*&k.. i came here to tell my mate his goddess of a misses is shagging the country s… Read more


THE WOODS..... Swinging

you like it when she cuckolds u.... yes ken replies.. i was the one who suggested it huh... such a long time ago now... any regretts i ask... no...definately not ken replies in a rapid and cert manner i have had the best sex of my life with her and i know she loves me as i love her.... nice i reply but she fucks other men u cant just sit there and let her. listen ur right she only lets me watch some times ken then laughs this is more at my… Read more


Naughty wife in Paris part 3 Swinging

My Naughty Wife part 3

Sorry for the delay in finishing this story Alison only got home yesterday morning I took the day off as I know she is always horny as hell when she has had sex away.Even before she started telling me about her weekend SEXPLOITS she dropped to her knees whipped out my cock and started eating it,I knew then that she had fucked her way through the weekend and I had an explosive cum shot in her mouth, no she didnt swallow s… Read more


Naughty wife in Paris part 2 Swinging

My Naughty Wife part 2'¦'¦..
Just had a glorious fuck with Alison before I continue this story, when she came back from Paris I did'nt need to wait for info on her sexploits,as she went on her knees unzipped me and started to suck my cock in a frenzy.I knew then that she had had lots of cock on her trip.
I will start from where we left off by now Alison's friend Lisa had straped on her large black cock and smothered it with lube Alison was e… Read more


Naughty Wife In Paris Swinging

My Naughty Wife'¦'¦'¦'¦'¦..

As we have regular trips away with friends Alison & Myself have always agreed that playing away is fine as long as we tell each other in full detail.
On a recent trip to Paris with one of her girlfriends she had a truly horny tale as follows'¦
They were both on a dinner cruise on the Seine they had consumed a lot of champagne so were quite tipsy.They were giggling and chatting about their earlier shopping tr… Read more


Threes Company Swinging

Myself & alison had talked about threesomes I had had with an old mate john when I was single years before we met,she had had only one threesome with two old boyfriends of hers and loved it.She used to get so excited talking about it she would have a female ejaculation all over my face while I was eating her pussy I mean EXPLOSIVE lovely.
Anyway I contacted John and arranged a night in a Hotel for all three of us, he was well up for it.Alison an… Read more


Going to the Ladies by HornRod Swinging

By HornRod

Mandy and I are both in our late 40s and love the outdoor life. About four times a year we go camping to Wexford. It's such a great county with plenty of good craic and local pubs. We travel around the various camp sites and have gotten to know some great people over the years who also camp on the same sites.
It was a hot night about three years ago. We were sitting out enjoying a couple of bottles of claret when a couple from a ca… Read more


Christening the Sheepskin Swinging

By HornRod

A few years ago Mandy and I decided we had enough of this sweaty city and needed a break. While we're both in our late 40s we decided to relive our youth and go camping to Wexford.
It was the first week in August and the weather was up. The days were blistering hot and the nights were warm.
The first night in the campsite we decided to head up town to take in the atmosphere and try out the local hostelries.
We found this quaint l… Read more


Two into One goes Swinging

Both Mandy and I are in our late 40s. A friend's son Mark, had a fallen out with him and asked if he could stay for a while in our house until he got fixed up somewhere else.
We had no problems with that so we fixed him up in a spare bedroom.
Mark is 22 and fit, blond and bronzed and we knew he had the pick of any of the young women he wanted. However he never brought them back to our house.
On night however, while Mandy and I were watching a … Read more


Our first time Swinging

Mandy and I have been married for almost 25-years and our sex life has always been brilliant. During our sex sessions Mandy sometimes asked me to tell her stories about other men shagging her.
One night I suggested we should really try it out. To my surprise she jumped at the idea and told me to get to it by signing up to Swing4Ireland.
After about a week we had received four emails from married couples telling us they would were interested in… Read more


dreams do cum true and tis is very true Swinging

we went away for a weekend on european city break n the last nite alas we got quite merry after good meal n lots of wine. I was my usual very horny self thru drink and asked hub to check out nearby sex shop. He bought me a very sexy dress and i asked guy where i could try it on as I am not slim n the usual thing with these dresses are they are small fitting but as they had no fitting room i asked could i go behind counter he said ok. I went in n … Read more


A couple and a horny bitch finally meet up after long conversations! Swinging

Finally met up with a young and very beautiful woman from our area, was very nervy for the first few minutes but after that, it was the most exciting sexual experience we have ever been involved in. Being a young couple we were always curious about 3somes or more and just thought "why not" to be honest the best question we have ever asked one another! The night started off with a few drinks at a local bar to let us get to know the young woman who… Read more


Abducted by a stranger Swinging

You're driving down the motorway one night, when you see the most amazing man thumbing for a ride. You don't usually pick up hitchhikers, but this man, you just had to. Slowing down, you look in the rear view mirror to see number 1 in your top 5 list appear. You gasp. The man of many naughty fantasies. He climbs into the car. Just the smell of him drives you crazy.

You ask him where he is going, and he says 'The Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire … Read more



Sitting in the hotel getting ready for the night ahead i sent him to the bar. I was extremely nervous but i can hide it well.. I new this is what we wanted to do, the pillow talk and the searching was finally reality. The thought of what was about to happen, it got me so wet, i went to the bathroom, i took out my massive cock and rubbed it around my clit, i needed to control myself before the night ahead. I watched in the mirror as i bent o… Read more


FFM Swinging

I am lucky to have a very beautiful girlfriend who likes nothing more than to abuse my obedience to the maximum. Who knows that when I'm sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. You often make me go a few days without coming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive when you're ready to have your fun.

The other night, I arrive home and find you lying on the couch, wearing nothing but your high heels and a crims… Read more


First 3some! Swinging

My girlfriend emma and i have been 2gether for 8 years, since she was 16 and i was 18. i had slept with numerous girls before and during our relationship but she was a virgin before we met and has not slept with anybody else since. for the first few years of our relationship, sex was very routine and boring. that was until i decided 2 introduce the idea of a 3some with another man to emma. from the second i mentioned it i cud see she was excited … Read more


first 3 sum Swinging

we have always loved 3sums we try to meet up with our fuck buddies as much as possible because there as horny as we are..1 day we were doing the weekly shopping we always go together and look at the yummy mummys walking around..we bumped into 1 of our friends and got talking about a recent 21st we all attended ..while we were talking our friends daughter walked up with a bottle of water she wanted her mum to get her ..she was hot about 23 long br… Read more


Faithful ... Swinging

I am sure that it will be her intention to stay faithful. Even as the adrenaline surges through her, and giggling dementedly,
she binge drinks and knocks back shots. She'll be telling her friends how special you are as they accept a drink from the 'good looking fella' at the bar.
As she staggers on to the dance floor and feels Kevin the builder's engorged manhood jabbing into her bottom,
throughout the Lionel Richie medley, she will be thin… Read more